Howard Zinn on Barack Obama

His campaign slogan was, “Yes we can.” Now the question is “Will he?”.

President-elect Barack Obama faces a daunting list of challenges on the political, social and economic horizons.Now that the celebrations in the United States, and around the world, have quietened down, reality has set in.

America is involved in two ongoing wars and is suffering from a major financial crisis at home. Obama has a mandate for change, and a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress.

But the questions remain: How much change can we expect? And just how much has America been renewed with these elections?

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The Obama Phenom or revolving door ‘democracy’ By William Bowles

9 January 2008

Let me open with a quote from my friend and comrade Patricia Murphy-Robinson:

“Obama will self-destruct because he is a historical moment – and a commodity – delusional and orgasmically enveloped by the personifications of capital. Immigrants eat that shit up, longing for the relief of not eating and eternally poor, worse, looked down on – compensational delusions of grandeur and great manipulations of capital. Unlike Bush, instrument of another time (ENRON), he [Obama] is just the right putty for the magical thinkers who control capital.”

There are dark forces at work here, namely the pr and media sectors of the ruling elites who have realised that the only way to (hopefully) save their bacon is to have an economically and politically ‘safe’ Black prez who captures the imagination of those who have never voted (about 30% of the eligible population), mostly the young and along the way it’s hoped he’ll capture a significant percentage of Black vote and of course most of the Democratic voters. He’s right of Hillary Clinton but with loads more appeal, so he even might grab a few Republicans and he’s an African (of Kenyan descent, now there’s synchronicity in action). Damn, he comes over like an ad for Benetton or Guess, no wonder the powers that be are backing him.

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