With more Palestinians than Jews, Israel is waging a numerical war of attrition By Jonathan Cook

3 April 2018 — Jonathan Cook

The National – 2 April 2018

The Israeli army’s trigger-finger against Palestinian protesters close to the fence surrounding Gaza at the weekend, killing at least 18 and injuring hundreds more, has an explanation rooted in more than normal conceptions of security.

Even before Israel’s creation, its leaders were obsessed with demography and winning a zero-sum numerical war of attrition with the Palestinians. The consequences are still playing out to this day.

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The Public Network By Dan Hind

12 July 2017 — Return of the Public

If you’ve tried to access the BBC’s online TV and radio content from the UK recently you will have been asked to create a login profile. By tracking the behaviour of each profile the corporation will now be able to develop a far more detailed and sophisticated understanding of its audience. This is a structure that seeks to replicate and enhance the power relations of broadcast in the digital age. Market research and the complaints procedure are to be supplemented by automated and permanent consumer surveillance.

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