Prevent and Countering Violent Extremism usher in ‘whole society’ surveillance

12 February 2020 — Open Democracy

Questions on Countering Violent Extremism cannot be confined to isolated issues, when this is the language through which states speak themselves today.

Azfar Shafi
Black-headed gull on top of a closed circuit television camera in front of The Shard and Tower Bridge in London, UK.

Black-headed gull on top of a closed circuit television camera in front of The Shard and Tower Bridge in London, UK. / Alex Milan Tracy/PA. All rights reserved.

The CIA’s ‘Minerva’ Secret

11 February 2020 — National Security Archive

Operation Condor Countries Used Crypto AG Devices Without Realizing the CIA Owned the Company, National Security Archive Documents Reveal

Encryption revelations raise questions about U.S. official knowledge of Argentina “dirty war” atrocities, Chile’s Letelier assassination, Southern Cone military dictatorships

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Spycops update, February 2020

7 February 2020 — Spycops

Here’s the monthly roundup of the campaign for truth and justice about the scandal of Britain’s political secret police.


Last month saw the revelation that counter-terrorism police had included Extinction Rebellion, CND and other campaigning groups on their watch list. They said it was a one-off mistake by a local force, but then came a similar list from the national unit.

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UK home secretary defends naming Extinction Rebellion as extremist

17 January 2020 — WSWS

By Paul Bond

The inclusion of climate activists Extinction Rebellion (XR) by police in a guide to “ideological extremism” marks a serious escalation of the assault on democratic rights.

Although the guide has now been withdrawn, the Conservative government has still defended including XR.

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Why a Shadowy Tech Firm With Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

4 January 2020 — Mint Press

A shadowy tech firm with deep ties to Israeli intelligence and newly inked contracts to protect Pentagon computers is partnering with Lockheed Martin to gain unprecedented access to the heart of America’s democracy.

How the hand of Israeli spy tech reaches deep into our lives

11 November 2019 — Jonathan Cook

Israeli software used on Palestinians is producing new cyber weapons that are rapidly being incorporated into global digital platforms

Middle East Eye – 11 November 2019

Digital age weapons developed by Israel to oppress Palestinians are rapidly being repurposed for much wider applications – against Western populations who have long taken their freedoms for granted.

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