The storm of protest in the United States

3 July 2020 — MRonline

Interview by Ömür Şahin Keyif for BirGün (Istanbul) conducted on June 23, 2020

Originally published: BirGün (Istanbul) (July 2, 2020)   |

ÖŞK: The protests started after George Floyd’s death continue all over the United States. Do you think these protests will fuel the will to organize among the working-class people? Can the energy coming out of the protests be persistent? What are the obstacles?

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Is Russia imperialist? By Stansfield Smith

21 January, 2018 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

Russia is said to be an imperialist world power, one in conflict with the imperialist superpower that is the United States. Russia has been characterized in this manner both during the period of the Soviet Union and after the Soviet Union collapsed and separate states were formed. Russia is said to be imperialist both when it was a socialist state and now as a capitalist state.

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