The Handbook of Karl Marx: profitability, crises and financialisation

6 August 2019 — Michael Roberts Blog

The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx, edited by Matt Vidal, Tomas Rotta, Tony Smith and Paul Prew, brings together a series of chapters by prominent Marxist scholars covering all aspects Marxist theory, from historical materialism, dialectics, political economy, social reproduction and post-capitalist models.

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From Surplus to Over Production By S. Artesian

November 2018 — Anti-Capital

1. Capital is a specific condition for the development, appropriation, distribution, and accumulation of surplus product.  That specific condition is the condition of value, where the products are exchanged in proportion to the social human labor time necessary for their reproduction.   The historical basis for that condition is the separation of the forces of production from the producers themselves.  The separation is then embodied, and reproduced, in an antagonistic exchange relation in which the more capital exchanges of itself with labor power, the more it accumulates; and the more capital accumulates, the less proportionately of itself it exchanges with labor power.

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8 October 2018 — The Planning Motive

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just released its report on Global Warning. Global temperatures broke through the 1 Degree barrier in 2017 and will breach the planet altering threshold of +1.5 Degrees sometime in the next ten to twenty years. The IPCC has produced a vivid graph showing the only important point to come out of this report is that capitalism is not slowing down this rise, never mind reversing it. It confirms that capitalism is putting society together with the planet, in harm’s way.

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