Liberia: rewriting history By William Bowles

27 July 2003

“Another day, another atrocity in Liberia’s blood-soaked capital Monrovia” is how the Independent tells it to us (26/07/03). And of course, the predictable pleas for ‘intervention’ by the “world’s superpower” from liberal commentators. The entire history of how Liberia got to be where it is today, and especially the role of the US, the IMF and the World Bank in creating the current situation, has been erased from our consciousness by the corporate media.

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Mind your language! Part Three By William Bowles

23 July 2003

Isn’t it amazing. All this time, since the ‘sexed up’ story first appeared, Gilligan, we were told, was the sole source of the story, hence his ‘unreliability’. Then, yesterday, the press carried reports about at least thee other UK journalists who had also been contacted by Dr Kelly and now, it seems there’s even a tape of Gilligan’s meeting with Kelly. The meek and mild-mannered Dr Kelly seems to have gotten around quite a lot for a man reportedly trying to keep a low profile.

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