Bush in the Bush William Bowles

8 July 2003

Today, Bush arrives in Senegal where he’ll visit Goree Island, one of the locations from which an estimated 20 million slaves started their long journey to the Americas. Half of the 20 million never made it. And no doubt, Bush will make a speech about America’s commitment to ‘freedom’ and to Africa, blah-blah-blah…. He’ll talk about America’s desire to fight AIDs, poverty and the lack of economic progress. Of course he won’t mention the 200 billion dollars in subsidies pledged to America’s agri-business over the next few years, nor the effects of ‘structural adjustment’ in destroying the economies of many of Africa’s struggling neo-colonies. And will he mention the long list of African dictators installed or supported by the US over the past fifty years in its alleged fight against communism? Don’t bet on it because you’ll lose.

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