Information Clearing House Archive October 2003 Part 3

October 2003 — Information Clearing House Archive

[From the Archives. I’ve been archiving ICH digests since 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

For the Month of October 2003 – Part 3

Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans:

Greg Thielmann “I think my conclusion [about Powell’s speech] now is that it’s probably one of the low points in his long distinguished service to the nation,” says Thielmann.

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Iran: Two lies and why By William Bowles

21 October 2003

Lie #1: That Iran is an ‘Islamist’ state bent on destroying the West with nuclear weapons.
Lie #2: That only the US (and its allies) has the right to possess nuclear weapons.

These two lies are historically connected via the role Iran used to play in the Cold War and of course because of its possession of oil, lots of oil. And like Iraq and its changing role in the making of our current reality, Iran’s relationship to the West has changed to suit whatever policies of the West are, and principally of the US.

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Plato Rules Okay! By William Bowles

21 October 2003

An article on Information Clearing House Noble Lies and Perpetual War[1] by Danny Postel on Leo Strauss, who is according to Postel, the ‘leo-con’ father of the ‘neo-cons’ connects well to a piece available here by Israel Shamir[2] on Edward Said, who was also a university professor but of an altogether different kind.

“Whoever controls universities, controls the media; who controls media, controls government. Or, in Biblical terms, Leo Strauss begat Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz begat Iraqi War. Milton Friedman begat IMF, IMF begat world poverty. Bernard Lewis begat Samuel Huntington, Samuel Huntington begat the War on Islam. Bernard-Henri Levy begat Andre Sacharov, and the Soviet Union was privatised by Marc Rich and Vladimir Gusinsky.”

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