Who are these guys anyway (and other ‘neo-con’ nonsense)? By William Bowles

18 February 2005

negroponte_4For the past couple of years a goodly section of the ‘left’ has obsessed over the ‘neo-con’ guys as if they suddenly crawled out from under a rock but as I have observed in many past essays, these guys, far from crawling out from under a rock are the long-time managers of imperialism. Their ‘pedigree’, if that’s what we can call it, extends back at least one hundred years, to at least the age of the ‘Robber Barons’ as innumerable studies illustrate all too clearly. From generation to generation, via a network of relationships borne out of financial, political, education and family ties, they are the public face of an imperial dynasty every much as entrenched as any network of European monarchs (mostly famous for bonking close relatives with the resultant genetic abnormalities and living free off the state).

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Media Lens: The Power of Nightmares and the Real Politics of Fear – Part 2

19 November 2004 — Media Lens

Manufacturing The Myth Of ‘America’

American elites have long sought to manufacture and promote a shared myth of ‘America’ based on “symbols by which Americans defined their dream and pictured social reality.” (Alex Carey, Taking The Risk Out Of Democracy, UNSW Press, 1995, p.75)

Adam Curtis alluded to this myth-making in his BBC series The Power of Nightmares, but he portrayed it as a process initiated and pursued by neoconservatives from the 1940s onwards, inspired by the teachings of Leo Strauss.

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Plato Rules Okay! By William Bowles

21 October 2003

An article on Information Clearing House Noble Lies and Perpetual War[1] by Danny Postel on Leo Strauss, who is according to Postel, the ‘leo-con’ father of the ‘neo-cons’ connects well to a piece available here by Israel Shamir[2] on Edward Said, who was also a university professor but of an altogether different kind.

“Whoever controls universities, controls the media; who controls media, controls government. Or, in Biblical terms, Leo Strauss begat Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz begat Iraqi War. Milton Friedman begat IMF, IMF begat world poverty. Bernard Lewis begat Samuel Huntington, Samuel Huntington begat the War on Islam. Bernard-Henri Levy begat Andre Sacharov, and the Soviet Union was privatised by Marc Rich and Vladimir Gusinsky.”

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