Shit Happens! By William Bowles

31 January 2004

Lord who? So it seems that in spite of all the inquiries, denials, resignations and bellicose statements from the pirates, the entire programme to deceive the populace has come unstuck, unglued, unhinged and undone. People in increasing numbers want to know what uncounted thousands of Iraqi citizens and hundreds of ‘coalition’ soldiers died for?

And with the spooks, military, assorted gunsels and hired hands on both sides of the Atlantic running for cover as the entire obscenity unravels, can it be too long before we hear calls for impeachment and resignations?

The Bush regime appears to have no plan to hand aside from trying to shift the blame to the CIA and here in the UK, the intelligence mavens have already put as much distance as they can from their political bosses:

“Spy Chiefs Warn PM: Don’t Blame Us for War
“Intelligence was “cherry-picked”, with damning intelligence against Iraq being selectively chosen, while intelligence assessments, which might have worked against the build-up to war, were sidelined. lntelligence work had become politicised under Labour, and spies were taking orders from politicians. They provided worst-case scenarios which were used by politicians to make factual claims.” – By Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald

And predictably, now that the initial ‘rush’ that Hutton gave Blair and his gang of killers has worn off, people are starting to ask all the unanswered questions that Hutton avoided like the plague. It’s obvious that Hutton was hand-picked to do a ‘snow’ job on Blair’s war, just as he did with Bloody Sunday and as he did for that other butcher, General Pinochet.

All the lies of the past years are now coming home big time and Bush (and soon Blair) are going to have to explain to a public that has been deceived by these lying bastards, why we went to war and devastated a country and its culture.

Not since the Suez Crisis of 1956 has the capitalist state in Britain been in such disarray, with every attempt to justify its actions backfiring in the most spectacular fashion. And when one looks back to the beginning of the propaganda campaign in 2002, a common thread has been one cock-up after another, with Blair changing tack at least six times as he attempted to justify the unjustifiable. But where is the media’s analysis and exposure of the state’s propaganda campaign? One searches in vain. Selective memory operates with a totality that makes ‘1984’ look positively amateurish by comparison. But does the media think nobody notices?

And with the latest admissions of failure to find the non-existent WMDs, will the media as a whole rise to the occasion or will it grovel slavishly before its masters as the BBC has done? What makes the state’s attacks on the BBC border on the farcical is that it is indicative of just how desperate the state is to curb any and all criticism that challenges its policies, even when it’s as tame as the BBC’s has been (according to one analysis, only 2% of the BBC’s coverage of the invasion has actually been anti-war, see “The BBC and Iraq: The Myth and the Reality”[1] by John Pilger).

Frankly, I’m so fucking angry I’m having trouble writing this column, words are simply inadequate. Whilst the apologists for imperialism write reams about ‘our’ leaders and how ‘honourable’ they are, I came across the following story that has gotten absolutely no exposure in the British press for which it should be eternally ashamed of its double-standards and rank hypocrisy:

2004-01-22 | Iraqis Ask – ‘Who Will Give Us Back Our Health?’, by Dahr Jamail

“Adel Mhomoud, a 44 year old bee-keeper, invites us to his home. Driving down the bumpy dirt road, dust swirls about the beautiful rural countryside. Vegetable fields are lined with palm trees and small modest homes dot the area. To our right just a stones throw away is the bombed out Al-Tuetha nuclear station, now guarded by a few American soldiers, who weren’t there to stop the looting in April. I wonder why they guard it now, too little, and most certainly too late.

After several minutes Adel pulls over near his home, and limps over to greet us into his home.

“I have cancer, and I know I’m dying. My white blood cell count is 14,000, and I don’t have enough red blood cells. We are all sick; our joints ache, my hips are killing me, and my blood is bad. Bu nobody will help us here.”

He has had hundreds of reporters come to record his story. He asked many of them to take samples of his honey to test for radiation, but nobody has returned him the results.

We follow the kind and soft spoken man down a dirt path lined with palm trees to where he keeps his bees. As we pass his home there are stacks of white bee boxes on his porch, dusty and unused.

We stand in the sun under the palms, talking. Adel tells us he used to keep 300 boxes of bees, and now he is down to 70, and each of these is only half full, with lethargic bees.

“Right after the invasion my bees went crazy. I never saw them so aggressive and strong in 20 years; this was when they were first contaminated. Then shortly after that they all began to die, and now this is all I have left, and as you can see they are very weak. I don’t think they will live until the Spring.”

He puts on his protective head cover and pulls out a tray about 30% covered with bees. Several begin to lazily fly about.

His bees used to produce one ton of honey per year. Now, they have yet produced enough for him to take to market.

Adel has a wife and two daughters, 14 and 19 years old. He fought in the Iraq/Iran War, and pulls up his leg to show me several gashes and indentations from injuries sustained.

“Everyone here is hurt or sick from something. You can see this in the village. Our water, land, food, and now all the people – we are all contaminated.””
(Read the entire story at:

One wonders what happened to all the stories the “hundreds of reporters” who visited the unfortunate Mr Mhomoud wrote? They’re not in the British press that’s for sure.

What makes me so angry is the smug, self-satisfied attitudes of our politicians and the paid hacks, the journalists who write so much crap on their behalf. Day after day, they make pronouncements on how the government murders people but always with such ‘good intentions’ as if that makes it all okay. Even after Bush has been forced to admit that the WMDs don’t exist, such is the arrogance and desperation of Blair and his coterie of cronies, they continue to insist that the search may need to be conducted for an unlimited period!

And they have the nerve to say they’re defending civilisation when the reality is, all the education, the smart cars and comfortable houses they go home to after a real ‘tough day’ at the office are built for barbarians.

As Ghandi said when asked what he thought of Western civilisation, “I think it’s a good idea.”



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