Separate but Synonymous: The Media and the State By William Bowles

13 July 2004

“Lord Butler is to head off any attempt by Tony Blair to “spin” the conclusions of his report…by speaking live before the Prime Minister makes his statement to the House of Commons… In an attempt to stop Downing Street quoting selectively from the document, Lord Butler of Brockwell plans to seize the initiative by publishing his conclusions before Mr Blair has a chance to comment on the report publicly.”
Independent 12/7/04 P.5

There could be no clearer admission of the incestuous relationship between the media and the state than the subtext within this apparently ‘objective’ reportage on the impending release of the Butler report on the government‘s justification for the invasion of Iraq.

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A short, sharp shock by Edward Teague

13 July 2004 — The New Dark Age

T[ony] B[lair] is suffering from what we doctors called a blue funk. This is a common condition in ex-public schoolboys which arises when the patient exhibits the desire to please all who they meet, (on a random basis, as say, in the nearest bus queue, hall full of schoolchildren, mothers, wives of WTC victims, etc.,) and will listen. Naturally this condition results in a certain linguistic difficulties, such as suggesting black is white, or conversely white is black or maybe dark grey, or even at a stretch a sort of purply mauvy colour. This results in a slightly unclear and often unique view of the world, that the world seems increasingly incapable of sharing. These, what we doctors call dystopic visions, are not uncommon in 50 year old Prime Ministers who keep ditching their supporters and close friends in a seemingly relentless pursuit of what they regard and we doctors describe as divine power and Messianic leadership.

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