Media Lens: Cheerleading the Climate Criminals – Part 2

2 September 2005 — Media Lens

The Independent: As Good As It Gets?

The Independent – like the Guardian, a newspaper with supposed progressive credentials – noted blandly in a recent editorial that “Global warming is given little coverage by the US media.” (Leader, ‘The American consensus of denial is crumbling,’ August 19, 2005). True enough. But look at our own doorstep; at the wholly inadequate coverage of climate change in the British media, the Independent very much included.

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Some after thoughts on Hurricane Bush and a possible ‘end of days’ scenario By William Bowles

2 September 2005

Had a long conversation with a pal of mine last night about why exactly, the US seems unconcerned about global warming and what, in all likelihood is the imminent climate catastrophe, which I think is worth sharing with readers.

Now I’m not saying I necessarily agree with his conclusions but I have to admit that it does have a terrible logic to it and goes some way toward explaining the actions of US capital, its rejection of Kyoto and its focus on securing its energy supplies. And, given the history of the US in Vietnam and of course Iraq, it is obviously unconcerned about the environmental and human consequences of its actions which lends further credence to the argument I am presenting to you.

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