Statewatch News Online, 15 September 2005 (33/05)

15 September 2005 — Statewatch

Full contents see:

1. EU: Data protection and data retention proposals: full-text
2. Council of Europe report on use of biometrics
3. Schengen: Joint Supervisory Authority (JSA) report on the use of Article 96 “alerts”
4. SIS-Denmark: Danish Data Protection Agency letler on Article 96 “alerts”
5. EU Presidency: UK paper on: Liberty and security, striking the right balance
6. EU: Data retention
7. EU: Court of Justice annulls Framework Decision on environmental crime
8. CIA: human rights fears over CIA flights – Snatched suspects tell of torture
9. UK: Head of MI5 warns of the need to erode civil liberties in the fight against terrorism
10. Spain: Supreme Court upholds complaint against immigrant detention centre regulation
11. UK Home Secretary Charles Clarke lambasted by Council of Europe President
12. UK-EU: Speech by Charles Clarke, UK Home Secretary, to the European Parliament
13. Spain: Guardia Civil accused of cover-up in death in custody case: report
14. EU: European Commission releases proposals on migration, integration, asylum and expulsion
15. EU-US: Documents reveal hidden EU cooperation with US

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