Statewatch News Online, 28 September 2005 (34/05)

28 September 2005 — Statewatch

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1. EU: The UK presidency has drawn up draft Council conclusions on regional protection
2. EU: Terrorist recruitment: a Commission’s Communication
3. EU: Civil society letter to MEPs on data retention proposals
4. EU: Final text of the European Commission proposals on the mandatory retention
5. Data Protection: 27th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners
6. Spain/France/Italy: Joint expulsion flight to Romania:
7. Spain/Germany: Spain annuls German European Arrest Warrant’s:
8. UK: Racial violence after 7 July – week 11 by IRR News Team
9. EU: The lower EU court ruled in two judgments on sanctions concerning alleged terrorists,
10. EU Lawyers Slam Data Retention Proposal Draft would have public pay for state surveillance
11. EU: Data retention
12. UK: Protect our rights – joint analysis from UK’s leading civil society organisations
13. EU: EU Data protection working party criticise proposals on VIS (Visa Information System):
14. EU: COSI – Standing Committee on Internal Security rescued from the debris of the EU Constitution

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Information Clearing House Archive Part 5 22-28 September 2005

28 September 2005 — Information Clearing House

[I’ve been archiving ICH digests since early 2003. Unfortunately, an unknown number of the links are now dead, so I can’t guarantee that the link will take you where you want to go. WB]

Information Clearing House Digest
22-28 September 2005
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005

Charge Him or Release Him

Jose Padilla : U.S. Citizen Imprisoned Without Trial or Charges for 3 Years and 143 Days

The coup that wasn’t

By Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter, reveals how the CIA plotted to use a UN weapons inspection to overthrow the Iraqi regime – and how fiasco turned to tragedy when it failed Continue reading