Whose culture is it anyway? By William Bowles

29 June, 2007

“And so, the end of the Blairite decade. Tributes, applause and a standing ovation at PM’s Question Time. Gushing reflections from fellow politicians and sundry acolytes.

And, of course, the whole panoply of deferential BBC coverage replete with helicopter ‘reportage’ of official cars going to and from the Palace. How abjectly depressing, yet revealing, that so many people, so many institutions, can participate in this mass charade. How intellectually and morally bereft of our political and media ‘guardians’ to observe the constitutional etiquette while the slaughter goes on in Iraq.

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One square metre and a stool By William Bowles

8 June 2007

‘All the freaky people make the beauty of the world’ — ‘All The Freaky People,’ Michael Franti & Spearhead

1 Square MetreFor the most part, television is crap, driven as it is either by commercial interests or in the case of the state-run network, by something that tries to mimic the demographically driven commercial networks. But occasionally good stuff pops up, for example, every year the BBC has this daily programme that runs for three weeks, called Springwatch, based in an ‘organic’ farm somewhere in the West Country. It has hundreds of tiny cameras voyeuristically placed to watch the animals do their spring thing.

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In His Master’s Voice – The BBC’s Mark Urban does a hatchet job on Media Lens By William Bowles

4 June 2007

I don’t know how many readers follow the exchanges between the BBC and other mainstream media outlets and Medialens (there are number of them archived here in the Media section of the site but please do pay a visit to their site). There’s no doubt that ML perform a valuable service by deconstructing the language used by the MSM in their coverage of events. You can argue with their political position but what you cannot argue with is their analysis of the BBC’s overtly political slant that supports without question the USUK occupation of Iraq.

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Media Lens: Illegal, Immoral, Unwinnable – A British Army Oofficer Replies to Mark Urban

1 June 2007 — Media Lens

Yesterday, in response to our latest Media Alert, ‘Newsnight Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban Responds,’ we received a further reply from Mark Urban.

Urban argued that our analysis “is put together by you sitting at home, sifting current events through a dense filter of ideology”. In particular, he lampooned our view of the US motivation in Iraq:

“I do however think that your desire to force all of the elements in a woefully complex situation into a simple proposition such as, ‘America’s real objective is to smother all opposition so they can pinch the oil‘, to be a sorry form of fundamentalism.” (Email to Media Lens, May 31, 2007)

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