Conflating inflation – when is a crisis not a crisis? When the BBC says it’s a ‘slowdown’ By William Bowles

20 June 2008 — Investigating Imperialism

Commenting on the pay deal struck between Shell’s tanker drivers totaling 14% over two years, a BBC ‘reporter’ during an interview with UK government minister John Hutton (BBC World News, 18 June 2008) made the following statement (not exactly verbatim but accurate as to content):

BBC: “But when other workers see the 14% pay deal, they’re going to demand the same which will surely set off an inflationary spiral?”

Hutton: “Oh yes, if we all start asking for 14% it will set off an inflationary spiral” – blah, blah, blah

So what’s wrong with this statement by the BBC ‘reporter’ (never mind Hutton’s inane response)? Aside from (conveniently) putting words into the minister’s mouth, the entire interview was more of a duet than an interview, with the BBC rewriting immediate history with a single phrase! The statement is an outrageous lie and one fed to the politician by a complicit BBC.

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