CMD’s Election Protection Wiki in the NY Times

With only eight days to go, many people are concerned about the upcoming election — not just about who will win, but about whose votes may be suppressed, which votes may not be counted because of faulty machines or ballot shortages, and a variety of other election problems.

Today’s New York Times featured the Center for Media and Democracy’s Election Protection Wiki as one of the best tools available to track and counter these issues:

“There are at least two wikis intended to let voters collaborate to collect examples of problems with voting, whether exceptionally long lines or more direct actions meant to scare off voters – the Voter Suppression Wiki and [The Center for Media and Democracy’s] Election Protection Wiki.”

Along with two professional editors, scores of citizens are adding information to the Election Protection Wiki to provide the best single source of information on the integrity of this year’s election — before, during, and after it has taken place.

Your country needs your help to protect democracy and voting rights by joining other volunteers to help produce a comprehensive record of the widespread voter suppression campaigns underway nationwide.

Come to and click on “Things you can do” – no experience is necessary.

Think it’s a great idea, but don’t have time to help out? Because CMD doesn’t accept grants from corporations, governments, or labor unions, we need individuals LIKE YOU to support this and all of our projects. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation today!

Working with you to support democracy,
The staff of CMD

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