Trade’s Trade Offs – Council on Hemispheric Affairs


Adam Smith and David Ricardo’s theories regarding the potential positive effects of free international trade are today widely leaned upon by economists and policymakers. But even Adam Smith came to qualify his claims, noting, among other things, the need for free trade to be introduced slowly so that domestic industry and labor could adjust to increased international competition.[1] Now, with the Doha Round of World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations at an impasse and a proliferation of separate free trade agreements (FTAs) in the Americas and around the world, it is advantageous to reconsider, in light of new evidence, the ideal state-market relationship concerning trade liberalization and development in Latin America.

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FAIR Media Advisory: Top Troubling Tropes of Campaign ’08 20 October, 2008

Corporate media coverage of election 2008 has fallen into the well-documented pattern (Extra!, 5-6/08) of reporting on the election as if it were a horse-race rather than a democratic process in which real issues were at stake. Not only do journalists organize the election story around the question–not terribly helpful to voters–of who’s up and who’s down, they largely base their evaluation of the race on shallow image-based narratives that the media construct themselves: Barack Obama is an “elitist” who might not “get the way we live” (Extra!, 7-8/08), while John McCain is a straight-talking “maverick” (Extra!, 5-6/08). Though these tropes are treated by establishment news outlets as self-evident, they usually fail to stand up to any kind of scrutiny.

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