Middle East Report Online: Bypassing Bethlehem’s Eastern Reaches by Nate Wright

Middle East Report Online

Nate Wright

October 7, 2008

(Nate Wright is a freelance journalist who divides his time between Israel-Palestine and Britain.)

For more on the Palestinian experience of travel on West Bank roads, see Julie Peteet, ‘Stealing Time,’ Middle East Report 248 (Summer 2008).

For background on the wall in the West Bank, see Catherine Cook, ‘Final Status in the Shape of a Wall,’ Middle East Report Online, September 3, 2003.

The town of Bayt Sahour spills down the hills to the east of Bethlehem, spreading out along ridges and valleys that mark the beginning of the long descent to the Dead Sea. Up the slopes the roads carve out twisting rivers of dirt and asphalt, wending their way through clusters of soft brown stone houses, but across the ridges they run straight and smooth.

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