Haiti Newslinks for 30 December, 2009

30 December, 2009

This is a new departure for Creative-i. Formerly I used InI to network these daily compilations of newslinks, so we’ll see whether it’s worth the daily effort to do it here. I’m starting with Haiti as it’s a grossly under-reported country and yet another forgotten disaster of the Empire’s making. They are in no particular order and represent a variety of opinions.

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Miami-Dade Mayor To Host Fifth Annual Haitian Independence Month Celebration
South Florida Caribbean News
MIAMI – Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, in collaboration with
Ayiti History and Resources, is inviting the public to the Fifth Annual
Haitian …

Republic of Haiti Independence Day
US Department of State
On behalf of President Obama and the people of United States, I
congratulate the people of the Republic of Haiti as they celebrate their
206 th anniversary …

Kansans Pack Food for Haitian Schoolchildren
Kansas CW
“We’re packing up food to send to Haiti,” explained volunteer Christy Pray.
The food will go to children these 200 volunteers have never met, and
probably …

Roslindale’s Hebrew Rehab donates 120 beds to Haitian hospital
Wicked Local (blog)
AFYA then ships these donations to medical facilities with proven, solid
infrastructures throughout Africa and Haiti. “We have saved over 300 tons
of waste …

Working Together: Partnerships move Haiti forward
Staunton News Leader
When Americans go to help in Haiti, they take goods. What they bring back,
they don’t pack in a suitcase. Sometimes, however, a gift from Haiti comes
in an …

Child Labor (Slavery) The Norm In Haiti
Hip-Hop Wired
Around 225000 children living in Haiti undergo their daily lives as
undocumented domestic workers, nothing more than modern-day slaves. …

Police kill four alleged gangsters in St Elizabeth
Jamaica Observer
Brown said the police were able to confirm that the men left Jamaica for
Haiti in late November to early December. He said police intelligence
picked them …

A giant step back in the fight against world hunger
A woman organizes onions to plant in her yard outside Port-au-Prince,
Haiti, where food riots in the spring of 2008 brought down the government.


Feed My Staring Children seeking volunteers
Shakopee Valley News
Gather family and friends to come pack meals for starving children in
Haiti. Children grade three and up can participate with restrictions on
adult/student …

Reality strikes: Day-to-day living is no walk in the park
Muncie Star Press
By JERI REICHANADTER • • December 29, 2009 Editor’s Note: Star Press
journalist Jeri Reichanadter traveled to Haiti with World Renewal
International and …

December 29, 2009 Editor’s Note: Star Press
journalist Jeri Reichanadter traveled to Haiti with World Renewal
International and …

Notes from Haiti: Restaveks “ Gherkins & Tomatoes
By Cynthia Bertelsen
A recent Huffington Post article, “Report Says 225000 Haiti Children Work
as Slaves,” contains no real new information. Poor families – and in
Haiti there are many — give up their children for small sums of money or
just to have one …

Tortuga Island Port Morgan Solutions For Haiti
Tortuga Island Port Morgan Solutions For Haiti, greg not had time to read
all the posts but I like your ideas and would have to agree with the thrust
of them im not sure that idea that.

A-N-T-E-N-N-A-S: Haiti’s Ghetto Biennale
By eddie_the_wheel
Haiti’s Ghetto Biennale ·
www.theworld.org/2009/12/25/ghetto-art-show/. Posted by
eddie_the_wheel at 12:15 PM. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home.
Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). there is no art. Blog Archive …

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