Kiyes nou ye? | Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s liberator and his three ideals | Paying Homage to Father Gerard Jean Juste: Yon Gwo Mapou Tonbe

30 December, 2009 — Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

Ezili Dantò’s Note:
These links and pages are posted on the occasion of the 206th anniversary of Haiti’s Independence. We remember we are a BLACK nation with a Vodun culture from mother Africa. We remember Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s liberator and his three ideals. We remember Dessalines’ Law and that Blacks were the original peoples on the planet, including the Americas. We pay homage to Father Gerard Jean Juste who passed away in 2009: Yon Gwo Mapou Tonbe.


Dessalines’ Law:

“…Never again shall colonist or European set foot on this soil as master or landowner. This shall henceforward be the foundation of our constitution.”

Jamais aucun blanc ni Europeén ne mettra pied sur ce territoire à titre de maitre ou de propriétaire. Cette résolution sera désormais la base fondamentale de notre constitution. (Liberté ou La mort, Jean Jacques Dessalines, April 28, 1804)

“…No whiteman of whatever nation he may be, shall put his foot on this territory with the title of master or proprietor, neither shall he in future acquire any property therein…” (Jean Jacques Dessalines, 1805 Haitian Constituion, Art. 12.)

“…Aucun blanc, quelle que soit sa nation, ne mettra le pied sur ce territoire à titre de maitre ou de propriétaire, et ne pourra à l’avenir acquérir aucune propriéte.” (Jean Jacques Dessalines, 1805 Haitian Constituion, Art. 12.)

Dessalines’ Law laid down for Haiti to survive in a hostile environment as translated by Moriso Lewa: “The only good white is the white that shoots the bad whites – Sèl blan ki bon blan se blan k met fizi sou move blan yo” (Moriso Lewa – from “Blan Mannan”)

All Haitians shall hence forward be known only by the generic appellation of Blacks.” (See, Dessalines’ 1805 Constitution).

Anba Dlo Lan Ginen:
Reaching for Black keeps me from bursting into flames

Three Ideals of Dessalines



BLACK, as the firmament from which creation sprung. The color of carbon, the key atom found in all living matter. Black as the center of the sun (Son) (Go to: Red, Black & Moonlight at

January 1, 2010 will make 206 years since Haiti abolished slavery, direct colonialism and became an independent Black nation. Since the assassination of Haiti’s founding father, two years after independence, Haiti has been struggling against neocolonialism. To re-member the ancestors’ struggle and triumph, HLLN posts last year’s Jan 1st essay: Another Haitian Independence Day under occupation

Thank you Father Dessalines

Mesi Papa Dessalines

Blacks were the original peoples on the planet, including the Americas


Other relevant links:

“In New York, 65 tons of food collected by New York Haitians for Haiti still remained in storage after three months because USAID instructed the food had to be shipped by its approved contractor and received by one of its approved NGOs, not directly to the Haitian government. Ezili’s HLLN was told, upon inquiring why these donations were not flown out as urgency demanded, that the Federal Government declined transport and even when New York offered to pay for transport, their National Guards were denied airspace clearance.”. It seemed that USAID, as the US Federal Government agency in charge, would rather see the collected food, water and medicine rot than have their contractors NOT make money off its shipment and delivery in Haiti! And, it did rot in a warehouse in New York while the storm-ravaged people New York Haitians had collected it for, starved and died. (Obama’s empty promises: Change did not come

Video –
Emiliano Echeverria & Pierre Labossiere: Coups in Honduras and Haiti

Hitler merely applied to Europe colonialist procedures
“It would be useful to study clinically, in detail, the behavior of Hitler, and of Hitlerism and to reveal to the very distinguished, the very humanist, very Christian twentieth century bourgeois that he has a silent Hitler in him, that Hitler inhabits him, that Hitler is his demon, that if he vituperates, it is by lack of logic, and, in sum, what he does not forgive Hitler is not the crime in itself, the crime against man, it is not the humiliation of the man in himself, but the crime against the white man, the humiliation of the white man, of having applied to Europe colonialist procedures which till now were reserved to Arabs in Algeria, coolies in India, and Negroes of Africa” —Aime Cesaire, Discours sur le colonialisme, 1955 (Excerpted from V.Y. Mudimbe’s The Idea of Africa, page 212).


Father Jean Juste Speaks – Message to the Diaspora

Ezili’s HLLN Pays Homage to Father Gerard Jean Juste

HLLN’s PhotoGallery – Wake and Funeral of Father Gerard Jean Juste

Ezili’s HLLN Blasts Miami Herald’s Coverage of Jean Juste Memorial – Reports
the Counter-Colonial Narrative

Gade Sa Neg d’Ayiti fè mwen! – Look at what Haiti (Haiti’s Tyrants) did to

Recommended HLLN Link:
Listen to Obama’s empty “Wi Nou Kapab – Yes We Can” promise for change to Haitian-Americans

Stop deportations, Grant TPS to Haitians

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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