Strategic Culture Foundation 21-26 February, 2010

The Iskander Missiles as the Guarantee of Normal Coexistence of Russia and Europe
Russia went public with the plan to deploy the Iskander missiles at its western frontier – in the Kaliningrad region or on the territories of neighboring countries, but the process of probing into Washington’s reaction is clearly taking too long. In politics, failure to appreciate the importance of acting quickly invariably creates problems, the above situation being a vivid example. The Iskanders are a remarkably potent weapon but it appears that Moscow risks playing the card as a minor element in the diplomatic game…” read more…

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA (India)
India-Pakistan Talks after 26/11
“On 25 February 2010 India and Pakistan are going to resume foreign secretary level of talks after almost a hiatus of more than one year… The last year meeting between Indian Prime Minister and Pakistan President at Yekaterinburg in Russia at the sidelines of the BRIC summit, and later the meeting between Indian and Pakistan Prime Ministers at Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt virtually produced nothing in substance…”

Hannes HOFBAUER (Austria)
Ukraine: Post-orange challenges
“After ten months of tricky tactical games playing on electoral procedures and acknowledgements, the orange period of the post-communist Ukraine finally came to an end… After the acknowledgement of Yanukovych ‘s victory, Ukraine could come back to normality. The obstacle to a normal development is the bare and narrow manner of the outcome. The country – still – is divided… The biggest challenge of Yanukovych‘s presidency is the economic one. If he fails here, social and political unrest are likely to regain the situation…”

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