Protesters clash with police following rain in Haiti By Kevin Pina

11 February, 2010 — Haiti Action

Port au Prince, Haiti – HIP — About one inch of rain fell on the capital of Port au Prince early this morning sparking angry protests that tied up traffic near the airport for nearly four hours.


Demonstrator confronts Haitian police as they block the march towards UN headquarters. All photos ©2010 Kevin Pina

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HaitiReport: As Haiti Toll Revised to 230k, Reed Lindsay Reports on Scarcity of Aid

12 February, 2010 – Haiti Report

It has been a month since the earthquake struck Haiti, and now it is carnival weekend. Instead of three days of dancing and singing – all of Haiti rejoicing and celebrating together – there will be three more days of fasting. With $600 million raised for Haiti it is incomprehensible that the conditions for the victims of the earthquake have not yet improved. How can it be, with this convergence of attention, donations and aid, that these people still don’t have any of the things that they need? It has begun to rain more frequently in Haiti, drenching a million people sleeping in the middle of the streets and in the parks, under sheets.

Journalist and founder of the Honor and Respect Foundation (, Reed Lindsay reported two days ago from Port-au-Prince. His description of the brutal reality in Haiti may make you angry, or sad, or overwhelmed at it all – that’s how it made us feel. You can read the transcript of his interview here below, or follow the link to watch him speaking from Port-au-Prince.

Please keep talking about Haiti and giving to grassroots groups and organizations you trust. Visit the website of the team we helped to coordinate from the moment the quake hit: the Haiti Response Coalition ( Haiti KONPAY has already transferred $90,000 to Haiti to: support emergency medical teams and medical supplies, distribute food and water, organize and support community animation teams working with leaders in tent cities to do assessments of need, coordinate organizations with decades of experience in Haiti, and create the structure and capacity necessary to deliver aid to the most in need. Our Haitian partners have already begun planning a national strategy meeting for rebuilding Haiti, and we will be there to support them with office space, communications (internet, telephone), and empowering partnerships. Please make a donation now that will immediately be translated into concrete aid on the ground:

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Haiti.

For the KONPAY team,

Melinda Miles

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