HLLN 22 March, 2010: Haiti & Africa: The Horrors of Humanitarian Aid | Bipartisan oppression of Haiti- Clinton/Bush together in an occupied Haiti where majority party and masses excluded, banned from elections since Bush Regime change 2004

22 March, 2010 — HLLN

Haiti & Africa: The Horrors of Humanitarian Aid


Bipartisan oppression of Haiti- Clinton/Bush together in an occupied Haiti where majority party and masses excluded, banned from elections since Bush Regime change 2004

“U.S.-promoted agricultural policies, such as forcing Haitian rice farmers to compete against U.S.-subsidized agribusiness, cost an estimated 830,000 rural jobs.” bit.ly/clXFeC

Clinton apologizes for neoliberal policies that destroyed Haiti’s rice production…| bit.ly/aoxLSo

USAID paid at least $160 million of its total Haiti-related expenditures to the Defense Department, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, two local U.S. search and rescue teams and, in at least two instances, itself. Tens of millions more went to U.S.-based aid groups…much of that bought food and other necessities for Haitians, often from U.S. companies — including highly subsidized rice growers whose products are undercutting local producers, driving them out of business. One cent of every dollar has gone to the Haitian government… (Billions for Haiti, a criticism for every dollar By JONATHAN M. KATZ (AP) – Mar 5, 2010) bit.ly/cmy6SE

How NGOs are Profiting Off a Grave Situation Haiti and the Aid Racket By ASHLEY SMITH bit.ly/cuPYdo

USAID / DYNCORP: US government plan to expropriate and demolish the homes of hundreds of Haitians is underway

The US government plans to expropriate and demolish the homes of hundreds of Haitians in the shantytown of Cité Soleil to expand the occupying UN force’s military base. The US government contractor DynCorp, a quasi-official arm of the Pentagon and the CIA, is responsible for the base expansion. The base will house the soldiers of the UN Mission to Stabilize Haiti (MINUSTAH). Cité Soleil is the most bullet-ridden battleground of the foreign military occupation, which began after US Special Forces kidnapped and exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on February 29, 2004. Citizens have since been victimized by recurring massacres at the hands of MINUSTAH.

DynCorp’s $5 million contracts include expansion of the principal base, the rebuilding of the Cité Soleil police station and two other militarized outposts, as well as training support and procurement of equipment.According to Cité Soleil mayor Charles Joseph and a DynCorp foreman at the site, the State Department’s US Agency for International Development (USAID) provides funding for the base expansion… March 25, 2009 US Ambassador to Haiti, Janet Sanderson, was joined by the head of MINUSTAH, Hedi Annabi, in a ceremony to inaugurate the newly overhauled base, which will house thirty-two Haitian policemen, including a specialized anti-riot counter-insurgency unit, as well as a larger number of UN troops… xanadu.110mb.com/wiki/index.php?n=E-book.USRepressionOfHaitiContinues

Recommended HLLN Link: WHAT CAN YOU DO: Conscious Disaster relief with human rights and dignity www.margueritelaurent.com/law/nochange.html#dignity

Changing Haiti’s Paradigm HLLN 14-points to Return Haiti’s Sovereignty and Mobilize For Conscious Relief and Rebuilding with Human Rights, Healing and Dignity bit.ly/9lXlRF

Program and presentation summary of an HLLN To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti Forum with Ezili Dantò of HLLN bit.ly/cSpvDp

Links by Ezili Danto/HLLN on Bipartisan US oppression of Haiti: Sweatshops, Apartheid, exclusion, false benevolence and terrorizing of Haiti’s poor majority –

Genocide in Haiti: Fulfilling Lecler’s imperative through debt, free trade, privatization and wage slavery bit.ly/qL1C

Obama’s offered HOPE is sweatshop slavery bit.ly/94PaiI

What UN Special Envoy Bill Clinton May Do to Help Haiti: Free Haiti’s Political Prisoners – bit.ly/19lbNE

A message to Paul Farmer, the Senate, Dobbins & Francois bit.ly/dbjfio

“Rebuilding Haiti” — the Sweatshop Hoax: …the leading proponents of development through sweatshops have been liberal Democrats in the United States. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus pushed hard for HOPE and HOPE II, the 2006 Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act and its 2008 extension; these acts make the plan possible by giving preferential treatment to U.S. imports of apparel assembled in Haiti. UN Special Envoy for Haiti Bill Clinton, the former U.S. president, has provided much of the PR for the plan; in the fall of 2009 he organized a special meeting to encourage foreign business investment in Haiti.

Liberal U.S. financier and philanthropist George Soros is helping build a new $45 million industrial park near Port-au-Prince’s impoverished Cité Soleil neighborhood as part of the plan’s implementation.5

Adding to the project’s liberal credentials, in August 2009 Bill Clinton made Dr. Paul Farmer his deputy UN special envoy. Harvard professor Farmer is widely respected for his medical work in Haiti; he is a founder of Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante and is on the board of directors of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), a US-based left-liberal advocacy group.” (bit.ly/a7TtCs)

– Going against this reprehensible tide, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan calls for the return of President Aristide, inclusion of Haiti’s majority and a National Mobilization for authentic Haitian Relief/Rebuilding

bit.ly/b5BpMl ;| bit.ly/cDbMh3 ;| View archived webcast @ www.noi.org/webcast/ ; | bit.ly/cz0t7D

– Oil in Haiti, reasons for the US occupation, Part 2 bit.ly/d7f8Cw

Part 1 of Oil in Haiti as the economic reasons for the US/UN bit.ly/IausQ

Haiti’s Riches bit.ly/l960t

BIG OIL BEHIND HAITI QUAKE? By Victor Thorn | www.americanfreepress.net/html/haiti_oil__210.html

Oil, gas, gold, copper, etc., in Haiti equals US occupation By Jerry Mazza | Online Journal Associate Editor onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_5558.shtml

Interview with Ezili Dantò on Mining in Haiti bit.ly/viqxn

Audio: Interview on mining in Haiti bit.ly/r6Iei

Answers to media questions about Haiti bit.ly/bxJcRK


Haiti: The devastation began in 1492 (slideshow) bit.ly/apCVMc

Haiti’s Holocaust and Middle Passage Continues bit.ly/q8dyj

Travesty in Haiti – False aid, false charity, false orphanages, false benevolence bit.ly/5REp5Z

Forwarded by Ezili’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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