World-class speakers to attend the Summer University of Palestine!

15 May, 2010 — Viva Palestine

On the 25th July the first session of the annual ‘Summer University of Palestine’ is due to begin in Lebanon.

This event is organised by the registered Lebanese charity Viva Palestine Arabia and will focus on Palestine. The week long intensive course will cover ‘Past, Present and Future Palestine’ on the history, geography and politics of the region.

A-list renowned world-class speakers such as: George Galloway, Ghada Karmi, Abdul Rahim Mourad, Dr Ali Fayad, Ziad Hafez, Reem Nimer, Vangelis Pissias, Dr Daud Abdullah, Ma’un Bashour, Yvonne Ridley, Ramzy Baroud, Gabi Baramki, and Dr Azzam Tamimi amongst other leading speakers will be there! Will you?!

In addition to this residential educational event there will be visits to Palestinian refugee camps and we will also take you to view Baalbek, city of the sun and Fatima’s gate.

This unforgettable experience is priced at $850 USD for 7 days/6 nights. This includes accommodation at the magnificent Lebanese International University, transfers, excursions, a full university syllabus and meals on the campus. You will also receive the official Viva Palestine Arabia T-shirt designed by Philosophy Football.

Spaces are limited! Register here to secure your place – Help us raise awareness of the siege of Gaza and also buy humanitarian aid to rebuild lives. Make a donation here:

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