Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 16-22 May, 2010

Kim Jong-il In China (I)
“Kim Jong-il’s “unofficial” tour across China’s northern provinces early this May was loaded with symbolism. It was his fifth visit to the country which in fact acts as the DPRK’s only remaining partner in international politics… Western watchers are convinced that Kim Jong-il’s younger son – 27-year old Kim Jong-un who has been nominated to key posts in the Communist Party and the National Defense Commission over the past several months– is already being orbited as his father’s successor…”

Kim Jong-il In China (II)
“Russia is not going to compete with China over North Korea, as the approach proved unwarranted in the Soviet era. At present Moscow has no far-reaching plans involving the DPRK like those of China, but it is no reason for passivity. The DPRK is Russia’s close neighbor in whose development Moscow invested heavily in the past, but currently the legacy is in neglect and is evaporating…”

Viktor PIROZHENKO (Ukraine)
Medvedev-Yanukovych: the Summit That Promises to Become A Milestone
“Leaders of East Europe’s two largest countries — Russian President D. Medvedev and Ukrainian President V. Yanukovych — will meet in Kyiv on May 17-18… The ambitious agenda and the impressive package of agreements to be signed reflect the fact that — for the first time over the past two decades — Russia and Ukraine are on track for a real strategic partnership and for the trusting relations natural for the two Slavic countries…”

Andrei NOVATSKI (Ukraine)
President Medvedev’s Visit to Kyiv: the First Set of Results
Russian President D. Medvedev’s May 17-18 visit to Ukraine has produced major results in the spheres of economy, international relations, and security…One of the key economic agreements between the two countries signed during the Russian-Ukrainian summit is the inter-bank cooperation deal between Ukreximbank and Russia’s Bank VTB…In the nearest future the governments of the two countries will likely revive the negotiations on Ukraine’s joining the Russia – Kazakhstan grain pool.

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