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14 August, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Pa To Decide On Resumption Of Direct Talks In The Coming Two Days
IMEMC – 14 Aug 2010 – Saturday August 14, 2010 – 15:26, The decision on whether to start direct talks with Israel will come out in two days, said Azzam Al-Ahmad, member of Fatah central committee on Saturday.

Ma’an News

Ma’an TV crew assaulted in Jerusalem
8/14/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Ma’an’s TV crew was assaulted several times on location in the Old City of Jerusalem on Friday evening, as they filmed an episode of Sahour, a show detailing the pre-dawn Ramadan breakfast. The crew were in the Bab Hatta neighborhood of the Old City to meet with….

Irish artists announce cultural boycott of Israel
8/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Over 150 Irish artists, musicians and playwrights announced a cultural boycott of Israel on Thursday until “Israel complies with international law.”The campaign was launched by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and signatory artists saying “we pledge not to avail of any invitation to perform or exhibit in Israel, nor to….

Hebron seeks support for mosque on massacre anniversary
8/14/2010 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Palestinians must mark the 1994 Ramadan massacre that took place in the Ibrihimi Mosque by coming out in numbers stronger than ever this holy season, Hebron’s acting governor told Ma’an.”The massacre was a move to intimidate and terrorize worshipers, it was an act intending to drive….

In photos: Qalqiliya protesters mount separation barrier
8/14/2010 – MaanImages / Khaleel Reash – Palestinian protesters from Qalqiliya march to a fenced area of the separation wall, demanding access to agricultural lands on the far side of the barrier. The demonstration, on 14 August, saw villagers mount the wall unimpeded….

5 detained as Hebronites demand city back
8/14/2010 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Three Israeli citizens and two foreign nationals were detained from a protest in the Old City of Hebron on Saturday, organized by the local group Youth Against Settlements. The protest was a group call for the re-opening of Ash-Shuhada street, largely closed off to Palestinian residents of the city following the….

Libya adopts 1,000 Palestinian families
8/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza premier Ismail Haniyeh thanked the International Organization for Peace, Relief and Care for paving the way for the adoption of 1,000 Palestinian families by 1,000 Libyan families on Friday. Haniyeh said the adoption “reflects the real relationship between the Palestinian people and Libya and Arab brothers,” and called for….

PA to decide on direct talks in coming days
8/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority will decide within two days if it will reenter into direct negotiations with Israel, Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad said Friday evening, Agence France-Presse reported. Al-Ahmad, in Qatar with a Palestinian delegation headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, said “our decision will be determined by what we will….

UN experts in Gaza to oversee war probes
8/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The UN commission of independent experts appointed to monitor Israeli and Palestinian probes into allegations of war crimes during Operation Cast Lead arrived in Gaza on Saturday, Gaza’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said. Ministry under-secretary Ahmad Yousef said the delegation arrived through the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt….

Salfit chamber of commerce says boycott is ‘National duty’
8/14/2010 – SALFIT (Ma’an) — The Salfit Chamber of Commerce called for the clearing of the Palestinian market of settlement produce “as a national duty,” a statement read Saturday. The statement was distributed to traders and industrial workshops, which read that “morality and national duty calls on us all to boycott settlement goods and clear our….

Hamas denies swap deal file moved to Qatar
8/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas denied on Saturday reports in Israeli media that the German mediator negotiating a prisoner swap deal with Israel will transfer the file from Egypt to Qatar. Senior official Salah Al-Bardawil said moving the file to Qatar was impossible because “Cairo is experienced and fully aware about it,” a statement….

Over 36,000 cross Allenby
8/14/2010 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority police said 36,6342 travelers crossed the Allenby Bridge border between the West Bank and Jordan during the week, a statement issued Saturday read. Entering were 18,030, including 186 foreign nationals and 129 Palestinians with Israeli ID cards, while 17,556 left for Jordan, of whom 228 were foreign nationals and….

Monday may mark peace talk watershed
8/14/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israel will demand that the Quartet issue a statement as early as Monday calling for direct talks to start, Israel Radio quoted an unnamed Palestinian official as saying on Saturday. The US administration already informed the Palestinian Authority that the statement will be ready by Monday and will include ideas from….

Report: Hamas police shut down Gaza popular committee
8/14/2010 – RAFAH (Ma’an) — A Palestinian popular committee in the southern Gaza Strip said officers with the Hams government closed its headquarters and confiscated equipment on Saturday. The committee released a statement in the afternoon of the same day, condemning the closure, saying officers entered the Rafah refugee camp building and told workers to go….

Palestine Note

Gaza’s poisoned water
Palestine Note 14 Aug 2010 – This article follows an August 6 one discussing Palestinians Denied Access to Water, found through the following link: http://sjlendman.blogspot.com/2010/08/palestinians-denied-access-to-water.html It explained how Israel exploits Palestinian water resources, using most of it, forcing them to find ways…

Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan: Diplomacy of brotherhood
Palestine Note 14 Aug 2010 – The trilateral summit of the presidents of three Persian-speaking countries of Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan wrapped up on August 5 in Tehran and recorded another unforgettable event in the memory of the three brother nations. With…

Irish artists boycott Israel
Palestine Note 14 Aug 2010 – Washington – More than 150 Irish intellectuals and artists announced an Israel boycott Saturday, Haaretz reported . Boycott Israel graffiti is straypainted on a wall. [Hembo Pagi – Flickr] The boycotters said they will not perform or…

Goldstone follow-up arrives in Gaza
Palestine Note 14 Aug 2010 – UN experts to monitor Cast Lead investigation Washington – A group of UN experts have arrived in Gaza to oversee the Palestinian investigation of possible war crimes by Hamas during Operation Cast Lead, the Hamas Foreign…

Fanatics seek to destroy two-states and peace
Palestine Note 13 Aug 2010 – When Yasser Arafat, the legitimately elected president of Palestine, thrust out his hand in peace On Sept. 13, 1993, he gave his word and the word of Palestinians to embrace two-states and peace based on compromise….


Lebanon sets up army equipment fund
AlJazeera 14 Aug 2010 – Bank account opened to receive donations to provide new weapons for ill-eqipped troops.

UAE concerned over Brodsky release
AlJazeera 14 Aug 2010 – Officials call for proof that man freed by Germany has no links to Hamas leader’s killing.

Palestine News Network

First Friday In Ramadan Brings Scores Of Muslims To Jerusalem
PNN – Jerusalem — PNN — Tens of Thousands of Muslims from all over the West Bank came to pray in Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque yesterday. The first Friday in the month of Ramadan…

Turkey: There Is No Agreement With Iran About Shipping Arms To Hezbollah
PNN – Turkey: There Is No Agreement With Iran About Shipping Arms To Hezbollah On late Friday, the Turkish daily newspaper H?ºrriyet quoted an official of the Turkish foreign minister, stating that there was…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (05 -11 August 2010)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Turkel Commission pits Labor against Likud
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Ya’alon allegedly slams Barak for ‘evading responsibility.’

‘Killer not linked to local crimes’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – No complaints filed against suspected serial killer in Israel.

Fake graves cleared from J’lem cemetery
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – “Islamic officials” blamed for attempting to “illegally seize state land.”

Editorial: Rebutting Nasrallah
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Hizbullah continues its psychological warfare.

Police to question senior IDF officers
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Galant probe: Spokesman Benayahu ‘questioned 3 – 4 times’

IDF’s Benayahu ‘questioned 3 – 4 times’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – “Galant document” Ex-investigator says Police walking on a tightrope.

UAE concerned over Brodsky’s release
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – FM worried that alleged Mossad agent free to return to Israel.

Syrian PM dismisses ME peace
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Al-Otari says conflict with Israel will always exist.

6 migrants killed trying to enter Israel
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Gun battle erupts between Africans and Beduin smugglers over fees.

Ankara denies plans to arm Hizbullah
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Report: Turkey claims earlier rumors of supply route are “baseless.”

Ankara denies sending arms to Hizbullah
Jeruslalem Post 14 Aug 2010 – Report: Turkey rejects rumors it is arms conduit for terror group.

International Solidarity Movement

Support our work in Palestine
8/14/2010 – International Solidarity Movement – International Solidarity Movement – The ongoing suppression of the Palestinian grassroots resistance has included targeting international solidarity activists. Numerous volunteers with the International Solidarity Movement have been arrested or deported in past months. A tactic of challenging the occupation and the Israeli authorities is via legal measures. As Israel’s crackdown on popular resistance escalates….


Yishai to Sara Netanyahu: Talk to committee to stop foreign children’s deportation
Ha’aretz – Interior minister and PM’s wife meet a day after Sara sends personal letter to Yishai urging him to let 400 migrant worker’s children stay in Israel.

Thousands march in Tel Aviv against deportation of migrant children
Ha’aretz – Government plans to expel 400 children of foreign workers; Meretz MK Ilan Ghilon says ‘I will provide refuge to any persecuted child.’

Two killed in ultralight plane crash near Rehovot
Ha’aretz – Emergency aid team called to the scene of the incident near Kibbutz Shiller pronounced the deaths of two men.

Israeli, 25, killed in Germany rafting accident
Ha’aretz – Gili Avisar injured on Monday after kayak he was in overturned on top of him, trapping him underwater; Israeli embassy tin Berlin to transfer body to Israel.

Police question top IDF officers in ongoing Galant document probe
Ha’aretz – IDF spokesman among those investigated over document, which alludes at an alleged PR plan to boost the candidacy of Maj. Gen. Galant in the race for army chief.

Sara Netanyahu to Interior Minister: Let children of foreign workers stay in Israel
Ha’aretz – Prime Minister’s wife writes letter to Eli Yishai, asking him to allow the 400 children of illegal foreign workers facing deportation to remain in Israel.

Turkey excludes Israel envoy from state dinner over Gaza flotilla raid
Ha’aretz – Ambassador Gabi Levi not invited to annual dinner marking end of Ramadan fast in what AK party official calls a message to Israel over its policies.

UAE concerned over German release of suspected Mossad agent
Ha’aretz – Uri Brodsky extradited from Poland in relation with Hamas leader Mabhouh’s assassination in Dubai in January; released due to lack of evidence.

4 African migrants killed in clash with Bedouins near Egypt border
Ha’aretz – Migrants killed after fight breaks out with Bedouin traffickers demanding more money to smuggle them into Israel; 100 migrants flee site.

Palestinians to decide on direct talks in two days, PA official says
Ha’aretz – Abbas had indicated he could go to direct talks, provided they were based on a March 19 statement by the Quartet, which demands the halt of Israeli settlement construction., Denial…

IOF suppresses weekly march in Beit Amer with tear gas
14 Aug 2010 – Hebron, August 14, (Pal Telegraph) Israeli occupation forces confronted today the participants of the weekly peaceful march, which was launched to condemn the settlement building, which threatens the territory of the farming town north of Hebron in the West Bank. A spokesman for the Palestine Solidarity project, Mohamed Awad, said that Israeli occupation forces declared the area as “militant and…

Gaza’s Electricity Crisis knows no end
14 Aug 2010 – Gaza, August 14, (Pal Telegraph) Kanaan Obeid, vice president of the Palestinian Energy Authority, said that the electricity crisis has reached a stalemate with the continued reduction of fuel for running Gaza’s only power plant that operates on one generator only. He said in press statement that Israeli occupation authorities allowed yesterday a quantity of industrial fuel to run Gaza’s…

UN delegation to arrive Gaza today
14 Aug 2010 – Gaza, August 14, (Pal Telegraph) A delegation of the UN will reach Gaza today to continue investigations into the recommendations of the Goldstone report on the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, 2008-2009. Minister of Justice in Gaza’s De Facto government, Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul, said that the delegation will spend three days in the Gaza Strip, and will meet with…

Israel continues torturing Palestinian prisoners
14 Aug 2010 – Gaza, August 14, (Pal Telegraph) Center of prisoners studies revealed that the administration of the Israeli occupation prisons forced the Palestinian prisoners since the beginning of Ramadan to take their break at 1 pm for their “resting time” without taking into account the intense heat, especially in prisons in the Negev desert, Nafha, Reemon and Sabe’ prisons.

IOF raids Asker camp
14 Aug 2010 – Nablus, August 14, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) — Israeli occupation forces (IOF) raided Saturday Asker camp in east of Nablus city, in the West Bank. Eyewitnesses said that number of Israeli vehicles raided the camp and some houses, no detentions were reported. They added that the IOF soldiers searched the houses under the pretext of searching for weapons. Besides, they erected…

PA to decide on resumption of direct talks in coming days
14 Aug 2010 – Palestine, August 14, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) — Palestinian Authority is expected to agree to the resumption of direct talks with Israel within as little as two days, Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad said Friday evening. “Our decision will be determined by what we will hear from the US administration after we asked more clarity about its activities and the…


Gaza’s Poisoned Water
Uruknet August 14, 2010 – …Water, of course, is essential to life, rights to it natural and usufructuary. Belonging to everyone as part of the commons, it must be used, not owned or abused, an essential truth Israel corrupts. On August 5, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) published the latest in its “Narratives Under Siege” series, titled “There’s…

Explaining Murder: Israeli Hasbara in Full Swing
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – The hasbara industry is in full swing at the moment as Benjamin Netanyahu’s government pulls out all the stops to create a smokescreen to cover its crimes. Leading from the front Mr Netanyahu sat in front of the Turkel Commission for four hours on Monday, although anyone hoping to hear anything of interest would have…

U.S., Israel Build Military Cooperation
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – While the U.S. and Israeli diplomatic relations weather their choppiest phase in years, behind the scenes, military commanders from the two countries have dramatically stepped up cooperation…U.S. military aid to Israel has increased markedly this year. Top-ranking U.S. and Israeli soldiers have shuttled between Tel Aviv and Washington with unusual frequency in recent months. A…

Claims about trade concessions with Gaza are “a publicity stunt”
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – A claim by Israel that it has granted a series of trade concessions with Gaza as a gesture of goodwill for the month of Ramadan has been played down by the Public Relations Officer of the besieged territory’s Chamber of Commerce. According to Dr. Maher Aldaba, the claim is “a publicity stunt that does very…

Bourj el-Barajneh: Searching for Meaning in a Refugee Camp
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Two young girls stood, as if frozen, starting below them at an ever vibrant Beirut. Their balcony, like the rest of their house and most of their refugee camp was of an indistinct color. It was dirty, as were their clothes. They, on the other hand, looked beautiful and bright, although their future didn’t. Here…

From Goldstone to Uribe
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Despite a credible start, the fix is in. Expect justice again to be denied. After the Gaza War (Operation Cast Lead), the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) appointed Justice Richard Goldstone to lead an independent four-person fact-finding Commission to investigate human rights and humanitarian law violations committed on both sides, Israel doing everything possible to…

Those Poor Settlers and Those Darned Palestinians
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – There were two articles that I unfortunately spent the time reading today that must be shared. Not because they give some sort of insight into the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but rather because they demonstrate the absolute bias that occurs in American politics. The Christian Science Monitor ran an article detailing the trouble Israeli…

Flotilla Attacks: UN Panel Calls for Israeli and Turkish Reports Rather than Independent Investigation
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – On June 1, one day after the May 31, 2010, Israeli attack on the unarmed, civilian, six-ship Gaza flotilla, the United Nations Security Council called for “a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards.” Now, two months later, as a survivor of the Israeli attack, I am aghast at the ludicrous mandate…

Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on Iran
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Pro-Israeli journalist Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in “The Atlantic” magazine was evidently aimed at showing why the Barack Obama administration should worry that it risks an attack by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran in the coming months unless it takes a much more menacing line toward Iran’s nuclear programme. But the article…

Letters from Palestine — a very special book
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Very often, among activists for Palestine who are not Palestinians themselves, a sort of fraternity develops. Our love of Palestine is our primary common denominator, but how frequent it is (and how joyful and satisfying) when we find other affinities that create a strong bond after we’ve had such an important factor bring us together…

IDF link to blocking of “Internet killed Israeli PR” YouTube video?
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – …Was the IDF behind YouTube’s decision to block the video from viewers in Israel? From this we cannot say. But we do now have circumstantial evidence that the “high echelons” of “IDF” Internet hasbara were aware of the video very quickly. As of earlier today, the video was also blocked in France, Germany and Italy…

Israel apparently blocks hilarious “Internet killed Israeli PR” YouTube video. Watch It.
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Israel appears to have banned access to the hilarious song and video “Internet killed Israeli PR” by MDT (Minor Demographic Threat) which makes fun of Israel’s shoddy hasbara (propaganda) after its attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in which it killed 9 peace activists and injured dozens of others. After receiving an initial report that…

Germany frees alleged Israeli agent
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – A German court has released on bail an alleged Israeli spy suspected of links to the killing of a Hamas leader in Dubai in January. Prosecutors in the western city of Cologne told Uri Brodsky on Friday that he would not have to stand trial in Germany and was free to travel wherever he wanted…

Fuel crisis ongoing in Gaza
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Fuel for generators is running out as the power crisis in Gaza continues, an electricity company official said Friday. Kin’an Obed, vice-president of the Palestinian Energy Authority in Gaza, said the quantity of industrial diesel that Israeli authorities allowed into the Strip on Thursday was only sufficient to power one generator, and would run out…

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (05 -11 August 2010)
Uruknet August 13, 2010 – Israeli violations of international law and humanitarian law in the OPT continued during the reporting period (05 — 11 August 2010): Shooting: During the reporting period, 2 Palestinian civilian were wounded by IOF in the West Bank. During the reporting period, IOF used excessive force to disperse peaceful demonstrations organized by Palestinian civilians in protest…

The National

Ceasefire turns up the heat on Hamas
The National 14 Aug 2010 – The enforcement of an unofficial ceasefire with Israel has drawn the ire of their former allies in Islamic Jihad.

Egypt reopens Islamic art museum
The National 14 Aug 2010 – Its 25 galleries contain 2,500 artefacts of great artistic or historic value, chosen from some 100,000 items.

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Haaretz: 150 Irish Artists Announce Israel Cultural Boycott
WAFA – TEL AVIV, August 14, 2010 (WAFA)- More than 150 Irish artists and intellectuals have declared Saturday a boycott of Israel, saying they would not perform or exhibit in Israel until Israel ceases its

Special Place for Human Rights in Palestine
WAFA – RAMALLAH, August 14, 2010 (WAFA)- As part of a joint strategy to foster a human rights culture in the Palestinian community, the UN Human Rights office (OHCHR) and the Treatment and Rehabilitation

UN Panel of Inquiry into Gaza Flotilla Incident Maps Out Plans for Conducting its Work
WAFA – NEW YORK, August 12, 2010 (WAFA)- Members of the UN Secretary-General’s panel of inquiry into the Gaza flotilla incident on May 31 will meet again early next month after starting discussions

OCHA: Wave of Area C Demolitions Continues
WAFA – JERUSALEM, August 14, 2010 (WAFA)- During the two-week reporting period, Israeli authorities demolished or dismantled 43 Palestinian-owned structures in Area C on grounds of ‘lack of permit’,

Stop The Wall

New Report: People versus Oppression
Stop The Wall – One year ago, Stop the Wall and Addameer released a report entitled “Repression Allowed, Resistance Denied”, which detailed the repression of Palestinian human rights defenders active against the Wall since 2002.Today, in the 6th anniversary of the ICJ ruling against the Wall, The campaign publish this new document covering the ongoing repression between March – June 2010. [

Bil’in: 3 child prisoners released, more injuries in weekly protest
Stop The Wall – The gate of the Wall was closed with razor wire and netting, and next to it stood a large military force, making a wall in front of the protesters. When the protesters tried to cross to the land owned by the people of the town behind the Wall, the army fired sound bombs, rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at them from all directions. [

YNet News

Lebanon sets up fund to equip army
YNet News – After Washington suspends military aid over concerns Lebanese army working with….

Iran: Bushehr reactor to be activated mid September
YNet News – Despite Russia’s announcement that nuclear reactor will be loaded with fuel next….

Turkey denies involvement in Hezbollah arms transfers
YNet News – Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera says Tehran, Ankara signed agreement to….

Syrian PM: Conflict with Israel will never end
YNet News – Muhammad Naji al-Otari says Lebanon’s tough response to recent Israeli actions….

2 killed in ultralight plane crash
YNet News – Two people were killed Saturday evening when an ultralight plane crashed in an open field near Kibbutz Shiller in Israel’s Shfela (Lowlands) region. At around 7 pm …….

UN group in Gaza on follow-up to Goldstone war report
YNet News – Sixteen members of a committee created by the UN Human Rights Council to follow up on a UN report into the Gaza war arrived in the enclave late on Saturday, the Hamas …….

Turkey: Israeli ambassador not invited to Iftar feast
YNet News – Israel’s ambassador to Turkey, Gabi Levi, was not invited to the Iftar feast hosted by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which many other ambassadors attended, …….

4 African migrants killed in Egypt desert clash
YNet News – A gunbattle between African migrants and Bedouin traffickers demanding more money to take them to Israel killed four people in Egypt’s Sinai Desert, security officials …….

New York Times

Lebanon Seeks Donors for Its Army
New York Times 14 Aug 2010 – Lebanon said it was setting up a fund to help arm its military, days after U.S. lawmakers moved to delay aid over concerns that the Lebanese Army was working closely with the militant group Hezbollah.

6 Migrants Are Killed in Egypt
New York Times 14 Aug 2010 – African migrants seeking work or asylum in Israel use the Sinai Peninsula as a transit route, and smugglers use it to ferry drugs and weapons into Israel and a variety of goods into the Gaza Strip.


Occupied Prayer
Palestine Monitor – On the first Friday of Ramadan, mass prayer to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem from the West Bank went smoothly – at least for men over the age of 50, and women over the age of 45. Whilst a large number of young Palestinians were prevented…

East Jerusalem: Settlers Take Over Another House
Palestine Monitor – On the 29th of July another house in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was taken over by settlers. Whilst the court makes its final decision, 8 of the 9 Palestinian families who were resident in the building for some 70 years were forced to…

Neocon inadvertently lets cat out of bag
Mondoweiss – This is funny. While engaged in a standard Zionist whine about the media’s unfairness to Israel, D.C. attorney Paul Mirengoff of the neocon blog Powerline lets the cat out of the bag—albeit without elaboration. The piece is called, “Name that ethnicity” and is about the fact…

Goldberg’s war drums
Mondoweiss – A few more takes on Goldberg’s piece that seeks to rationalize an attack on Iran. First, Trita Parsi at Salon says that the piece represents a “campaign for war”: It is important to note that the aim of this unfolding campaign may not be to pressure…

I ruin ‘Seven Samurai’
Mondoweiss – My wife ordered Seven Samurai because it’s one of my all-time favorite movies and now and then she makes an effort to appreciate what I like. We watched it last night. The first half hour of the Kurosawa classic is taken up with the farmers’ pilgrimage…

Misc 2

Palestinian Authority May Agree to Talks in 2 Days: Report
Al-Manar 14 Aug 2010 – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to agree to the resumption of direct talks with the Zionist entity within as little as two days, Israel Radio relayed on Saturday citing a report by Arabic newspaper A-Sharq al-Awsat. Abbas is waiting for an anticipated statement…

Violence in al-Walaja as the Weekly Protest Against the Wall Grows
Joseph Dana 14 Aug 2010 – Israeli violence is growing in al-Walaja as the villagecontinuesto grow itsresistanceto the building of the Separation Wall on its land. Yesterday, Israeli forces attacked non-violentdemonstratorswith stones, sound bombs and tear gas. Two Palestinians were arrested violently and the protest was repressed with unnecessary violence. The following…

Report: Ghaddafi’s son negotiates mini swap deal
Sabr 14 Aug 2010 – TRIPOLI, Libya ( Ma’an /Agencies) — The son of Libya’s leader reportedly worked out a deal with Israeli leaders securing the release of Palestinian prisoners for an Israeli held in Tripoli, BBC Arabic reported on Thursday. Sayf Al-Islam Al-Ghaddafi, son of Libyan leader Muammar Al-Ghaddafi, spoke to…

Hamdouna: occupation provides meal seven hours before dusk
Sabr 14 Aug 2010 – [ 13/08/2010 – 03:45 PM ] GAZA, ( PIC )— Ex-captive Rafat Hamdouna, director of Captives Studies Centre, said that the Israeli occupation prison authority refuses to provide the main meal at sunset, which is the time Muslims break their fast, and denies them performing night prayers in…

3 boys taken from homes for suspected rock throwing
Sabr 14 Aug 2010 – QALQILIYA ( Ma’an ) — Israeli forces entered the town of Azzun shortly after midnight on Friday morning and took three 14-year-old boys from their homes, head of the municipal council told Ma’an. Local official Ahmad E’mran said the town, west of Qalqiliya, was targeted during a night…

Tubas center appeals for medical intervention for detainee
Sabr 14 Aug 2010 – TUBAS ( Ma’an ) — The head of a Tubas prisoners society appealed for assistance in the case of a long-term prisoner, who is reported to lose consciousness several times a day, and suffers impaired vision. Director of the detainees center Mahmoud Sawaftah said local resident Yehya Hafeth…

Lebanon opens fund to equip army
BBC 14 Aug 2010 – Lebanon’s defence minister says the country has opened a bank account to receive donations to supply its poorly-equipped army.

African migrants killed in Egypt
BBC 14 Aug 2010 – Six migrants trying to enter Israel from Egypt are killed; four in a gunfight with people smugglers and two by Egyptian border guards.

Israeli Generals and Intel Officials Oppose Attack on Iran
Antiwar.com 14 Aug 2010 – Pro-Israeli journalist Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic magazine was evidently aimed at showing why the Barack Obama administration should worry that it risks an attack by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran in the coming months unless it takes a much more…


Ramadan Kareem from Obama and Netanyahu
Jeff Halper, Ma’an News Agency8/14/2010
At 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the day before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began, workers sent by the Israeli authorities, protected by dozens of police, destroyed the tombstones in the last portion of the Mamilla cemetery, a historic Muslim burial ground with graves going back to the seventh Century, hitherto left untouched.
The government of Israel has always been fully cognizant of the sanctity and historic significance of the site. Already in 1948, when control of the cemetery reverted to Israel, the Israeli Religious Affairs Ministry recognized Mamilla “to be one of the most prominent Muslim cemeteries, where seventy thousand Muslim warriors of [Saladin’s] armies are interred along with many Muslim scholars. Israel will always know to protect and respect this site.”
For all that, and despite (proper) Israeli outrage when Jewish cemeteries are desecrated anywhere in the world, the dismantlement of the Mamilla cemetery has been systematic.
In the 1960s “Independence Park” was built over a portion of it; subsequently an urban road was built through it, major electrical cables were laid over graves and a parking lot constructed over yet another piece.
Now some 1,500 Muslim graves have been cleared in several nighttime operations to make way for…a $100 million Museum of Tolerance and Human Dignity, a project of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. (Ironically, Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Wiesenthal Center’s Director, appeared on Fox News to express his opposition to the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan, because the site of the 9/11 attack “is a cemetery.”) more.. e-mail

Montagnini on silent expulsion in Jordan Valley
Barbara Malini, Ma’an News Agency8/14/2010
An interview with Luisa Morgantini, former Vice President of the European Parliament, upon her return from a tour of the Jordan Valley and the West Bank in which she led an Italian peace delegation. You visited to the Jordan Valley twice in one week, just days after the Israeli army once again demolished homes of Bedouin communities in the north. What did you see?
Montagnini: If Area C, 60 percent of the occupied West Bank, is a synonym for expulsion and annexation for Israeli colonization, in the Jordan Valley all this is greatly intensified. A silent displacement is being carried out by Israel, through demolitions, evictions, land confiscation, and denied access to water resources: these policies have promoted the establishment of over 30 illegal settlements.
Even before the [1993] Oslo Agreements, Israel had already been aiming to create a seam-zone between the West Bank and Jordan in line with the Allon Plan, through the annexation of this 2,400 square kilometers of fertile land extending from the Green Line to the Dead Sea. An area cleansed of its inhabitants today is more easily annexed tomorrow.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has always stated that Israel will never give up the Jordan Valley; and a similar refrain characterized Olmert’s election campaign in 2006. This exact intent to maintain control of the area, beyond being theorized in the Allon plan, was also practiced by Israel during the First Intifada, when Palestinian residents in Nablus under curfew were blocked from reaching their properties and harvesting their fields located in the Jordan Valley. Now this area is a closed zone. more.. e-mail

Excerpt: Midnight on the Mavi Marmara
Mike Marqusee, Ma’an News Agency8/14/2010
Mike Marqusee is an American Jew living in London, UK where he writes. He was a passenger on the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish-flagged cargo ship taking part in a flotilla mission to the Gaza Strip, and loaded with tons of aid and medical supplies for the people of Gaza.
At 3am on 31 May 2010, Israeli commandos boarded the ship in international waters. Crew members resisted the take-over and in the struggle 9 were shot dead.
Below is an excerpt from Marqusee’s recently published book Midnight on the Mavi Marmara, which compiles accounts, analysis and reflections on the event from passengers on board.
International solidarity under attack
From small beginnings and with few resources, the international movement in solidarity with the Palestinians has grown into a force that Israel perceives as a major threat. The assault on the Gaza aid flotilla was a lethal escalation in what has become an increasingly bitter campaign against that movement, whose constituents now range from dockworkers in South Africa refusing to offload Israeli goods to students at Berkeley demanding divestment.
The brutality of the flotilla attack was a measure of the extent to which the Israeli polity has grown to fear and loathe this global grassroots movement. In a way, the violence was a perverse tribute to a band of voluntary campaigners who are massively outstripped by Israel in money, institutional resources and access to the media, but who nonetheless have put more pressure on Israel than the world’s most powerful governments…. more.. e-mail

East Jerusalem: Settlers Take Over Another House
Palestine Monitor: 14 Aug 2010 – On the 29th of July another house in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City was taken over by settlers. Whilst the court makes its final decision, 8 of the 9 Palestinian families who were resident in the building for some 70 years were forced to find temporary accommodation elsewhere. Nicky Elliott visited the families. All but one of the nine Qresh families living in the large building in the Sa’adiye neighborhood near Herod’s gate had been attending a wedding when over 30 young settlers arrived to seize the house. At the time of arrival, the settler group was accompanied by police who prevented the families from re-entering their home. Mickey Rosenfield, the Israeli National Police spokesman, told Ma’an News that the settlers had presented “ documents claiming that they owned the property”. On the 30th of July however there was a court order stating that the settlers must leave the…more

Dissident Voice: 14 Aug 2010 – If God wills, even a broomstick can shoot — so I wrote after the appointment of the Turkel commission. I was quoting the Jewish saying in the hope that in spite of everything, something would come out of it. The commission was born in sin. Those who appointed it were not interested in discovering the truth but in preventing the setting up of an international inquiry commission or an Israeli State Board of Inquiry. The “terms of reference” that were dictated to the commission were extremely narrow. At the beginning, the commission was not even empowered to compel witnesses to testify. In short: a commission without wings, a broomstick without the brush. I hoped that the members of the commission would not agree to dance to the government’s tune. Today it is still too early to judge whether they have passed this test, but it can already be said: they…more

Gaza’s Poisoned Water
Dissident Voice: 14 Aug 2010 – This article follows an August 6 one discussing Palestinians Denied Access to Water. It explained how Israel exploits Palestinian water resources, using most of it, forcing them to find ways to get by. Water, of course, is essential to life, rights to it natural and usufructuary. Belonging to everyone as part of the commons, it must be used, not owned or abused, an essential truth Israel corrupts. On August 5, the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) published the latest in its “Narratives Under Siege” series, titled “ There’s Something in the Water: The Poisoning of Life in the Gaza Strip .” “THIS BEACH IS POLLUTED” signs dot Gaza City beaches, posing serious health hazards because of daily raw sewage dumped into the Mediterranean Sea through 16 discharge sites along the coast. Yet thousands fill them despite the dangers, including children, taking advantage of one of their few sources of…more

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