Information Clearing House Newsletter 9 August, 2010: US Nuclear Carriers on the Move

9 August, 2010 — Information Clearing House

Nuclear Carriers on the Move
By Arno J. Mayer
Given the scale and reach of this projection of raw military power-reminiscent of the comparatively paltry gunboat diplomacy of a not-so-distant past-I was wondering, Mr. President, whether it wouldn’t be wise for you to give the American people, the United Nations, and the rest of the world a reasoned statement of the need for such an oceanic display of America’s naval, air, soldierly, and electronic might.

How Many Iraqis Did We “Liberate” From Life on Earth?
By Robert Naiman
Is there a man or woman in America today who is willing to stand at noon in the public square and claim that demands to bomb, invade, and occupy other people’s countries have anything to do with human liberation?

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 9 August, 2010: New guide puts Palestine history, debates in activists’ hands

9 August, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli police destroys 3 more homes in the Negev
IMEMC – 9 Aug 2010 – Monday August 09, 2010 – 20:14, Israeli authorities demolished three houses in the western Negev, southern Israel area on Monday, Palestinian media sources reported.

Palestinian reclaims land from settlement
IMEMC – 9 Aug 2010 – Monday August 09, 2010 – 18:43, A farmer with the help of the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee reclaimed land which had been inside of an illegal Israeli settlement.

Gaza’s only power source grumbles to a limited start
IMEMC – 9 Aug 2010 – Monday August 09, 2010 – 18:27, A single generator was able to start Monday after a small amount of fuel was received.

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Israeli and Palestinian Women Find New Way to Challenge The Occupation

10 August, 2010 — The Only Democracy?Daily Kos


We Do Not Obey

More women follow Ilana Hammerman`s footsteps: we shall not obey illegal and immoral laws.- (posted as a paid advertisement in Hebrew on Haaretz, August 6)

On Friday, July 23, we went on a trip – a dozen Jewish-Israeli women with a dozen West-Bank Palestinian women and four of their children, one of them a baby. We drove through the interior hill country (`Shfela’) and toured Tel Aviv and Yaffa together. We ate at a restaurant, bathed in the sea and had a great time on the beach. We returned via Jerusalem and watched its Old City from afar.

Most of our Palestinian guests had never seen the sea [located less than 60 km from their homes – AO]. Most of them have never had the chance to pray in their holy places in Jerusalem/Al-Quds, and watched them longingly from Mount Scopus. None of our guests had an entry permit into Israel. We drove them through the checkpoints in our cars, knowingly breaking the `Law of Entry into Israel.’ We hereby announce this out in the open.

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