Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 15-21 August, 2010

21 August, 2010 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Renaissance of Ethnic Separatism In “United Europe”
“New serious inter-ethnic conflicts are brewing in Europe as it battles the global economic crisis. Typically they are deeply rooted in history, but the very fact that the renaissance of ethnic separatism in Europe is taking place in the epoch of European integration is noteworthy. Obviously, the enlargement of NATO and the EU neither brought stability to the continent nor precluded the recurrence of the phenomena commonplace in the XIX century but totally unexpected in the united Europe boasting a common currency…”

Russia-Armenia: improvement of relations amid information attacks
“Months before the official visit of President Dmitry Medvedev to Armenia scheduled for August 19-21, experts in both countries focused on bilateral relations between Moscow and Yerevan, a thing which proves the following: like the whole post-Soviet territory, the Caucasus remains a place where Russia, the West (U.S. and the EU), Turkey, Iran and some other countries are playing a complicated geopolitical game… The situation in Central Asia and the Caucasus shows that the West has been sequentially implementing its tasks in Russia’s geopolitical area, trying to weaken its authority there and separating it from its geopolitical partners…”

Destroying the Iraqi Statehood: Operation Almost Complete
“The US got into Iraq uninvited and plans to leave without asking for the UN approval or consulting the Iraqi security forces which will be left with a country where the foreign occupation has practically unleashed a civil war… Upon leaving it to the fire of civilian strife in Iraq to burn on its own, Washington will have all the reasons to conclude that the operation aimed at destroying Iraq’s statehood is complete…”

Vladislav GULEVICH (Ukraine)
Russia Ousted from Uzbek Economy
“The region of Central Asia is an epicenter of global interests. Competition between the U.S., Russia, the EU, China, India, Iran directly impacts the regional economy, and Uzbekistan is one of the main routes for financial inflows into Central Asia…”

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA (India)
Attack Iran Intensify Terrorism
“Shaykh Salman bin Fahd al-Awdah a Sunni cleric in Saudi Arabia with a huge following in his recent interview with the pan-Arab Quds Press news agency has declared that any attack against Iran will intensify international terrorism… Though the Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran have many differences, and Sunni clerics criticise Iran for its activities in other regions including Africa, any attack will likely bring Muslim nations together to get united for the Muslim cause…”

One Body is Nobody
“Foreign partners of the Russian business readily resort to non-market methods to debar Russian investments from their countries. The Russian business community is too familiar with the treatment. In 2006 Gazprom bid to buy Centica, a British gas-distribution company, but met with staunch resistance… Germany was equally uncooperative when Gazprom attempted to buy into the distribution grids of Ruhrgas… The story of the acquisition of two Swiss corporations – Oerlikon and Sulzer – by Russia’s Renova took an even more intriguing turn…”

Hovannes NIKOGOSYAN (Armenia)
Expecting a War, Hoping the Expectations Will Not Materialize
“…It is an open question when exactly the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan became a reality again, but in the public sphere – in comments and statements – the only issue concerning the hot phase of the conflict seems to be “When would be the best time to start?”, while concerns over the imminent catastrophic consequences of the escalation no longer have a pacifying effect… No doubt, on August 19-21 Russian President D. Medvedev’s visit to Yerevan will dot the i’s…”

Iran and the Struggle Against Drug Mafia: Feasibility of Public Executions
“According to the UN statistics, Iran is the global champion in terms of the efficiency of anti-drug efforts and drug demand reduction. Iran shares a 2,00 km border with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Due to the absence of proper security systems in these countries, drugs are smuggled relatively easily from their territories into Iran. In response, Iran is building fortifications, tightening security in its border-zone villages – and hangs drug dealers publicly on cranes so that the corpses face the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan…”

Bushehr Saga Nearing Completion
“Marking the completion of a saga which began in the middle of the XX century, on August 21 Iran will officially open the nuclear reactor at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant… What Iran is getting – in full compliance with the international law and without any violations that might threaten peace and international security – is a purely civilian power industry installation. Threats to peace and international security, as, for example, John Bolton’s statements clearly show, are posed by another country…”

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