VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 14 September, 2010: All That You Have Done: Colonialism, Ethnic Cleansing and the Web

14 September, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli troops assault Palestinian workers at West Bank checkpoint
IMEMC – 14 Sep 2010 – Tuesday September 14, 2010 – 19:21, Israeli soldiers stationed at Al Hamra military checkpoint in the Jordan Valley detained a group of Palestinian workers on Tuesday morning and assaulted them, a Palestinian media source reported.

Israeli Military Opens Fire At A Nonviolent Protest In Gaza
IMEMC – 14 Sep 2010 – Tuesday September 14, 2010 – 18:56, The Israeli military opened fire at Palestinian and international protesters who gathered near the borders of Beit Hanoun town, in northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

US Reaffirms Call For Continuance of Settlement Freeze
IMEMC – 14 Sep 2010 – Tuesday September 14, 2010 – 14:17, Speaking following trilateral talks between the US, Israel and the PLO delegation, Tuesday morning, US Special Envoy George Mitchell has reaffirmed the US government’s desire for Israel to continue their settlement freeze.

Ma’an News

Israel army fires on central Gaza
9/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Two Palestinians were injured Tuesday after Israeli forces fired on a group of Palestinians in the central Gaza Strip, medical and security officials said. One Palestinian was seriously hurt following the incident near Juhor Ad-Dik, east of Al-Bureij refugee camp, medics told Ma’an. Israel’s military said…. Related: Israel confirms fire in central Gaza

Israel: 3 killed in Gaza not involved in ‘act of terror’
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli army said Tuesday that investigations into the killing of three Palestinians on Sunday in northern Gaza have revealed that not all of them were “involved in an act of terror.” Following a Ma’an inquiry, Brig. -Gen. Eyal Eisenberg said in a statement that while the investigations into…. Related: Rights group denounces Gaza ‘RPG’ deaths

Activists: Israel opens fire at no-go zone rally
9/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces opened fire Tuesday at a march held to protest Israel’s imposed no-go zone along the Gaza border near the Erez crossing in the north, international peace activists said, with no injuries reportedDemonstrators carried Palestinian flags toward the electric fence demarcating the buffer zone, and attempted to….

UK unions vote to divest from occupation
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Many of Britain’s unions have thrown their weight behind a campaign of disinvestment and boycott from companies which are profiting from Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. Trade unions voted unanimously at an annual conference for a motion put forward by the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association….

Residents: Israel to demolish barns, greenhouses
9/14/2010 – TUBAS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces handed notifications to residents in the Al-Maleh area of the Jordan Valley that 16 barns and greenhouses are slated for demolition, locals said. One of these houses is owned by the municipality and is used by the public. The head of the village council, Aref Daraghma, appealed to the….

Settlers remove furniture from East Jerusalem home
9/14/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers have removed furniture from a Palestinian family’s home in Jerusalem, witnesses said Tuesday. Mazen Al-Qirsh, a member of the family whose house was taken over by settlers a month earlier in East Jerusalem’s Old City, said the settlers removed furniture in preparation of moving in….

Report: New East Jerusalem housing plans
9/14/2010 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Israeli city planners will in the coming weeks discuss a scheme to build over a thousand housing units beyond the Green Line in Jerusalem, an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday. On October 7, the Jerusalem District Planning and Construction Committee will discuss plans for 1,362 new homes in Givat Hamatos….

Hamas says 65 affiliates detained by PA
9/15/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hamas on Tuesday accused Palestinian Authority security forces of detaining 65 party affiliates in the West Bank. The Islamist movement said in a statement that among those arrested were 40 supporters previously released from Israeli custody. Hamas says up to 750 affiliates in the West Bank have been detained by PA….

Source: Israel shuts down prison, transfers detainees
9/15/2010 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israel’s Prison Service will shut down the Shitah prison in northern Israel and transfer 60 Palestinian detainees to the Megido-Salem prison in the same region, a source said Tuesday. The source told Ma’an that the prison agency did not provide a reason for the jail’s….

Israeli forces detain Palestinian from refugee camp
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli special forces detained a Palestinian at the entrance of the Nur Shams refugee camp east of Tulkarem overnight on Monday. Ma’an’s correspondent said Anwar Naji, 20, was detained by Israeli forces in a private car and was taken to an unknown location. An Israeli military spokeswoman….

Source: 4 detained from Tulkarem overnight
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces arrested four Palestinians from the Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarem overnight Monday, a security source told Ma’an. The source identified those detained as Issa Odeh, 18, Yousef Fayyad, 25, and Ayman Abu Safaqa, 23. Ma’an’s correspondent reported that Anwar Naji, 20, was….

Group says Israel rarely investigates civilian deaths
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel rarely holds its soldiers accountable for killing Palestinian civilians, an Israeli human rights group says. B’Tselem’s report, which analyzes the policy of the Judge Advocate General’s Office over the past four years, says the main reason for this situation is that the army refrains…. Related: Void of Responsibility: Israel Military Policy not to investigate Killings of Palestinians by Soldiers

Student says extremists destroyed Koran in Jerusalem
9/14/2010 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Extremists desecrated a Koran in West Jerusalem on Monday, a Palestinian from Bethlehem said Tuesday. Bethlehem University student Muhammad Munir claims a group of Israeli Jews tore pages out of the Muslim holy book on Jaffa street. Munir said he saw the incident while walking from work to his home in….

Society: Israel detained 14 in Bethlehem over Ramadan
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities detained 14 Palestinians in the southern West Bank district of Bethlehem during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners Society in the district said Tuesday. Abdul Fattah Khalil said the detentions were carried out the Al-Arrub and Ad-Duheisha refugee camps in the district, as….

UNGA president concerned over Mamilla desecration
9/15/2010 – NEW YORK (Ma’an) — The president of the UN General Assembly expressed “profound concern” Monday at what he described as desecration of the ancient Muslim Mamilla cemetery in West Jerusalem, the UN news agency reported. Ali Treki, in a note released by his representative, said he was “alarmed by the intent of erecting secular….

Director: No Hamas involvement in Tel Aviv film
9/15/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The director and producer of a low-budget film depicting the “liberation” of Tel Aviv has no affiliation with Hamas, he insists, despite the Israeli media’s coverage of the viral hit as a “Hamas studios” production. Gaza native Muhammad Al-Amrity says he and his friend Ayman Hijazi made the….

Israel opens 1 Gaza crossing
9/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities will open one crossing into Gaza on Tuesday for the transfer of goods, a Palestinian official said. Raed Fattouh said the Kerem Shalom crossing in southern Gaza would be opened, with Israel permitting the entry of car oil and spare parts into the coastal territory for the second….

Israel releases Palestinian detained in Tulkarem
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli forces released a Palestinian Tuesday after detaining him overnight at the entrance of the Nur Shams refugee camp east of Tulkarem. Ma’an’s correspondent said Israeli special forces detained Anwar Naji, 20, by Israeli special forces in a private car and was taken to an unknown location….

Rights group denounces Gaza ‘RPG’ deaths
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Center for Human Rights denounced on Tuesday Israel’s shelling that resulted in the deaths of three civilians in Gaza, which the army has now conceded was likely a mistake. According to PCHR, three Palestinian shepherds — two young men and an elderly grandfather — were killed as well as…. Related: Israel: 3 killed in Gaza not involved in ‘act of terror’

Palestinian killed in Lebanon camp clashes
9/14/2010 – BEIRUT (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was killed Monday amid clashes in the Lebanon refugee camp of Ein Al-Hilweh, Lebanese media reported. Palestinian sources told the online news site NOW Lebanon that Mohammad Nazar was shot and killed after fighting broke out between Nazar and Haitham Ash-Sha’bi, a member of the Jund….

Israel confirms fire in central Gaza
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israel’s military said Tuesday that a group of militants fired an anti-tank missile at soldiers operating near the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip.”No injuries were caused,” the army said in a statement.” The force retaliated by firing tank shells and light fire at the suspects and…. Related: Israel army fires on central Gaza

Sha’ath: Key issues on Sharm agenda
9/15/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The second round of negotiations in Egypt will focus on land, borders and security, said member of the Palestinian negotiations team Nabil Sha’ath on Tuesday, as officials and leaders arrive in the coastal resort town ahead of talks. Sha’ath said reports that the talks in Sharm Ash-Sheikh….

Leaders arrive in Egypt for peace talks
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Egypt has to start a second round of direct negotiations, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. A statement issued by the US State Department said Clinton will also have a bilateral meeting with Egyptian President Mubarak, who is hosting the talks in the Red….

Mitchell: Israel should extend settlement freeze
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — US special envoy George Mitchell said Tuesday that Israel must commit to extending its 10-month moratorium on illegal settlement construction the West Bank. Mitchell’s comments came on the sidelines of the second round of direct negotiations in the Egyptian Red Sea resort town of Sharm Ash-Sheikh, where he….

Al-Qassam leader: We’re committed to resistance
9/14/2010 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A senior commander of Hamas’ armed wing the Al-Qassam Brigades vowed Tuesday to “continue the path of resistance against the occupation until victory.” “With the power of faith, weapons and missiles, tunnels and commandos we will achieve victory for Palestine and we’ll end the occupation in Gaza….

Report: Mitchell to visit Syria
9/14/2010 – SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Ma’an) — US Middle East envoy George Mitchell was due in Syria later this week for talks with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad over renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, a US official told Agence France-Presse on Tuesday. The official said Mitchell would have “consultations” with Assad after participating in negotiations in Egypt, Israel….

Israeli media: 3 embassies threatened
9/14/2010 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — An envelope containing a threatening letter and suspicious white powder was found Tuesday afternoon at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Israeli news site Ynet reported. Similar envelopes were sent to the Swedish and Spanish embassies in the city, according to the report….

Abbas to attend talks at Netanyahu’s home
9/14/2010 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas will visit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem on Wednesday to continue peace negotiations, Abbas’ spokesman said. Nabil Abu Rudeineh was confirming a report first aired on Israel’s Channel 2 Tuesday. Abu Rudeineh, speaking after the second round of….

Palestinian CPI up 0.30% in August
9/14/2010 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The overall Consumer Price Index in the occupied Palestinian territories rose 0. 30 percent in August compared with the previous month, reaching 128. 89, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said Tuesday. The CPI also increased 2. 62 percent compared with August 2009, with the highest rise seen in the West….

Palestine Note

Christians and secular Arabs, forgotten victims of Sept. 11
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – To most Americans, the term Islamophobia applies to more than just Muslims. It’s a byproduct of the 19 Arab hijackers and their twisted version of Islam who attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001. Americans were and…

Jewish state vs Jewish homeland
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – In my recent piece on the Israeli demand to be recognized “as a Jewish state,” I made the point that there is no clear definition of what it means t be a Jewish state. There is…

Eid ul-Fitr and 11 September
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – Maplewood, New Jersey – Every year Eid ul-Fitr, the celebration marking the end of Ramadan, happens on a different day, approximately 11 days earlier than the year before. This year, it arrived last Thursday in some…

Addressing conflict means looking into land rights in Pakistan
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – Melbourne/Lahore – Pakistan is presently caught in the midst of devastation on many fronts: floods, terrorism, sectarianism and street vigilantism. Yet there is another issue that is critically important for Pakistan’s stability: land rights, which are…

Hey, America: I’m a Muslim, let’s talk
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – New York, New York – I have developed an overwhelming urge to tell everyone I meet I’m a Muslim. As a Muslim woman who doesn’t wear a headscarf, I’m often mistaken for a Latina and other…

Qur’ans for peace: what one person can do
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – Clifton, Virginia – I am a man of faith. I have been a Christian pastor for 25 years in the United Methodist Church. It is out of this deep commitment to the principles of my faith…

Jordanian Muslims extend goodwill gesture to local Church
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – Washington – In response to Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ plan to burn Korans on the anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, young Muslims offered flowers as a gesture of “peace and coexistence” to clergymen and…

US urges Israel to extend settlement freeze
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – Palestinian-Israeli direct negotiations continue in Egypt Washington – The second round of the direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine continued today in the Egyptian resort Sharm al-Sheikh, the New York Times reported Tuesday. George Mitchell, United…

Clinton in Egypt to join peace talks
Palestine Note 14 Sep 2010 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters on Monday that the “time is ripe” for peace but she added that without face-to-face talks Israel can’t expect lasting security and the Palestinians can’t create an independent…


No concessions in Middle East talks
AlJazeera 14 Sep 2010 – Negotiations in Sharm el-Sheikh end without agreements on Israeli settlements but leaders agree to meet in Jerusalem.

Iran releases American ‘hiker’
AlJazeera 14 Sep 2010 – Sarah Shourd, held for over a year with two others on suspicion of spying, arrives in Oman after being released on bail.

Palestine News Network

Israeli Soldiers Attack Workers At A checkpoint In The Jordan Valley
PNN – Tubass — PNN — Israeli soldiers stationed at Al Hamra military checkpoint in the Jordan Valley attacked a group of Palestinian workers on Tuesday morning. Palestinian sources said that troops stopped the…

Troops Open Fire At A Nonviolent Protest In Gaza
PNN – The Israeli army opened fire at Palestinian and international protesters who gathered on Tuesday at the borders near Beit Hannon town, in northern Gaza Strip. People used shuffles to fill up a…

Second Round Of Direct Talks End In Sharm Al Sheikh
PNN – Sharm Al Sheikh — PNN — The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas along with the Palestinian delegation left the Egyptian Resort city of Sharm Al Sheikh on Tuesday evening after holding a new…

AP’s Robert Burns Playing Politics by Replacing “Settlement Freeze” With “Curb …
PNN – Daoud Kuttab – The Associated Press takes pride in being the leading international news agency. The short headlines that appear on Yahoo home page are almost exclusively reserved to AP stories. But…

A Palestinian Story
PNN – By Mazin Qumsiyeh- I met the family of Mohammed by accident as I offered them a ride back to their home in Dheisheh refugee camp, in the southern West Bank city of…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (02-07 September 2010)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Sides speaking more with US than with each other
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – George Mitchell says “In the end” all the sensitive issues between Israel and the Palestinians “must be resolved by the parties themselves.”

Analysis: PA knows must keep talking even if freeze ends
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Despite tough talk on issue of settlement construction, Palestinian sources in Ramallah believe PA leaders will have to climb down from their high tree.

Rabbi Ovadia’s daughter talks peace with Palestinian women
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Adina Bar-Shalom and other Shas women meet counterparts in Jerusalem two weeks after Yosef asks God to ‘smite’ the Palestinians.

Abbas to visit Netanyahu today in Jerusalem
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Mitchell offers no evidence of progress on the issue of West Bank settlements, talks moving in the right direction.

Syria arms ‘institute’ must be stopped, official says
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Int’l community should warn Damascus “institute” responsible for transferring weapons to Hizbullah and Hamas “will be demolished.”

Senior rabbi speaks out against using fowl in kapparot
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Rabbi Aviner sends SPCA Israel letter, video explaining why according to halacha it is wrong to use chickens in pre-Kippur atonement rite.

PM asks court to clear MK Hanegbi of ‘moral turpitude’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Netayahu’s letter asking for a favorable finding was read in Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, stated Hanegbi still has much to offer the state.

‘Every fourth secular Israeli fasts each Yom Kippur’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – CBS yearly Social Survey also reveals that only 6% of Jews in Israel say they observe no Jewish traditions.

100,000 children attend radical Hamas summer camps
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Participants undergo anti-Israel indoctrination; UNRWA run simultaneous camps for a further 250,000 children.

Letter containing powder, threat sent to Tel Aviv embassies
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Letter sent to US, Swedish, Spanish embassies reads ‘We will spread bioagents in USA if it would force Israel to createvterrorist Muslim state in Ramallah.’

1 terrorist dead, 4 wounded in IDF response to Gaza attack
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – IDF returns fire after Palestinian cells launches anti-tank missile at Israeli troops by border fence; top Hamas military leader threatens wave of violence intended to derail peace talks.

Terrorists fire anti-tank missile at IDF in Gaza
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – IDF troops respond to incident with fire, wounding at least two, one of them seriously.

Israel denies paying porn peddler high sum for twitter ID
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Miami-based Spanish citizen Israel Melendez opened the @Israel Twitter ID in 2007 but was often harassed by users who thought it belonged to the Israeli government.

Following talks, Mitchell says negotiations progressing
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – US envoy to the Middle East holds press conference following meeting between Netanyahu, Clinton and Abbas; says talks are moving in the right direction but gives no specifics on settlement freeze.

Rishontours: Risby-Raz says she has no chance of fair trial
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – While testifying in corruption case against former PM Olmert and Shula Zaken, witness accuses court of injustice: “Something stinks in this trial.”

IDF: 2 Gazans killed at border Sunday were not terrorists
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – 91-year-old man and his grandson were standing next to a man holding a loaded RPG; IDF: This is not the type of result that we would like from such incidents.

‘Israel is looking for ways not to ‘blow up’ the talks’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – A senior official accompanying Netanyahu to Sharm e-Sheikh stresses Israel’s desire to make talks work ahead of meeting; day’s agenda set by Clinton; Abbas and PM likely to meet later in day.

‘No one can challenge my Jewishness’
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – ‘The Jerusalem Post’ speaks to three American converts about how they see the issue of “Who is a Jew?”

MKs warn Steinitz: Budget won’t pass if freeze continues
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Rift in government must be healed first, says Livni; Mofaz sees no reason to continue freeze in large settlements or Jerusalem neighborhoods.

C’tee gives state deadline to clarify IDF conversion stance
Jeruslalem Post 14 Sep 2010 – Knesset’s State Control Committee demands all conversion bodies to issue clear statement on legal status of IDF conversions.


At Ben-Gurion University, student protests can lead to disciplinary action
Ha’aretz – Student who organized demonstration for maintenance workers’ rights at the campus was brought in for disciplinary hearing, and on Wednesday, several students who protested against Israel’s Gaza flotilla raid will…

Netanya man suspected of killing his girlfriend’s mother
Ha’aretz – Woman in her 60s was found lifeless in her apartment late Wednesday night with stab wounds.

Israeli Arab woman suspected of trying to smuggle weapons from West Bank
Ha’aretz – Woman detained after guards performing a routine inspection of her vehicle at the Jordan Valley crossing discovered a makeshift pistol and ammunition in her possession.

Netanyahu calls on court to ease perjury penalty against MK Hanegbi
Ha’aretz – Mossad chief Dagan, former president Navon and Defense Minister Barak have also issued calls in support of the former minister, who faces end to political career.

Olmert corruption trial put on recess after witness cries on stand
Ha’aretz – Ehud Olmert’s former travel planner Rachael Risby-Raz breaks down crying on the witness stand; accuses prosecution of leaking documents to the media.

High Court approves private school for Haredi girls involved in segregation row
Ha’aretz – Ultra-Orthodox network that runs the Beit Yaakov girls school in Immanuel told last year t it must pay a fine of NIS 5,000 for every day they continued to violate…

Life imprisonment for murderer of young Tair Rada
Ha’aretz – Roman Zadorov found guilty by unanimous judicial decision of murdering the Golan teenager. Zadorov’s defense lawyer claims the state chose an easy target and framed him.

Tel Aviv policeman shoots and kills suspected car thief
Ha’aretz – Police say suspect was caught red-handed and was killed when arresting officer’s gun fired accidentally.

Likud MKs threaten to withdraw support for budget if settlement freeze extended
Ha’aretz – As PM Benjamin Netanyahu prepares for another round of direct peace talks, elements within the Likud party are working to ensure the settlement freeze ends as scheduled.

200 tons of steel enter Gaza for CMWU
14 Sep 2010 – Gaza, September 14, (Pal Telegraph) Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU) was able to let into Gaza on Monday 200 tons of steel reinforcement through the Kerem Abu Salem crossing in southern Gaza Strip and indicated in a statement that it was the first time that the Israeli side allows steel to enter for any construction work in the Gaza Strip….

IOF breaks into Hebron, arrests 1
14 Sep 2010 – Hebron, September 14, (Pal Telegraph) IOF troops backed by undercover special force broke into Nour Shams refugee camp in Tulkarm in the West Bank, and arrested a young man then took him to an unknown destination. Local sources said that Israeli specialundercover units was traveling by car and they were pretending to be Poultry dealers, then broke into the alleys…

IOF erected new checkpoint in Nablus
14 Sep 2010 – Nablus, September 14, (Pal Telegraph) Israeli occupation forces erected today morning a checkpoint on the western entrance to the city of Nablus going to the direction of Qalqilya and detained dozens of vehicles. Witnesses said that Israeli forces erected this morning a checkpoint at the crossroads of “Surrah” village west of Nablus, and stopped vehicles outside the city of Nablus…

Algeria sponsors Gazan students
14 Sep 2010 – Gaza, September 14, (Pal Telegraph) The Algerian National Parliamentary Committee for the convoys of solidarity with the Gaza Strip ensured providing Gazan school with complete supplies for 250 thousand students from the Gaza Strip, declaring at the same time the date of the Algerian solidarity convoy to enter Gaza in the first half of October. The members of the Committee…

Palestinian students are back to school
14 Sep 2010 – Gaza, September 14, (Pal Telegraph) About one million and 37 thousand students in the West Bank and Gaza Strip went this morning to school and found their seats in public schools and the schools of the Agency for Relief and Works “UNRWA”, starting a new school year of 2010 – 2011. Schools in Gaza have been going under reconstruction, some…

IOF raids Hebron, arrests 1
13 Sep 2010 – Hebron, September 13, (Pal Telegraph) Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn today a citizen resides in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, after a raid on his house. Security sources said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested citizen Dirar Abu Monshar (30 years), after raiding his house in Hebron and tampering with its contents, pointing out that…


Uruknet September 13, 2010 – This is the narrative of a 22-year old Palestinian who returned recently to Gaza. Among his misfortunes he was apprehended and arbitrarly detained by the mukhabarat (General Intelligence) in Jordan…

The Thin Green Line: It’s Not Just the Settlements (or the Occupation), Stupid!
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – September 13, 2010 – The public debate over the Israeli Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign was reignited recently with the news that the illegal West Bank colony of Ariel would soon be opening its newly-constructed, multi-million dollar cultural center and would host performances by several of Israel’s leading theater companies in its auditorium, built…

Void of Responsibility: Israel Military Policy not to investigate Killings of Palestinians by Soldiers
Uruknet September 14, 2010 – From the beginning of the first intifada, in December 1987, to the outbreak of the second intifada, in September 2000, the Military Police Investigation Unit (MPIU) investigated almost every case in which Palestinians not taking part in hostilities were killed. At the beginning of the second intifada, the Judge Advocate General’s Office announced that it…

Israel raids central Gaza
Uruknet September 14, 2010 – Two Palestinians were injured Tuesday after Israeli forces crossed into the central Gaza Strip, medics said. One Palestinian was seriously hurt following the incident near Juhor Ad-Dik, east of Al-Bureij refugee camp, medical officials reported. An Israeli military spokesman had no immediate comment. Meanwhile, Israeli forces opened fire at a march held to protest the…

American Hiker Sarah Shourd Released From Iranian Prison on Bail
Uruknet September 14, 2010 – Sarah Shourd, one of three Americans who have been held in Iran for 14 months on accusations of espionage, has been released on bail, ABC News has confirmed today. Masoud Shafie, an attorney for the Americans, confirmed Shourd’s release to ABC News. Swiss officials are escorting Shourd from the Tehran prison to an Iranian airport…

Israel shells Gaza again: 3 farm workers killed including a 91 year old and his grandson
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – When 91 year old Ibrahim Abu Sayed left his home near Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, yesterday morning, in order to check on his land and his animals which graze next to the remains of his former home, he took with him his 17-year-old grandson Hossam and the young boy’s friend and neighbour, 16-year-old Ismail…

New Zealand solidarity campaign interview with Comrade Leila Khaled
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – …The Palestinians are still refugees in their country and in diaspora so it needs more and more struggle to convince not only, not the governments because we know that the governments are biased towards Israel. We are depending on the popular movement in different countries, especially the West, and we have noticed the escalation of…

Video: Israel Razes Al Araqib Village for the Fifth Time in Two Months
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – The Palestinian Bedouin village of Al-Arakib was destroyed for the fifth time in two months on Monday September 13th, 5 a.m. Villagers and their supporters watched as it took only one hour for three bulldozers and at least 100 police officers to raze the entire community. Even before the police left, residents began the rebuilding…

Israel-Iran War: Not Inevitable
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – …Ahmadinejad’s confrontational exhortations are aimed at rallying the “Arab street” and showing that a Persian leader cares more about the Palestinians than Arab leaders. But even this pro-Palestinian rhetoric has proven largely empty. During Israel’s three-week assault against Gaza, Iran offered no credible threats against Israel nor did it pressure neighboring Arab states to intervene…

A Palestinian Story
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – I met the family of Mohammed by accident as I offered them a ride back to their home in Dheisheh refugee camp from Gush Etzion colonial offices where they were seeking (unsuccessfully) a permit to enter Jerusalem for medical treatments (and I was called for questioning). What I learned about this family is almost unbelievable…

“They don’t want our boys educated”
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – Located just north of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, the entrance to the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar is also the site of an Israeli military post. A large yellow gate is opened and closed at the will of the Israeli army, which can cut off the inhabitants of the town from the rest…

East Jerusalem Palestinians Denied Basic Rights
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is the country’s leading human and civil rights organization through litigation, legal advocacy, education and public outreach. Its new report is titled, “Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem,” explaining how Judaization harms basic Palestinian freedoms. In fact, the…

Gaza subjected to air strikes, water crisis
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – Three Palestinian farmers were killed by Israeli tank shelling late at night 12 September in the northernmost occupied Gaza Strip, along the no-go “buffer zone” enforced by the Israeli military. Al-Jazeera reported that a 91-year-old farmer, Ibrahim Abdullah Abu Saeed, and 20-year-old Ismael Walid Abu Audeh were killed immediately. Abu Saeed’s 17-year-old grandson, Hossam Khaled…

Peace Now: 13,000 settlement units pending
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – At least 13,000 housing units in illegal West Bank settlements are set for construction once Israel’s building moratorium ends on 30 September, a report issued by an Israeli rights group read Monday. According to Peace Now, at least 2,066 housing units are ready for construction, having received building permits, while a further 11,000 are in…

Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem (Full Report)
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – Anyone who has toured East Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods over the past few years, especially those neighborhoods closest to the Old City, cannot help but notice the increasing number of guarded compounds, surrounded by fences with armed sentries protecting them. These compounds, situated in the midst of densely populated Palestinian neighborhoods, house today some 2,000 Jewish…

New report focuses on Settler harassment of Palestinians in Jerusalem
Uruknet September 13, 2010 – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel released a new report discussing the rampant abuses heaped upon Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem by the scores of illegal, colonial settlers there. Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem alarmingly recounts how Palestinians live in a heightened state of…

The National

Freed US hiker reunites with mother in Oman
The National 14 Sep 2010 – As Sarah Shourd flies to freedom, a third veteran Tehran diplomat defects in Europe and says he is joining the opposition.

Negotiations are to ‘resolve core issues’ says Mitchell
The National 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli and Palestinian leaders still believe they can reach a peace deal in a year, Washington’s Middle East envoy said.

WAFA – Palestine News Agency

Palestinian CPI Increases by 0.30% in August 2010
WAFA – RAMALLAH, September 14, 2010 (WAFA)- Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said, today, that the Overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Palestinian Territory reached 128.89 in

PM, EU Representative Lay First Stone at Nablus Security Compound
WAFA – NABLUS, September 14, 2010 (WAFA)- Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad and the European Union Representative, Mr. Christian Berger, today laid the first ceremonial stone to mark the start of the second

Abu Rdeina: Sharm El Sheik Direct Negotiations was Serious
WAFA – RAMALLAH, September 14, 2010 (WAFA)- Presidency Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rdeina described the direct negotiations that was held today in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh between President Mahmoud

Palestinian Hip-Hop Band G-Town Awarded by MTV Latin
WAFA – JERUSALEM, September 14, 2010 (WAFA)- On the occasion of the Young Women’s Forum, organized by UNIFEM (part of UN Women) during the 5th World Youth Conference in Le??n, Mexico on August 24, the

Daily Star

Ahmadinejad under pressure inside and outside Iran
Daily Star 14 Sep 2010

Israeli troops kill Palestinian civilians with impunity – rights group
Daily Star 14 Sep 2010

Gemayel’s son places blame on Syria for father’s death
Daily Star 14 Sep 2010

Ain al-Hilweh killing raises fears of deteriorating security in camp
Daily Star 14 Sep 2010

Hizbullah’s arms include drones, long-range rockets – Israel
Daily Star 14 Sep 2010

The Guardian

Middle East peace talks falter over question of Israeli settlements
The Guardian 14 Sep 2010 – Negotiators remain optimistic despite lack of progress as US repeats demand for fresh construction freeze Israeli-Palestinian negotiations limped into their second phase in Egypt today with little sign of progress as a row over West Bank…

Middle East talks: Leaders believe peace deal can be won in a year
The Guardian 14 Sep 2010 – Israelis, Palestinians and US continue talks as key issue of West Bank settlements stays on back-burner Israeli and Palestinian leaders still believe they can reach a peace deal in a year, Washington’s Middle East envoy said…

Relief Web

OPT: PM Fayyad and EU Representative lay first stone at €14.3 million Nablus Security Compound
Relief Web 14 Sep 2010 – Source: European Union, Palestinian National Authority

Press Conference by Outgoing General Assembly President
Relief Web 13 Sep 2010 – Source: UN Department of Public Information

Inter Press Service

MIDEAST: Divided We Educate
IPS A thin Palestinian boy, no older than ten, darts between the piles of garbage and the congested lines of traffic which converge at the Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

MIDEAST: A Circle Not Easily Squared
IPS Security first or borders first: security says Israel, borders retort the Palestinians. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are finally again getting under way. Israel though remains adamant that the only chance the talks have to make headway is for its security concerns to be satisfactorily addressed.

YNet News

IDF thwarts attack: Gaza terrorist killed, 4 wounded
YNet News – As leaders continue peace negotiations, Israeli forces fire artillery at….

Libyan Shoah survivors to get reparations
YNet News – Jews who immigrated to Israel from Libya after being persecuted by Nazis during….

Mitchell to visit Syria in Mideast peace bid
YNet News – Meanwhile, Syrian deputy PM visiting France to prepare for meeting among ‘high….

Yishai: Ease weapons laws for settlers
YNet News – In aftermath of West Bank attacks, interior minister says MKs must work to….

Iran frees US woman after year in jail
YNet News – Sarah Shourd released after being held in Islamic Republic for more than year….

Supreme Court: Jerusalem must fund gay community
YNet News – Judges say municipality discriminating against LGBT community, order it to….

Zadorov convicted in teen girl’s murder
YNet News – One of most mysterious, shocking murder cases Israel has known comes to an end….

US protects Iran from bereaved family’s damages claim
YNet News – International convention compels United States government to fight parents of….

Israel considers prisoner release, ceding territories to PA
YNet News – Israel and the Palestinians have yet to reach a compromise on settlement construction, but Jerusalem is nonetheless considering a number of gestures, including releasing …….

Woman returns from PA with rifle in car
YNet News – A resident of Bu’eine Nujeidat in the Lower Galilee was detained Tuesday evening when a makeshift rifle was found in her car upon her return from the Palestinian …….

Incoming IDF chief Galant honored by scouts
YNet News – The next chief of staff, GOC Southern Command Major General Yoav Galant, received a badge of honor from the scouts movement on Tuesday evening. Galant, who will take over …….

US calls on Israel, Palestinians to ‘reach compromises’
YNet News – The United States gave no sign on Tuesday that Israel and the Palestinians had narrowed the gap on Jewish settlements, but said they tackled issues at the heart of their …….

Palestinian Information Center

Israel worried about consolidation of “Erdoganism”
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has privately voiced his government’s worries about the consolidation of “Erdoganism” in Turkey after referendum..

Israeli building firm resumes large scale construction in Modi’in settlement
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – The Israeli Naot Pisgah company resumed Tuesday construction in the Modi’in Illit settlement, west of Ramallah, despite Israel’s decision to temporarily freeze building in Israeli settlements.

MP Abu Halabiya: Israel exploiting peace talks to desecrate Jerusalem
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Hamas MP Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOF) continues to violate Jerusalem under official supervision, follow-up, and encouragement.

Five Palestinians wounded in IOF artillery shelling
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Two Palestinian men were seriously wounded in artillery shelling by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday evening southeast of Gaza city.

Jihad: Sharm El-Sheikh meeting another round of deception
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Islamic Jihad movement described the meetings in Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh between Abbas’s authority and the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) as a new round of deception.

IOF troops fire at peaceful march, as Mizan calls for protection of civilians
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire on Tuesday at a peaceful march in northern Gaza Strip that was protesting the security fence and buffer zone, eyewitnesses reported.

Israeli deputy PM pushes for full end to settlement freeze
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli deputy PM Silvan Shalom demands that premier Benjamin Netanyahu stays committed to ending the West Bank settlement freeze at its set date of expiry in late September.

Aqsa preacher slams break-in at holy Mosque by settlers
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Preacher of the Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Yousuf Salama strongly denounced the IOA for letting a group of extremist settlers to enter the Aqsa Mosque through Al-Maghariba gate and desecrate its courtyards.

B’Tselem: Israeli military policy not to probe killing of Palestinians by troops
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – B’Tselem said that the advocate general closed many files of soldiers’ involvement in killing Palestinian civilians at the pretext that the situation in the occupied lands is an armed conflict.

Jerusalem man killed over allegedly fleeing from Israeli police
PIC 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli police shot and killed a young man from Jerusalem early Tuesday morning in Tel Aviv for allegedly not stopping when police instructed him to do so.

Los Angeles Times

Standoff over settlement construction bogs down Mideast talks
LA Times 15 Sep 2010 – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns of ‘consequences’ if Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations fail. But the dispute over a soon-to-expire moratorium on West Bank construction continues to dominate the proceedings. Despite prodding from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Israelis and Palestinians made little progress Tuesday toward resolving their standoff over Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank. The dispute will continue to loom over U.S.-brokered peace talks as they resume Wednesday in Jerusalem.

Iran releases U.S. hiker Sarah Shourd
LA Times 15 Sep 2010 – Shourd, who was freed on $500,000 bail, reunites with her mother in the Arabian Peninsula kingdom of Oman. Two men seized with her 13 months ago along the Iran-Iraq border remain in custody. Iran released an American hiker Tuesday after more than a year in custody but continued to hold two fellow countrymen who are expected to face trial.

New York Times

Iran Orders Release of American Hiker
New York Times 14 Sep 2010 – Sarah E. Shourd, who had been held on espionage charges for more than a year, has left Iran, according to news reports.

Israel and Palestinian Leaders Extend Egypt Talks
New York Times 14 Sep 2010 – A second round of negotiations delved into the core issues on Tuesday but did not yet break an impasse over Jewish settlements.

Clinton Calls Settlement Deal Possible
New York Times 14 Sep 2010 – On her way to Egypt, where Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will resume, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton struck an optimistic tone.


HEBRON: Israeli Military and Policemen Shut Three Palestinian Shops
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine – Israeli soldiers and police weld shut three Palestinian shops near a regular “Open Shuhada Street” demonstration site, leaving one injured, one expelled, four imprisoned (and thousands still under military occupation).

HEBRON REFLECTION: Shuhada Street: Keeping the quiet (when there’s no peace to be kept)
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine – Honest words between a soldier and peacemakers shed light on the difference between “keeping the peace” and making it.

AL BWEIREH, PALESTINE: Settlers “heat up the air”; outpost dismantled
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine – Roadblocks are emblematic of a decade of military and settler harassment of Palestinians in Al Bweireh. Will the new one be more than a bump in the road for the Hill 86 settlement outpost?

Rachel Corrie Trial In Haifa
Palestine Monitor – Seven and half years after their daughter was crushed by an armored bulldozer, Cindy and Craig Corrie stood in front of a courthouse in Haifa, Israel. Far from home, they were surrounded by Israelis carrying signs of support in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The Corries came…

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinians With Impunity
Palestine Monitor – The report, Void of Responsibility: Israel Military Policy not to investigate Killings of Palestinians by Soldiers, issued on Tuesday by B’Tselem, deals with events in the years 2006 to 2009 in which soldiers killed Palestinian civilians who were not taking part in hostilities (not including Operation…

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi: Netanyahu’s remarks serves as a death penalty for the so-called peace process
Palestine Monitor – Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative stated that Netanyahu’s insistence on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and his refusal to halt settlement activity is an ultimate death sentence against the so-called peace process. Barghouthi said that what is going…

Is Muslim life actually “cheap”?
Mondoweiss – New Republic editor-in-chief Martin Peretz’s anti-Muslim slanders have finally gotten him into trouble in the mainstream, after years during which the major opinion-makers pretended not to notice his chronic racism. Here again is the second half of his latest slur, the part he didn’t apologize for:…

From the Diary of a Binationalist
Mondoweiss – Israeli film director Udi Aloni divides his time between New York City, where he makes films, and the Jenin Refugee Camp, where he has recently moved in order to help his friend Juliano Mer-Khamis establish a school for film and multimedia production. He is currently writing…

On the subject of ‘partners for peace’
Mondoweiss – Didi Remez has the results of an interesting poll from today’s Yediot Ahronoth on Israeli attitudes toward the peace process. Here are the findings: Q: Should Netanyahu extend the settlement construction freeze after September 26, or should construction be resumed? Extend construction freeze: 39% Resume construction:…

Jerusalem planning committee’s contribution to the peace process: 1,362 new housing units in the West Bank
Mondoweiss – And other news from Today in Palestine: Land and Property Theft and Destruction/Ethnic Cleansing Israel demolishes entire village for fifth time, immediately after holiday, Jesse Bacon The Bedouin unrecognized village of Al Arakib was demolished this morning for the 5th time,immediately after Eid Al-Fitr (one of…

Update on the peace talks
Mondoweiss – Considering the reality of the occupation , why should the Palestinians continue with the peace talks farce? Mark Landler and Isabel Kershner’s article from today’s New York Times , updates the rocky state of the nonnegotiations. The Palestinians are being pressed by the Americans to do Netanyahu a…

Misc 2

‘Abbas Not Authorized to Negotiate on Behalf of Palestinians’
Al-Manar 14 Sep 2010 – Senior Hamas official Ismail Radwan said on the eve of a summit on Tuesday in Egypt that the latest round of US-backed peace talks were “humiliating and degrading.” Radwan said his movement remained vehemently opposed to the talks being carried out by Palestinian president Mahmud…

Occupation Authorities Release Hamas MP after Eight Years in Jail
Al-Manar 13 Sep 2010 – Press reports said on Monday that Israeli occupation authorities have released Hamas-affiliated member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Muhammad Jamal An-Natsheh on Sunday after eight years in custody. An-Natsheh was detained on July 17, 2002, and sentenced to eight years in Israeli prison. Upon his…

Yediot to Abe Foxman: Are we anti-Semitic too?
Coteret 14 Sep 2010 – Not exactly, but close. For those of you who have missed the latest chapter of what Matt Duss calls “the continuing attempt to redefine ‘blood libel’ as ‘saying things about Israel I don’t particularly like'”, here’s a brief: This week’s TIME Magazine cover story was a…

Mid-East talks tackle core issues
BBC 14 Sep 2010 – Israeli and Palestinian leaders hold “serious discussions on core issues” during direct talks in Egypt, says the US Middle East envoy.

Israel: Gaza dead were civilians
BBC 14 Sep 2010 – The Israeli army admits that three Palestinian men it killed in Gaza on Sunday were civilians, and not terrorists, as previously claimed.

Israel rewards brave Mumbai nanny
BBC 14 Sep 2010 – Israel grants honorary citizenship to an Indian nanny who saved the life of an Israeli boy in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Anti-censorship program for Iran withdrawn
BBC 14 Sep 2010 – Software that was intended to help Iranians escape government control of the web has been withdrawn over security fears.

Palestinian Authority Has Its Back to the Wall
Antiwar.com 14 Sep 2010 – BANI NAIM, Occupied West Bank — The village of Bani Naim, near Hebron in the southern West Bank, was under curfew and sealed off by Israeli soldiers stationed in troop carriers and jeeps, as peace talks continued in Washington. The only way IPS was able to…

Does the Palestinian Diaspora Care Enough To Become Engaged?
Sabbah report 14 Sep 2010 – By Alan Hart* | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz Will future historians conclude that the Palestinian diaspora betrayed its occupied and oppressed brothers and sisters? The real history of the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel invites the conclusion that…

The Thin Green Line: It’s Not Just the Settlements (or the Occupation), Stupid!
Sabbah report 14 Sep 2010 – By Nima Shirazi* | Sabbah Report | www.sabbah.biz “Before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived‚ĶWe are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able…

(en) Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle continue within 1948 borders and in the 1967 occupied areas
A-infos 14 Sep 2010 – The enlarged radical initiative of Sheikh Jarrakh the anarchists against the wall participate in joint struggle against the demolition of the Arkiv Bedouin village. During the week, in addition to the Sheikh Jarrakh struggles, the activists involves also in Arkiv and in the East Jerusalem Silwan…


AP ‘playing politics’ with settlements
Daoud Kuttab, Ma’an News Agency9/14/2010
The Associated Press takes pride in being the leading international news agency. The short headlines that appear on the Yahoo home page are almost exclusively reserved for AP stories. But even the great AP makes mistakes. Sometimes its errors are not factual but a descriptive. The consequences are just as bad.
Reporting from Washington, AP security affairs reporter Robert Burns filed an analysis piece Monday about the challenges facing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s upcoming trip to the Middle East. It dealt with whether she would be able to overcome the looming settlement obstacle. Burns unilaterally decided to change the terminology and phraseology connected to one of the major obstacles of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: settlements.
He changed the word “settlement” to “housing construction.” He also replaced “freeze” with the word “curb.” As a result, Burns’ 698-word analysis refers regularly to the fact that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hinting on “a housing construction curb.”
I Googled the story for which the analysis was based and found that all Western media outlets used the universally accepted term “settlements.” Outlets such as CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post and even the AP used the exact same word. For example, the headline and the lead paragraph of the report by the AP’s Mark Lavie in Jerusalem used the word “settlement” and “freeze” in reference to the issue at hand.
The Israeli media was also universal in identifying the building in the occupied Palestinian territories with the same term that the UN and the US have used repeatedly…. more.. e-mail

Mideast Peace Talk Kabuki
Eric Margolis, Information Clearing House9/10/2010
On 2 Sept, 2001, in a newspaper article, I wrote: “America’s strategic and economic interests in the Mideast and Muslim world are being threatened by the agony in Palestine, which inevitably invites terrorist attacks against US citizens and property.”
The 9/11 attacks came nine days later.
President Barack Obama is absolutely right to seek an end to the endless suffering of Palestinians. It is an affront to humanity and gravely undermines America’s values, security and prestige.
In my most recent book, American Raj — America and the Muslim World, I tried to show how the poisonous conflict over Palestine has generated much of what we call “terrorism,” and how it is dragging the United States ever into a deeper but unnecessary conflict with the Muslim world.
For those yearning to see an end to the seven decade Jewish-Palestinian conflict, to see security and tranquility for Israel, and justice for Palestinians, last week’s so-called “peace talks” in Washington were a painful farce.
President Obama convoked Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to meet in Washington with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, Egypt’s strongman, Husni Mubarak, and Jordan’s King Abdullah.
The result was the same kind of tired, stale Mideast political kabuki that has dragged on for the past decade: platitudes about peace, cheery handshakes, and talks about talks about talks.
All involved knew that this was political theater designed to beguile American voters into believing progress was being made in the eternal Mideast mess. more.. e-mail

Canada-Israel Public Security Agreement: Canada involving Israel in the Americas, Despite Blatant Human Rights Violations
Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Axis of Logic9/10/2010
Despite Concerns, Canada is involving Israel in the Americas The department of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that the Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), Peter Kent, will be visiting Israel from August 31 to September 08 to launch Canada-Israel discussions on the Americas. Kent is set to meet with President Shimon Peres, Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Daniel Ayalon, during his trip. He will also visit the West Bank, where he will meet Riad Malki, the Palestinian Authority’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. On the eve of discussions, Kent stated,
“As vibrant democratic states, Canada and Israel are natural allies. This affinity, based on our shared values, such as respect for human rights and the rule of law, extends to our respective engagement in the Americas.”
The Minister’s statement is puzzling given Israel’s documented history of human rights violations and concomitant breach of international law. Under stated Canadian policy regarding the Middle East, Canada has officially recognized many of Israel’s violations of international law in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights, the ongoing expansion of colonies (a.k.a. settlements) in the occupied territories, and Israel’s construction of a wall on Palestinian land. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is concerned by the purpose of Minister of State Kent’s trip to Israel and his statements on Canadian-Israeli relations…. more.. e-mail

Academic research collaboration emboldens Israeli apartheid
Electronic Intifada: 14 Sep 2010 – Israel aggressively courts research partnerships with American universities by hosting academic delegations. These academic delegations are political-educational junkets, which subliminally promote a Zionist ideology along with coordinating potential partnerships with Israeli universities. Diane Shammas comments for The Electronic Intifada.more

Rachel Corrie Trial In Haifa
Palestine Monitor: 14 Sep 2010 – Seven and half years after their daughter was crushed by an armored bulldozer, Cindy and Craig Corrie stood in front of a courthouse in Haifa, Israel. Far from home, they were surrounded by Israelis carrying signs of support in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The Corries came for the truth of 16 March, 2003. “I’ve looked forward to today,” Craig said. “For seven and a half years our family has waited for the ‘complete, credible and transparent investigation’ promised by President Sharon to President Bush.” September 5 marked the resumption of the family’s civil suit against the Israeli government begun this March. They charge Israel — by either intent or negligence – is ultimately responsible for Rachel’s death. “I feel like we are standing up in the same way Rachel stood up when she stood up to actions against a civilian population that were going unaccounted for,” Cindy said. “We are…more

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinians With Impunity
Palestine Monitor: 14 Sep 2010 – The report, Void of Responsibility: Israel Military Policy not to investigate Killings of Palestinians by Soldiers, issued on Tuesday by B’Tselem, deals with events in the years 2006 to 2009 in which soldiers killed Palestinian civilians who were not taking part in hostilities (not including Operation Cast Lead). Soldiers who killed Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are almost never held accountable, even if the circumstances raise a grave suspicion that they acted criminally. This is the conclusion arising from B’Tselem’s report, which analyzes the policy of the Judge Advocate General’s Office over the past four years. The main reason for this dismal situation is that the army refrains, as a rule, from conducting a Military Police investigation in cases in which soldiers kill Palestinian civilians. In addition, the research shows that the Judge Advocate Generals’ Office routinely procrastinates in making decisions on files for many months, even years. The report,…more

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi: Netanyahu’s remarks serves as a death penalty for the so-called peace process
Palestine Monitor: 14 Sep 2010 – Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative stated that Netanyahu’s insistence on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and his refusal to halt settlement activity is an ultimate death sentence against the so-called peace process. Barghouthi said that what is going on is in fact confirming the validity of what was warned, which was to not engage in negotiations without a halt of settlement expansion, including in the Jerusalem area. The continuation of the negotiations under the Israeli calls for the recognition of a Jewish State and the continuation of expanding settlements is in fact used to cover up for the planned settlement expansion projects, stated Dr. Barghouthi. He assured that the correct action would be to refuse participating in this negotiation process without any settlement freeze and any clear terms of reference that emphasizes and support the rights of the Palestinian people.more

Two States, One Holy Land: A Framework for Peace
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Sep 2010 – Editor’s Note: On September 5, Benjamin Netanyahu urged a new approach to issues that have defied resolution in past Israeli-Palestinians negotiations, telling reporters that, for the new round of negotiations to succeed, “we will have to learn the lessons of 17 years of experience from negotiations and to think creatively — what’s called ‘outside the box’.” Between 1988 and 2000, international lawyer John Whitbeck’s “Two States, One Holy Land” framework for peace was published 40 times, in various lengths and in the Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German and Hebrew languages. In response to the Israeli prime minister’s call for creative, “outside the box” thinking and in the hope stimulating such thinking, Palestine Chronicle is publishing below an updated version of Mr. Whitbeck’s framework for a two-state solution which, rather than separating Israelis and Palestinians, would bring them together in “a new society of peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and human dignity”….more

East Jerusalem Palestinians Denied Basic Rights
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Sep 2010 – By Stephen Lendman The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is the country’s leading human and civil rights organization through litigation, legal advocacy, education and public outreach. Its new report is titled, “Unsafe Space: The Israeli Authorities’ Failure to Protect Human Rights amid Settlements in East Jerusalem,” explaining how Judaization harms basic Palestinian freedoms. In fact, the Israeli military, police, and hostile settlers deny them, ACRI saying: Palestinians “complain of physical and verbal abuse (by police), settlers and their security guards; the intimidation of their children; various forms of harassment (including videotaping them in their homes); the barricading and closing off of streets and public areas; and more.” They also cite regular abuse, including stone throwing, vandalism, racial slurs, violence and more, all of which authorities ignore, “practic(ing) selective law enforcement and fail(ing) to provide even the most minimal protection to Palestinian locals.” They’re also complicit in violating Palestinians…more

All That You Have Done: Colonialism, Ethnic Cleansing and the Web
Palestine Chronicle: 14 Sep 2010 – By Roger Sheety Despite the current facade of yet another round of fake peace talks, the Israeli government and its professional apologists remain in a panic. Hardly a week passes by without complaint that Israel “is being isolated” or that it is facing a campaign of “delegitimization.” In February of this year the Reut Institute, an Israeli group-think tank, published a remarkably delusional, ahistorical piece of propaganda masquerading as a scholarly report and warning of an internationally concerted effort that seeks to “erode” Israel’s diplomatic status which “may develop into a comprehensive existential threat within a few years.” (*) In essence, any organization or individual that dares criticize Israeli policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in particular is a de facto member of this dreaded network of delegitmization. As with all Israeli hasbara (explanation), the Reut Institute blames primarily the Palestinian victims and secondarily those who report or publicize their plight….more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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