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5 February, 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A Thaw in Kashmir or Shimmering Volcano?

04.02.2011 | 08:39 | MAHAPATRA Aurobinda (India)
Last year till the end of August, the Kashmir valley witnessed some of worst incidents in a decade with loss of more than hundred lives… The developments this year has further raised the issue whether peace in Kashmir will remain as fragile as it is, or there will be something spectacular as in the fashion of some north African Arab countries… Reportedly, the users of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in Kashmir have widely circulated the recent protests in Tunisia and Egypt…

Will Iraq host the Arab League summit?

03.02.2011 | 09:48 | SHASHKOV Sergei
The Arab League summit in Iraq resembles more a kind of a surrealistic scenario: when hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets in different Arab towns, ready to topple ruling leaders, debates on ‘unity of Arab nation’ taking place in devastated country may become an indicator of Arabic ummah…

Egypt Leaving an Epoch Behind

02.02.2011 | 18:50 | SEDOV Dmitriy
The Anglo-Saxon globalization ran into a major roadblock: at the moment the Egyptian regime which the West has propped up for decades is on the verge of collapse. Even if Mubarak’s nominee Omar Suleiman manages to cling on, the global centers of power will have to face a different reality in Egypt…

The Caucasus and Central Asia: is the Middle East-type of Collapse Imminent?

01.02.2011 | 09:08 | ARESHEV Andrey
Concern is creeping in that eventually the Caucasian and Central Asian republics, and perhaps also Ukraine, may follow the pattern of the Middle Eastern countries which are currently facing serial outbreaks of public unrest…

Uncle Sam – Take A Hike

31.01.2011 | 15:09 | MAIR Rafe (Canada)
President Obama must declare that the US is not the world’s policeman any longer and that peaceful relations between countries cannot be maintained by an outside power nor has the United States any right to meddle in internal disputes… Unstable governments like Iraq and in the Levant don’t and won’t become more stable if the US stays; rather the opposite…

Germany worried about euro safety burden

30.01.2011 | 21:42 | MEDEN Natalia
Angela Merkel voiced support to the French initiative of forming a common European economic government. Undoubtedly, to strengthen the positions of the European Commission and maintain US influence in Europe it appears to be the best scenario when Germany pays for others just to stay ‘good Europeans’…

Egypt in Fire: Statehood Wisdom Put to Test

29.01.2011 | 21:06 | TYSSOVSKI Yuri
The tide of popular protests in Egypt shows no signs of subsiding. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, Asyut, Port Said, and Suez to demand the immediate resignation of the current Egyptian leader H. Mubarak dubbed Egypt’s last Pharaoh by his opponents… The demise of the current regime would inevitably be followed by the country’s conversion into a center of Muslim radicalism not much different from Afghanistan, Somalia, or, in some regards, Pakistan. The West may be extolling the Egyptian democratic breakthrough but should be mindful of the above…

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