Tunisia Newslinks for 11 February, 2011

11 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisia: Shaping the Struggle – Nation’s Uprising
The sustained protest in Tunisia in the wake of Mohamed Bouazizi’s immolation are far from ‘Islamist’, writes Hassania Chalbi-Drissi, and the appeal of the …

Tunisia says it seizes armed group linked to ex-leader
Reuters Africa
By Tarek Amara TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisian authorities said on Thursday they had detained an armed group, linked to ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, …

AP Interview: Tunisian opposition fears chaos
The Associated Press
PARIS (AP) — A prominent Tunisian once jailed for challenging the ousted
president fears that the “people’s revolution” which ended the country’s
23-year …

After lull, job protests resume in Morocco capital
Reuters Africa
Authoritarian Arab leaders are watching carefully for signs of unrest
spreading through the region after revolts in Tunisia and Egypt. …

Iranians hold rally; back Tunisia, Egypt uprisings
TEHRAN (ISNA)-Large number of Iranians declared full support for uprisings
of Muslims in Tunisia, Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations as they held


In wake of Tunisia, Egypt internet fueled uprisings, Durbin urges Facebook to …
Chicago Sun-Times (blog)
Writing to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Durbin said: “Recent events in
Egypt and Tunisia have again highlighted the significant costs and benefits
of …

Protests continue to ripple across Mideast, North Africa
CNN International
Emboldened by an uprising in Tunisia, which saw the nation’s president of
almost a quarter century flee to Saudi Arabia, protesters have staged
similar …

The Dignity Revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia — and America?
Huffington Post (blog)
This is the bedrock theme, the master chord echoing in the revolutions
unfolding in Egypt and Tunisia in these historic weeks, as stated
eloquently and …

News Wrap: Demonstrators in Iraq Demand End to Corruption, Prisoner Abuse
The demonstrations were one of the biggest since political unrest began in
Egypt and Tunisia. In northwestern Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed at
least 31 …

Trade unions: the revolutionary social network at play in Egypt and Tunisia
The Guardian
Perhaps the most overlooked factor in the demise of the authoritarian Ben
Ali regime in Tunisia, and the weakening of Hosni Mubarak’s grip on state
power in …

Europe’s Foreign Policy Chief, Struggling for Mandate, Faces Criticism on …
New York Times
The British foreign secretary, William Hague, has just been to Tunisia to
meet the new interim government there, before traveling to other Arab
countries …

Tunisia makes plan to recover ‘plundered funds’
Toronto Star
TUNISIA—Tunisia’s provisional cabinet on Thursday adopted a battery of
“practical mechanisms” to enable it to recover assets of figures of the
ousted …

When a Spark Ignites Fire: How Food Price Hikes Can Topple Governments and …
Huffington Post
An unemployed man in Tunisia burns himself to death. Political unrest fuels
riots in Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, and other countries. …

Tunis pressed to act on urgent social needs
TUNIS — Tunisia’s main labour union urged the government Thursday to
begin talks immediately to defuse a ticking social bomb that threatens to
derail the …

Sarkozy raps FM for Tunisia holiday, spares PM on Egypt
Expatica France
French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday gave his foreign minister a
public dressing down for holidaying in Tunisia while the country was in the
middle …

New Revolution in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya will change Arab World.
Wall Street Journal
Indoctrinated for generations by false interpretation of Islam religion and
manipulated by kings and dictators. Finlay Arab Muslims are turning against
the …

France promises economic support to new Tunisian government
Focus News
France on Thursday promised to give economic support to Tunisia’s new
government after a meeting between senior French economic officials and
visiting …

Defiant Algerian opposition plans rally for ‘change’
Edmonton Journal
… a three-week-old umbrella group of opposition parties, civil society
movements and unofficial unions emboldened by the mass protests in Tunisia
and …

MIDDLE EAST: Rappers and musicians inspired by uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia
Los Angeles Times
Sometimes, art imitates life, but other times it struggles just to keep up.
So perhaps it is fitting that one of the most popular new songs dedicated
to the …

Middle East wealth poses problem for Swiss banks
By Agnese Smith ZURICH (MarketWatch) — Events in Egypt, Tunisia and
elsewhere in the Middle East might make for uncomfortable viewing for some
European …

Tunisia to host international conference on political reforms
RIA Novosti
Tunisia will host an international conference to decide its “political and
economic transformation,” interim Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi told
German …

Zuma weighs in on Middle East issue
BuaNews Online (press release)
Pretoria – The South Africa government says it is in favour of a democratic
Egypt and Tunisia. SA, which will monitor closely the developments in the
Middle …

Gwyn: Arabs have discovered themselves
Toronto Star
Because of what’s happened in Egypt, and earlier in Tunisia, things in the
Middle East will never be the same again. Of course this may not happen.


Arab Street: Changing stripes of a metaphor
By Shajahan Madampat, Special to Gulf News The fast unfolding events in the
Arab world — previously in Tunisia, now in Egypt and who knows where all
next …

NPA meeting in Paris backs imperialist policy on Egypt, Tunisia
World Socialist Web Site
By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier WSWS reporters attended a February 9
meeting of France’s New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in Paris, titled
“Tunisia-Egypt, …

Tunisia Travel Alert February 2011
Kansas City infoZine
The US Department of State alerts US citizens to the potential for ongoing
political and social unrest in Tunisia. Unrest has diminished and public
order …

Are Popular Protests A Mortal Threat To Dictators?
Nevertheless, it is clear that the tumult in Tunisia and Egypt is having
repercussions that will continue to affect the Middle East and Africa —
and …

Tunisia Running Country Wide Facebook, Gmail & Yahoo! Password …
By Darknet
We have mentioned Facebook plenty of times, they have had their fair share
of security issues and we have mentioned Tunisia once way back in regards
to Internet.

After Tunisia and Egypt: The mood in the Arab streets and palaces …
The recent Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia and uprising Egypt has shaken up
the Arab world. While, on the one hand, it has raised hopes among the
people, on the other hand, it has alarmed the undemocratic and
authoritarian rulers of the …

Tunisia Daily “ Sarkozy raps FM for Tunisia holiday, spares PM on …
By tunisia – Google News
Sarkozy raps FM for Tunisia holiday, spares PM on Egypt Expatica France
French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday gave his foreign minister a
public dressing down for holidaying in Tunisia while the country was in the
middle . …

Tunisia says it seizes armed group linked to ex-leader (Reuters …
By Editor – World News
Reuters – Tunisian authorities said on Thursday they had detained an armed
group , linked to ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, which they
suspected of involvement in a wave of violence.

How Social Media Accelerated Tunisia’s Revolution – e.politics …
By cpd
Did Twitter and Facebook “cause” the Tunisian Revolution and the
protests in Egypt? Not according to Malcolm Gladwell, as he and others have
questioned the role of social media in social change in North Africa. But
he’s not there, …

Prime Minister announces International Conference on Political and …
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
A well-informed source pointed out that the Prime Minister also reviewed
with the German Official the relations binding the two countries, as well
as Tunisia’s efforts to guarantee conditions of success to the democratic
transition and …

Revolution Egypt & Tunisia – African Digital Art: Pushing Digital …
By Jepchumba
Revolution Egypt & Tunisia : Designers React · Tweet. North Africa is
experiencing what is now called the biggest revolution in modern times as
millions of protesters join in the fight against oppression, dictatorship
and political …

New Zeal: Communist Leader on the Tunisian Revolution
By Trevor Loudon
Fahem Boukadous is a journalist who was in prison when the Tunisian
demonstrators forced president Ben Ali to flee the country. A member of the
Workers Communist Party of Tunisia , “he does all he can every day so that
the great …

Egypt and Tunisia – The Power Of Prediction – Number 4
By admin
The West has been caught with its pants down following the popular
revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia during the past month. I wonder why. There
was plenty o…

Tunisia calm after government reshuffle
Latest Online and up to the minute breaking news for current events, latest
headlines and photos. Opinions on what matters to Canadians from Canada and


Tunisia police: Tunisia state security officer shares inside view …
A Tunisian police officer describes a stifling, paranoid atmosphere within
the security apparatus under now-deposed President Zine el Abidine ben Ali.

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