The Day of Wrath in Bahrain By Yoshie Furuhashi

14 February, 2011 — MRZine

Among the most watched Bahraini protest videos today is this one showing police attacking protesters in Duraz, Bahrain, 14 February 2011:

Protest organizers say a protester by the name of Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, 27 years old, was killed by police in Manama.

The body of Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima
Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima

For many reasons (the corporate media’s propaganda system, many Bahraini protesters’ apparent religiosity, a sectarian divide among Arabs and Muslims, the sheer odds against a successful protest in a Gulf state, etc.), the Bahraini protesters are unlikely to gain as much media attention as Iran’s Green ones or Egypt’s Jan25 ones — hence this note by way of cyber-witnessing.

Yoshie Furuhashi is editor of MRZine.  For more information, visit, e.g., <>.  Cf. As’ad AbuKhalil, “The First Martyr in Bahrain” (Angry Arab News Services, 14 February 2011).

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