Watch: A doctor speaks out on HCQ

29 July 2020 — The New Dark Age

This has just been censored by Youtube!

3rd Update: This is weird, the two versions of the video below (one in the comments) are not available on Youtube or Facebook, but can be viewed here! Weird. Have no idea why this is so.

2nd Update: Apparently, it can be viewed here: but for how long? I spoke too soon! It’s ALREADY been banned by Facebook.

Update: It seems that you can still watch it, at least I can, so see if it still plays.

‘Nobody needs to die’

In an impassioned speech in front of her colleagues at a hospital in Houston, Texas, a doctor talks of her experiences in using the drug Hydroxychlorquine or HCQ in the treatment of Covid-19, both as a cure and as a prophylactic (prevention).

Robert Kennedy Jr. in An Extraordinary Debate Performance Vs. Alan Dershowitz

23 July, 2020 — Edward Curtin

Do not miss this debate.  RFK, Jr. finally gets a chance to show the world the truth about Big Pharma, the CDC, NIH, and the U.S. Congress’s complicity in a vast criminal enterprise that is protected by law and is allowed to use the American people as guinea pigs for obscene profits.

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Watch UKC News: Masks, COVID Culture are Dividing Society in UK, US

24 July 2020 — 21st Century Wire

Today the UK government instituted mandatory masks in all stores and indoor public spaces, supposedly to ‘stop the spread of COVID’ – even though the virus has all but disappeared from the scene. But is their latest decree really based on real science, or are they just making it up as they go along? Also, mask culture is becoming more and more obsessive, with people literally fighting each other in supermarket aisles, but to what end? All this and much more.

Co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up. Watch:
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Watch: The Psychology of Lockdown

11 July 2020 — 21st Century Wire

In the first hour of EP 332 of the SUNDAY WIRE show, host Patrick Henningsen talks with special guest, UK-based public speaker, personal coach and content creator, Richard Grannon, to discuss the psychological impact of the COVID19 ‘Lockdown’ on individuals and on society as a whole. This was a fascinating conversation with insight into heady areas like psychological warfare and how people can make sense and better cope with this unusual and highly challenging situation which has affected the lives of so many.
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Watch: Finkelstein: Israel will pretend that illegal annexation is a compromise

7 July 2020 — The Grayzone

Israeli PM Netanyahu will annex valuable West Bank land while pretending to be making a compromise, Norman Finkelstein says.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set a date of July 1st to begin Israel’s annexation of major parts of the Occupied West Bank. A group of 47 independent UN legal experts call the annexation plan “a vision of a 21st century apartheid.”

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Watch: Remembering Paul Robeson – Communist, Artist and Civil Rights Activist

7 July 2020 — Youtube

[Given the tenor of our times, the rise of Fascism and the emergence of a new Cold War, Paul Robeson’s testimony to the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in the 1950s, is a chilling reminder that hard-won civil rights must be defended. A wake-up call to us all! WB]

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Watch: ‘Steal Of The Century’: Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe (Documentary) | Episode 1/2

12 June 2020 — Youtube

Robert Inlakesh

The ‘Steal Of The Century’ (Part 1) is a documentary, by Robert Inlakesh, filmed on the ground in occupied Palestine, investigating the peace process, Donald Trump’s proposed ‘Deal of the Century’ and why the Palestinian people have unanimously rejected it. It also seeks to show the occupation faced by the Palestinian people, as well as a brief look into the history of Palestine-Israel. This documentary brings you exclusive never before seen footage from Palestine, including interviews with Ahed Tamimi, Jana Jihad, Issa Amro and others.

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Watch: The Closing Down of the Global Economy and the Corona Crisis. Poverty is Worldwide

21 June 2020 — Global Research

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

This video featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky was first released on April 20, 2020


Millions of people have lost their jobs, and their lifelong savings. In developing countries, poverty and despair prevail.

While the lockdown is presented to public opinion as  the sole means to resolving a global public health crisis, its devastating economic and social impacts are casually ignored.

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Amazon Unveils Augmented Reality to Enforce Social Distancing in New Norm for Corporate America

19 June 2020 — Mint Press

Amazon has started testing on several social distancing technologies following demands for public safety amid COVID-19 and the intrusive changes will likely have a permanent effect on workers’ rights to privacy.

Should you be one of the dozens of people working minimum ten-hour shifts at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Kent, Washington these days, you might very well be at the vanguard of the “new normal” for American blue collar workplaces.

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