Wikileaks Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 15 February, 2011

15 February, 2011 —

BHP offered to swap China info with US – Wikileaks
Kloppers took personal credit for quashing that deal, according to
Wikileaks, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. “Australia does not want to
become an open …

WikiLeaks Founder Remains Cause Celebre
Voice of America
The internet site WikiLeaks is credited with helping topple the regime in
Tunisia, and exposing a variety of US government secrets. …

Inside the Convoluted Plot to Bring Down WikiLeaks
Wired News (blog)
In November, when a major US bank wanted a strategy for taking down
WikiLeaks, Barr immediately drafted a presentation in which he suggested
“cyber attacks …

Radical Transparency
Wall Street Journal
By GABRIEL SCHOENFELD Judged by its own standards, last year was a big
success for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, his fledgling whistleblower
organization. …

WikiLeaks Confirms Sarah Palin’s Conversation With Mubarak
Huffington Post (blog) (satire)
WikiLeaks leaked that Mrs. Palin had shared with then-President Mubarak her
Plan A on how to gain maximum publicity when quitting public office. …

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Huffington Post
US diplomatic cables leaked to WikiLeaks reveal something close to
desperation in Saudi officialdom about keeping oil exports alive while at
the same time …

WikiLeaks precursor Daniel Ellsberg speaks at FAU about Pentagon Papers
By Scott Travis, Sun Sentinel Four decades before the WikiLeaks
controversy, Daniel Ellsberg’s leaks earned him the label of the “Most
Dangerous Man in …,0,2158140.story

Counting consequences: Why Wikileaks cannot be a ‘terrorist organisation’
ZDNet (blog)
By Zack Whittaker | February 14, 2011, 5:49am PST A break away from
traditional tech, today, to explain why Wikileaks and Assange could not be
considered …

COVER REPORT: Wikileaks reveal China’s plan for the islands
Island Business
The revelations in the recently-published Wikileaks documents on New
Zealand fall well short of being sensational. Even the most widely reported
snippets …

WikiLeaks: US Missile Defense for Europe “Blind” to Nuclear Missiles
The New American
Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks website has revealed incriminating information
on communist regimes such as North Korea, China, and Russia while also
publicizing …

WikiLeaks: Brazil’s Military on the World Stage
Huffington Post (blog)
Yet, recent US cables released by whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks suggest
that Brazil has undergone a psychological shift and is once again intent
upon …

Clinton Vows US Help for Web Revolutionaries; Says No Hypocrisy Dealing with …
by : AP WASHINGTON – Restricting the Internet will not hold back surging
popular demand for democratic reforms in the Middle East or elsewhere, US
Secretary …

Helen Wadham – Wikileaks shows the power of public data
Third Sector
We all enjoyed finding out that Libyan leader General Gaddafi is partial to
flamenco, even as the Wikileaks scandal unearthed more worrying secrets.—Wikileaks-shows-power-public-data

Top Politicians on the Wikileaks Off-Shore List Named Through iPhone Cartoon …
PR Newswire (press release)
… is dedicated to the controversy surrounding the list of tax-evading
celebrities, handed over recently to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange by a
former …

Experts: Press Freedom Under Threat in Age of Wikileaks News
Speaking at “Wikileaks and Internet Freedom II”, at New York
University, veteran First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams warned that
governments could use the …

Peru newspaper receives 4000 pages of US embassy cables from Wikileaks
Living in Peru
Wikileaks, the international news organization that publishes private,
secret and classified media from anonymous sources and leaks, has
reportedly given …

WikiLeaks reminds us to keep close watch on allies
Secure Computing
… of the Forensic Services Companies are rightfully concerned about
whether they will be the next target, or victim, of a Wikileaks-type data
breach. …,wikileaks-reminds-us-to-keep-close-watch-on-allies.aspx

Tweet – danger in singing like a bird
Joplin Independent
… in a legal battle over the government’s demands for the records of
several Twitter users in connection with an investigation related to
WikiLeaks. …

Gibraltar Chronicle
… key transit points for cocaine moving from Latin America through Africa
and onwards to Europe, according to US diplomatic cables released by
Wikileaks. …

US ‘tried to press Huawei suppliers’
Financial Times
… Chinese telecommunications equipment maker, by putting pressure on
potential suppliers in Europe, according to cables released by the
WikiLeaks website. …

WikiLeaks: NATO unimpressed by Russia’s military
Confidential cables from the US mission to NATO released Monday by
WikiLeaks said the Russian armed forces were able to respond only to a
small to mid-sized …

Threat to Shame Bank of America Sparked Anti-WikiLeaks Plot
The plot also included “proactive tactics,” including a full-on media
campaign to convince the public that WikiLeaks is “radical” and a
private email leaked …

Bank of America mulled downing WikiLeaks
The Voice of Russia
Mounting a web crusade against pro-WikiLeaks hackers this month, he got his
own E-mail inbox hacked in response, with his Internet adversaries exposing

UK ‘could have pulled out of Open Skies deal’, leaked US embassy cables show
The Guardian
… alliance with American Airlines, a senior British civil servant warned
US embassy officials, according to a leaked cable obtained via WikiLeaks.

What Wikileaks Teaches Us About Obama and Latin America
The Wikileaks cables show us a detailed history of the Bush administration
weakening cooperation between Latin American countries. Not surprisingly,
much of …

Le Temps beefs up web security in anitcipation of WikiLeaks stories
World Radio Switzerland
Le Temps is set to run a series of stories surrounding Wikileaks
information. The newspaper will focus on the 6000 or so confidential cables
that …

F5 Focus Group Assesses Security Risks from Politically Motivated Attacks …
Business Wire (press release)
The group did acknowledge some novel aspects of the WikiLeaks attacks,
however. Most notably, this was the first known large-scale attack to
involve …

America the home of the hypocrite
Times LIVE (blog)
America is struggling to find a legal case to raise against Wikileaks, and
yet thanks to American government pressure you cannot donate directly to
the …

WIKILEAKS: US diplomatic cables portray Ahtisaari as straight-talking and …
Helsingin Sanomat
In the more than 250000 documents leaked by Wikileaks, his name is
mentioned 1167 times. The number is even greater if the messages in which
Ahtisaari’s …

Contributing to transparency
Media Monitors Network
by Ghassan Khatib “There was a difference, however, in the public’s
perception of the Wikileaks and al-Jazeera documents, respectively. …

Cyber war dominates the landscape at RSA conference
Closely aligned with the subject of cyber war is the issue of WikiLeaks,
whose online exposure of classified data has been condemned as a national
security …

Leaked E-Mails Reveal Efforts to Discredit WikiLeaks
By Terrence O’Brien
Some enemies of WikiLeaks are not afraid to play dirty. Pro-WikiLeaks
hackers ( but not the organization itself) gained access to internal
e-mails from.

HBGary CEO Also Suggested Tracking, Intimidating WikiLeaks’ Donors …
By Andy Greenberg
WikiLeaks and its inner circle of supporters may not have been the only
targets of a group of security firms that offered to take on the
secret-spilling site on behalf of Bank of America. In an email
conversation, the head of one of …

Panorama’s Wikileaks programme – according to Twitter | Online …
By Paul Bradshaw
Or, using Tagxedo and removing ‘Panorama’ and ‘Wikileaks’:

Alan Dershowitz Joins Team Wikileaks — Daily Intel
By Julie Gerstein
He’ll be helping Assange navigate tricky American legal waters.

2011-02-14 Wikileaks on the Wikileaks Twitter case | WL Central
By GeorgieBC
The US Attorney-General has brought an action against Twitter, demanding
that it disclose the names, dates and locations of all persons who have
used its services to receive messages from Wikileaks or Mr Assange. …

Alan Dershowitz Defending Wikileaks For Twitter Subpoena
By Amit Chowdhry
Wikileaks has hired Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz as an adviser
about how to handle the Justice Department’s subpoena to retrieve personal
information from Twitter. The Justice Department is aiming to collect
private …

US judge to investigate Wikileaks Twitter privacy case | IceNews …
By Alex
They argue it is not possible for the government ministry to prove that the
information it seeks will be useful in its case against Wikileaks and that
the information should therefore remain private, because their clients also
use …

WikiLeaks in the Arab Press “ Eurasia Review
On November 28, 2010, WikiLeaks—a non-profit media organization known for
publishing secret and classified information obtained from anonymous
sources— released 250000 American diplomatic cables, detailing high-level
meetings between …

HBGary CEO Also Suggested Tracking, Intimidating WikiLeaks’ DONORS …
HBGary CEO Also Suggested Tracking, Intimidating WikiLeaks’ DONORS (”We
Will Come After Them”)×4732767

Anonymous hack reveals corporate plans to discredit WikiLeaks
The computer hackers’ collective Anonymous has revealed that a number of
Internet security companies had planned to attack and discredit WikiLeaks.

Wikileaks: Poverty and wealth in Mexico |
By david
Calderón and political parties concealed information on poverty Diplomatic
cable reveals plot to withhold data until after 2009 elections The panista.

Anonymous hack reveals corporate plans to discredit WikiLeaks …
By Shilpa
Washington, Feb 15 : The computer hackers’ collective Anonymous has
revealed that a number of Internet security companies had planned to attack
and discredit WikiLeaks. The revelations came after Anonymous volunteers
hacked the servers …

INTERMEX FINANCIAL: Cuba in the Wikileaks Mirror
By Ricardo Valenzuela
Cuba in the Wikileaks Mirror. By ISRAEL SHAMIR. Hundreds of thousands of US
State Department documents, in the form of cables from hundreds of
embassies and consulates around the world, give us an in-depth picture of
American interests …

WikiLeaks: Former Aramco Head Warns US About Saudi’s Strained Oil …
By Tafline Laylin
Middle East Green tech and environment news on the Middle East.

Court to hear challenge in Twitter-WikiLeaks case |
By marketmaker
A federal judge will hear arguments Tuesday on a court order directing
Twitter to hand over information on the accounts of people connected to
WikiLeaks in a case pitting privacy advocates against federal prosecutors.

WikiLeaks Own Information Leaked: Is the Assange Organization …
By Claudia Sondergaard . Ximena Herrera
A document pertaining to the registration of a company in Iceland raises
serious doubt as to WikiLeaks’ continuous claim of being a nonprofit

_Goomba News Network_: Wikileaks/Berico & Palantir
By Goodnight Vienna
Last week Anonops uncovered plans to further undermine the reputation and
ability to function of Wikileaks. A team of three ‘private security’
companies had apparently been hired by lawyers (Hunton & Williams) on
behalf of Bank of …

WikiLeaks: Israel long viewed Egypt VP as preferred Mubarak …
2008 diplomatic cable published by the Daily Telegraph quotes Israeli
official as saying that Israel was ‘most comfortable’ with prospect of Omar
Suleiman …

Anonymous Hackers Launch Wikileaks for Normal People
Now they’re launching the Wikileaks-style, to make it easy for
anyone to browse Barr and his colleagues’ private emails. Want to read the!5758753/anonymous-hackers-launch-wikileaks-for-normal-people

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