Bahrain Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 16 February, 2011

16 February, 2011 —

Police off streets during march for 2nd slain protester in Bahrain
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff Bahraini protesters in Pearl Square, Manama, hold
signs, February 16, 2011. One reads: “We will not forget you oh martyrs.”
(CNN) — Thousands of people gathered Wednesday for the peaceful funeral
procession for a Bahraini man …

Police detained over Bahrain protest deaths
ABC Online
Policemen behind the killing of two Shiites in Bahrain have been arrested,
as protesters continued their demonstration in the centre of the capital,
Manama. “Those behind the two death cases have been detained and we have
begun preliminary …

Protesters hold ground in Bahrain
Detroit Free Press
A funeral procession for Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima, 21, who was killed in
Monday’s protests, moves through Jidhafs, Bahrain, on Tuesday. / HASAN
JAMALI/Associated Press By BRIAN MURPHY Associated Press A protester,
center, shouts slogans while he and …

Blindsided in Bahrain
Washington Post
To Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, all was well in Bahrain when
she visited two months ago. “I am very impressed by the progress Bahrain is
making on all fronts – economically politically, socially,” she enthused.
Now, however, Bahrain is …

Bahrain GP cancellation threat remains
By Anti-government protesters in Bahrain are clashing
violently with police, with next month’s Grand Prix specifically targeted
by one group and Bernie Ecclestone admitting “danger”. For Formula One, the
biggest danger is that the …

Bahrain protest deaths: ‘cops detained’
Independent Online
Women mourn for a protester killed during a protest as people gather at a
Shi’a village cemetery in Sanabis, west of Bahraini capital Manama. Manama
– Policemen behind the killing of two Shi’as in Bahrain have been arrested
pending investigation, …

Country profile: Bahrain
Known as one of the most socially liberal states in the Gulf, the small
island nation of Bahrain has faced political unrest in recent years. With a
capital in Manama, the country is a chain of around 30 islands with a
territory of 717 square kilometers …

Clashes erupt in Bahrain as turmoil ripples across the Middle East
The Hindu
That scene, on Avenue 28 around 5:30 pm, was played out all over this
island nation of Bahrain on February 14 as the police attacked peaceful
protesters — men, women and children — chasing them down, firing at
them with rubber bullets and …

Bahrain protesters urge more pressure on rulers
Protesters demanding sweeping political reforms from Bahrain’s rulers held
their ground Wednesday in an Egypt-style occupation of the capital’s
landmark square, calling for a third day of demonstrations that have
brought unprecedented pressure in one …

Stocks Fall on US Retail Sales; Oil Rises, Bahrain Bonds Drop
The pound rallied, while Bahrain bonds dropped. The S&P 500 fell 0.3
percent to 1328.01 at 4 pm in New York. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index climbed
0.1 percent after rising as much as 0.3 percent. The pound gained against
all 16 major peers amid …

Bahrain Shi’a Call For Regime Change
The Shi’ite mourners called for Bahrain’s Sunni-led regime to step down. A
second protester was reported to have been killed today as clashes erupted
during the funeral procession. Video by Reuters.

Iran, Bahrain, and Washington
New Yorker (blog)
Iran is different from Egypt, just as Egypt was different from Tunisia, and
Bahrain is different from all of them—the crowds’ desires may, in some
sense, be untranslatable—but they share the quality of being remarkable.
We are still figuring out what …

Bahrain: Stop Attacks on Peaceful Protesters
Human Rights Watch (press release)
All the reports from independent journalists and Bahraini human rights
groups indicate that security forces used lethal force unlawfully against
anti-government demonstrators. Authorities should immediately rein in the
riot police and conduct an …

Songs of the Revolution: A Bahrain Website Mixes Music and Activism
And don’t forget Bahraini R&B. This is the music of the new revolution
sweeping the Middle East. In Tahrir Square Egyptians rocked to a catchy
number by rocker Mohammad Munir, who asked, “How can I love you [Egypt] if
you don’t give that love back? …,8599,2049406,00.html

UN rights chief calls for end to Bahrain violence
Bikya Masr
GENEVA: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Tuesday
expressed alarm at authorities’ excessive use of force in Bahrain,
including the killing of two peaceful protesters, urging the authorities to
respect the right to demonstrate. …

Protests continue in Bahrain and Yemen
World Socialist Web Site
By Andrea Peters Anti-government protests continued in the island kingdom
of Bahrain on Tuesday, with news reports indicating that thousands were
gathering in the capital city of Manama. Crowds swelled over the course of
the day following the fatal …

Anti-government protests erupt in Libya and Bahrain
World Jewish Congress
Demonstrations also erupted this week in Bahrain, Yemen and Iran, inspired
by the unrest that led to the ouster of the presidents of both Egypt and
Tunisia. Meanwhile, in the tiny Persian Gulf emirate of Bahrain,
anti-government protests continued for …

Lebanese Residents of Bahrain Prevented from Entering Kuwait without Visas
The Lebanese embassy in Bahrain has informed the Lebanese residing in the
Gulf country that they should obtain visas before entering Kuwait. The
embassy said in a circular that Kuwaiti authorities have taken new measures
that prevent Lebanese with …

Raw Video: Bahrain Is New Center for Arab Anger
The Associated Press
Thousands of protesters have taken over a main square in Bahrain’s capital.
They’ve brought in tents and raised banners in an attempt to copy Egypt’s
uprising and force high-level changes. Clashes have left at least two
people dead. (Feb. 15)

The Lede: Latest Updates on Middle East Protests
New York Times (blog)
By ROBERT MACKEY On Tuesday, The Lede continues to follow protests and
unrest in Bahrain, Yemen and Iran, as well as Egypt’s post-Mubarak
transition. Updates below mix alerts on breaking news with reports from
bloggers and journalists on the ground. …

Bahraini woman’s plea: Lock up the rapists..!
Gulf Daily News
It should be a rule in Bahrain – rape equals 20 or more years in prison,
regardless of the situation and whether he/she is a Bahraini or minor. Not
long after this, in two reports dated February 8, a Bahraini man raped a
10-year-old boy and was …

Scenes From Bahrain
The Atlantic
He narrates another scene: In his televised address on Tuesday, Bahrain’s
king asserted that his citizens had a right to peaceful demonstrations, as
long as they were in accordance with the state’s laws. Despite that
statement, several video clips …

Clashes in Bahrain
Monthly Review
The funeral drew the crowd of — I estimate — as many as 10000 people, the
largest mass gathering we’ve had here in Bahrain for quite some time.” This
video was released by Al Jazeera on 15 February 2011. Cf. As’ad AbuKhalil,
“US Is Freaking Out over …

PM Report: 2 Dead After Protests Spread to Bahrain
Protests that started in Tunisia and spread across the Middle East have
resulted in the deaths of two people in Bahrain, where the opposition bloc
in parliament defected in response. Farnaz Fassihi and Adam Horvath have

Bahrain and Iran: same situation, different reaction from US
INTERNATIONAL PAPERS, Wed., 16/2/2011: The New York analyses America’s very
different response to the demonstrations in Iran and Bahrain. Same
situation, different stakes… Also, the Arabic and Israeli press speculate
on Mubarak’s ill-health with some …

Viva backs Bahrain Deaf Society
Trade Arabia
Viva, a leading telecom service provider in Bahrain, will sponsor a six
month workshop organised by the Bahrain Deaf Society. The company’s
corporate social responsibility programme titled Viva Jusoor will focus on
breaking barriers between people with …

Live Blog – Bahrain | Al Jazeera Blogs
By Bilal Randeree
10:35am Policemen behind the killing of two protesters in Bahrain have been
arrested pending investigation, AFP news agency reports the interior
minister as saying, while thousands of protesters continue their
demonstration in the …

Nervous U.S. Navy Eyes on Bahrain – Swampland –
By Mark Thompson
While the troubles in Egypt and Tunisia are important in Washington’s geo-
strategic calculations, they don’t rank highly in its selfish concern over
real estate.

Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain’s Tahrir Square · Global Voices
By Yacoub Slaise
Following the burial of the first protestor Ali Mushaima, who died after
clashes with riot police on Monday 14 February, 2011, hundreds of Bahraini
protesters headed towards Pearl Roundabout (also known as Lulu Roundabout)
in the centre …

BAHRAIN: Another killed as funeral for fallen protester devolves …
By latme
A second protester was killed Tuesday when a funeral procession for a
protester killed Monday erupted into new clashes with Bahraini police,
according to local media. Fadhel Matrook was one of several thousand
supporters who joined the …

The Angry Arab News Service: From Bahrain:
By As’ad AbuKhalil
K. sent me this: “Tomorrow Bahrain will definitely face even more media
restriction than those seen in Cairo. The counter-revolution has already
started with ‘Day of Happiness’ parades held on Saturday, (staged, perhaps
to celebrate the …

And Now, Unrest in Bahrain — Daily Intel
By Julie Gerstein
The government has brought us past the tipping point.”

Middle East Protests: Demonstrations Sweep Iran, Bahrain, Yemen …
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Following uprisings that deposed leaders in both Egypt and Tunisia, a wave
of protest movements have engulfed the Middle East in recent days. Protests
have shaken the regimes in Bahrain, Iran and Yemen.

Is Bahrain a Shiite uprising? “ The Berkeley Blog
By Aaron Bady
MANAMA, Bahrain — After weeks of turmoil rolling through the Arab world,
protesters in the Persian Gulf kingdom clashed for a second day with the
police on Tuesday and a second demonstrator was killed by gunfire, spurring
the largest …

Bahrain MAP: Population, Facts About Mideast Nation
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The latest Bahrain news of protests in the nation has caused many to wonder
details about Bahrain, including where it is on a map. Thousands of anti-
government protesters have called for reform the last few days, inspired by
the Egypt …

Bahrain’s Day Of Rage Turns Into Two As Police Fire Tear Gas At A …
By Gregory White
Bahrain’s “day of rage” resulted in multiple casualties and two deaths
yesterday , and may have contributed to a third today. There are
conflicting reports as to whether or not another person was killed when
police used tear gas at a …

Does the Unrest in Bahrain Threaten the Saudi Monarchy? – Hit …
By Stephen J. Smith
As protests roil the Middle East, most commentators are focused on
countries like Yemen, Iran, and Algeria—but the real action may be
happening in tiny.

Clashes in Bahrain before planned protest rally – World news …
Bahrain’s security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets Monday at
thousands of anti-government protesters heeding calls to unite in a major
rally and … / Middle East & North Africa – Bahrain protesters take over …
Move follows death of second demonstrator in renewed clashes.

Police detained over Bahrain protest deaths – ABC News (Australian …
Policemen behind the killing of two Shiites in Bahrain have been arrested,
as protesters continued their demonstration in the centre of the capital,

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