Tunisia Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 16 February, 2011

16 February, 2011 — creative-i.info

Tunisian migrants head for Europe’s shores
ABC Online
It’s also struggling to deal with a surge of migrants from Tunisia. Up to
5000 Tunisians arrived on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa in last
week. Many of them say that despite the Tunisian uprising and the ousting
of the president, the economic …

First Tunisia, then Egypt: Which Mideast autocracy will be next to fall?
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
In Iran this week, government forces used violence to block demonstrators
from massing in main squares, despite Tehran’s rhetorical support for the
uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. In Yemen and Algeria, protesters and police
battled in the streets. …

Unrest Reported to Spread to Libyan City of Benghazi
New York Times
Libyan state television showed images of a pro-Qaddafi rally in Tripoli,
the capital, where demonstrators chanted slogans critical of the Doha-based
Al Jazeera satellite broadcaster that provided close coverage of events in
Tunisia and Egypt, …

French minister faces new questions about Tunisia vacation
The Canadian Press
PARIS — France’s foreign minister is again on the defensive over new
questions about her vacation in Tunisia, where she travelled amid violent
popular protests that eventually toppled the North African nation’s
longtime autocratic leader. …

Obama prods Mideast countries to reform
In Bahrain, thousands of protesters occupied a main square in the capital,
Manama, setting up tents, spreading blankets and smoking water pipes in a
peaceful escalation of a drive for reform energized by the pro-democracy
uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia …

Tunisia Jewish leader meets interim PM over safety concerns
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
(JTA) — Tunisia’s Jewish community is concerned for its security in the
wake of anti-Jewish protests outside of the capital’s main synagogue, a
community leader said. The head of the Tunisian Jewish community, Roger
Bismuth, met over the weekend with …

EU slammed over ‘slow response’ to Tunisian influx
Times of Malta
A Tunisian immigrant raising his hands while standing, along with others,
in front of an immigrant detention centre in the streets of Lampedusa,
yesterday. Photo: Roberto Salomone/AFP The EU has been caught unprepared
for prompt intervention to help …

EU promises massive aid to Tunisia
afrol News
afrol News, 15 February – European Union (EU) “Foreign Minister” Catherine
Ashton in Tunisia promised a large and immediate increase in aid and
investments. Meanwhile, tourists are set to return to Tunisia. Ms Ashton
said she yesterday had a “very …

AfDB ready to release emergency aid to Tunisia
The Citizen Daily
The president of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Donald Kaberuka, said
the Bank is ready to release the necessary resources to assist the
transitional government and the people of Tunisia in its socio-economic
reforms. During a press conference …

Facebook Officials Keep Quiet On Its Role In Revolts
Huffington Post
With Facebook playing a starring role in the revolts that toppled
governments in Tunisia and Egypt, you might think the company’s top
executives would use this historic moment to highlight its role as the
platform for democratic change. …

The Middle East Channel: At a loss for words
Foreign Policy
In the wake of peaceful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, al Qaeda’s
argument that violent activism is necessary to achieve political change
stands dramatically repudiated. It was peaceful protesters, not armed
struggle, that ousted Hosni Mubarak and …

Obama reassures Jordan king of US support
Los Angeles Times
Abdullah has been among the leaders alarmed by the popular uprising that
toppled Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and Tunisia’s President Zine el
Abidine ben Ali, expressing his anxiety to Washington over the steadiness
of US support for its friends in …

Tunisian migrants put Switzerland on standby
The recent political turbulence in Tunisia has made the question more
urgent than ever. In the aftermath of last month’s popular uprising, the
numbers leaving the country in the hope of getting to Europe have shot up.
In the space of five or six days …

Iraq protesters demand jobs in countrywide rallies
In Falluja, one man tried to set himself on fire, mimicking protesters in
Tunisia and Egypt where popular uprisings have unseated long-ruling
authoritarian leaders. He was stopped by other demonstrators. “The destiny
of our corrupted rulers will be the …

Three weeks in Egypt show the power of brutality – and its limits
We have been informing the world that the infection of Tunisia’s revolution
spread to Egypt – and that near-identical democracy protests have broken
out in Yemen, Bahrain and in Algeria – but we’ve all missed the most
salient contamination of all: that …

Could polls predict uprisings?
The Hill
From King Louis to Czar Nicholas to the Shah of Iran to Ben Ali in Tunisia,
leaders who have the most to lose from ignorance seem caught by surprise
when their countrymen revolt. Nonetheless, Americans, from the president
down, are asking whether our …

Clinton Urges Worldwide Respect For Internet Freedom
And once again, the headlines of the day — on the use of social media
sites to help organize historic protests in Tunisia and Egypt — provided
immediate context. Speaking at George Washington University, Clinton said
that in Tunisia, …

Yemen rules out the Egyptian Tunisian scenarios
Global Arab Network – English News
Yemen – Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has ruled out the possibility
that what happened in Tunisia and Egypt might happen in Yemen. Al-Qirbi
said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh “does not depend on foreign support”
and that his actions “are based …

Tunisia’s IT privatization quandry
Bikya Masr
A revolution came to Tunisia, ousted a president and installed a new
government. Now, a few weeks on from that momentous moment in Tunisian
history, the information technology sector is going through a number of
changes. Many believed it would be the …

The Young and the Restless
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
The recent protests against long standing autocratic regimes in the Arab
world, from Tunisia to Egypt and beyond, have youth as the face of each
crisis.The Middle East and North Africa region has undergone significant
demographic change over the past …

Tunisian holiday rumpus rebounds despite Sarkozy
Reuters Africa
PARIS Feb 15 (Reuters) – France’s foreign minister was on the defensive yet
again on Tuesday over an ill-timed Tunisian holiday that forced President
Nicolas Sarkozy to announce curbs on government travel in a bid to quell
controversy. …

Switzerland lifts restrictions on travel to parts of Tunisia
Expatica Switzerland
The Swiss Foreign Ministry on Tuesday lifted restrictions on travel to
parts of Tunisia, including the capital Tunis and some coastal areas. “The
situation is still not stable,” it said however. “It is not advisable to go
to Tunisia for tourism or …

Iranians protest in solidarity with uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia
Iranians are protesting in solidarity with Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings,
amateur video shows. The demonstrations on the streets of Tehran were
posted on YouTube. Iran’s Press TV reported that one person was killed and
several were injured in the …

University grads accept menial jobs in Tunisia
Despite their advanced degrees, Tunisian youths often struggle to find work
relevant to their studies. By Monia Ghanmi for Magharebia in Tunis –
15/02/11 With the labour market closing its doors and job opportunities
becoming rare, Tunisians with …

Algeria to keep pressure on gov’t
Bikya Masr
The Tunisia and Egypt revolutions showed that we do not have to sit by and
watch our government torture and kill us. Enough is enough,” the
protester said. On Saturday, riot police attempted to seal off the city and
the projected march route, …

ANALYSIS-Egypt army faces challenge over workers, subsidies
Reuters Africa
That has already happened in Tunisia, where strikes and protests continue
more than a month after citizens ousted their strongman president and
galvanised Egypt’s opposition forces to do the same with theirs last week.
Violence has flared anew in …

At War: When the Wave Hits Afghanistan
New York Times (blog)
Having spent nearly seven months of my four years at West Point in Egypt
and Tunisia, I hold a special place in my heart for the people of both
countries. After all, they helped me learn their language, and thus gave me
a conduit to understanding the …

NewsDaily: Tunisia struggles to tame revolutionary spirit
By Christian Lowe
Tunisians found the experience of forcing out their president so
exhilarating that they are finding it difficult to stop. A month after a
tide of popular protests pushed authoritarian leader Zine al-Abidine Ben
Ali from office, …

Deal reached over Tunisia exodus
By actionpalestine@gmail.com (Sally Kelly)
Palestine news israel news Gaza war siege hamas food hunger Fatih middle
east uk news us news fun films fashion breaking news crossing Egypt West
Bank Settlements attacks Israel Palestinian refugees refugee camps UN UNRWA
sports …

EU to rush trade deal with Tunisia as ‘exodus’ continues “ Eurasia …
By EurActiv
The European Union is aiming to conclude negotiations on a new trade deal
with Tunisia before presidential elections likely to take place by the end
of July, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said on Monday (14
February). …

Curfew lifted in Tunisia | Politics
By Lakshit
Tunis, Feb 16 – The Tunisian authorities have lifted the night-time curfew,
but the state of emergency which has been in force since Jan 14 will be
maintained until further notice, state-run TAP news agency said. The curfew
was imposed …

Italy and Tunisia Reach Agreement on Operational Cooperation …
By Niels Frenzen
Tunisia’s Interim PM Mohamed Ghannouchi and Italian Foreign Minister Franco
Frattini reached an agreement Monday evening to establish what Tunisie
Afrique Press news service describes as “operational co-operation to stop
the flow of …

Tunisia coast guard accused of ramming migrant boat | Islam Tribune
Tunisia stepped up naval patrols Tuesday to stop migrants from crossing to
Italy as its coast guard was accused of deliberately ramming one boat of
asylum- seekers, drowning at least five.

Israel Matzav: ‘Democratic’ movement of Tunisia attacks synagogue
By Carl in Jerusalem
‘Democratic’ movement of Tunisia attacks synagogue. Here’s a scene outside
a synagogue in Tunisia. Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Puneet M).
Puneet notes: Yes, these people are merely protesting for restoring
democracy, …

Calls for Italian immigration police snubbed by Tunisia …
By Paul Russell
The government of Tunisia has rejected requests from Italy to install
Italian police in their country to deal with an abrupt wave of migration.

islampolicy: Will Tunisia Transition from Tyranny into Democratic …
By Islamicdawn
According to the Wikileaks diplomatic cables on Tunisia, the issue of
succession in Tunisia from the Ben Ali regime were being discussed by the
American Embassy in 2006. However, at the time, the Ambassador noted that,


Ethics, Innovation among Tunisia’s Entrepreneurial Ambitions …
By oechslele
For months, the world has followed the unrest and protest in North Africa
stemming from unemployment throughout Tunisia and Egypt. America.gov asked
several Tunisian entrepreneurs to share their stories of business
development amid the …

Map showing Italy and Tunisia where many people from that North …
By nobody@flickr.com (Pan-African News Wire…
A flood of Tunisian refugees are landing in Italy in the aftermath of the
revolutionary upheaval that began in Dec. 2010.

Switzerland lifts restrictions on Tunisia
By Tunisiaonlinenews.com
TUNISIAONLINENEWS- The Swiss Foreign Ministry’s website reported on Tuesday
that Switzerland lifted travel restrictions on some destinations in
Tunisia, including capital city Tunis, as well as seaside resorts. …

Curfew lifted in Tunisia
Curfew lifted in Tunisia…The curfew was imposed Jan 13, a day before
presid… According to Xinhua, life in Tunisia has largely r…Ben Ali’s
ouster inspired similar protest movement…An 18-day mass uprising which
began in Egypt Jan 2 …

Tunisia Daily “ Tunisian migrants head for Europe’s shores – ABC …
By tunisia – Google News
It’s also struggling to deal with a surge of migrants from Tunisia. Up to
5000 Tunisians arrived on the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa in last
week. Many of them say that despite the Tunisian uprising and the ousting
of the president, …

Pan-African News Wire: Deal Reached Over Tunisia Exodus to Italy
By Pan-African News Wire
Map showing Italy and Tunisia where many people from that North African
state have fled the country to southern Europe in the aftermath of the
uprising on Dec . 17, 2010. Ben Ali has resigned but the RCD largely
remains in power. …

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: The message from Tunisia and Egypt
If Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali or Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak were hoping
for political popularity as a reward for economic gains, they must have
been …

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