Yemen Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 16 February, 2011

16 February, 2011 —

Yemen protests enter sixth day
Protests in Yemen are spiralling out of control as they enter their sixth
consecutive day, with pro-democracy protesters and government loyalists
clashing in Sanaa, the capital. Despite thousands of police being deployed
across the city, …

Bahrain Protesters Gather for Funeral as Yemen Clashes Resume
There were further clashes in Yemen and reports that unrest spread to
Libya. Sheikh Rashed Al Khalifa said those responsible for the two deaths
were arrested and an investigation is underway, the official Bahrain News
Agency said. …

Protesters sweep through city centers in Iran, Yemen, Bahrain
SANA, Yemen — The continuing wave of unrest sweeping the Middle East led
to a fifth day of protests Tuesday in Yemen while thousands of protesters
swept into the main square of the capital of Bahrain, setting up tents and
vowing to stay until the …

Protests Spread To Libya, Continue In Bahrain, Yemen
In the last week protests have taken place in Algeria, Bahrain, Iran,
Jordan, and Yemen, where today antigovernment protesters and supporters
clashed for a fourth straight day in the capital, Sanaa. In Bahrain,
thousands of antigovernment protesters …

Egyptian MFA on Yemen
(C) Key points: – The Egyptian MFA remains concerned about the situation in
Yemen, especially Sanaa’s approach to resolving the situation in the south.
A key MFA advisor expressed his belief Feb 8 that Iran is providing large
amounts of weapons to the …

London urges Yemen to ‘respect’ protesters
LONDON — London called Tuesday on Yemen to “respect the people?s right to
peaceful protest and listen to their legitimate grievances,” following
recent demonstrations in the troubled Middle Eastern country. “All Yemenis
have a right to express their …

Yemeni oil reserves increase to 11 billion barrels
Yemen Observer
Yemen’s oil reserves has increased to 11 billion barrels and gas reserves
to 18 trillion cubic feet, confirmed authorities on Tuesday. Nasser Ali
al-Homady, chairman of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority
(PEPA), said that this increase …

Rivals clash in Yemen palace protest march
By MashGet
Yahoo! NewsSANAA (AFP) – Pro-regime supporters armed with batons and
stones waded Tuesday into a crowd of anti-government protesters trying to
march on Yemen’s presidential palace, sparking clashes dispersed by police.

BBC journalist attacked in Yemen – Bikya Masr
By Bikya Masr Staff
A BBC journalist and his cameraman were deliberately attacked by government
supporters in Yemen while reporting on the violent demonstrations taking
place there against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the broadcaster said in a
statement. …

Rocks and batons fly as Yemen protests erupt in violence …
Tweet – Rocks and batons flew in central Sanaa on Monday as pro-democracy
protesters clashed violently with police and supporters of President Ali
Abdullah Saleh, witnesses said. Clashes between police and protesters also
broke out …

footage from Yemen – The Angry Arab News Service
By As’ad AbuKhalil
footage from Yemen. A comrade from Yemen sent me this. Posted by As’ad
AbuKhalil at 9:03 AM · Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to
Facebook Share to Google Buzz · Newer Post Older Post Home …

Yemen Minister Says Demonstrations Reflect Parties’ Understanding …
By Eurasia Review
Yemen Minister of Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr al-Qirbi minified talks that his
country will fall in a political crises similar to those in Tunisia and
Egypt, according to Yemeni state news agency SABA, adding that unlike these
countries …

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