Black Agenda Report 23 February, 2011: Obama & Rahm Emanuel, Daley's Gifts to Chicago and the Nation, The Struggle in Wisconsin

23 February, 2011 — BAR

News, analysis and commentary from the black left

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama & Neo-Liberalism are the Daleys’ Gifts to Chicago and the Nation. Thanks.
by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
Chicago’s Daley regime was a half century orgy of arrogance, racism and plunder. Thanks to President Obama, it not only continues with the succession of Rahm Emanuel to the fifth floor office of Chicago’s mayor, but with nationwide implementation of disastrous policies toward housing, schools, infrastructure and public workers, all pioneered in Chicago.
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“We’re Broke,” Say the Rich, and the Poor Must Pay
by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
A society built on racist lies and outright nonsense will believe anything. Therefore, it is no wonder that Republicans have achieved such “wondrous success by planting the words ‘We’re broke’ in the mouths of men and women who are transparently rich, and who in turn serve the interests of the super-rich.” Unfortunately, President Obama and other Democrats worship the same idols as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
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Freedom Rider: Wisconsin Assault on Workers
by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley
Only two years after the party supported by most of organized labor won a decisive national election, the Republicans are on the verge of crushing union power once and for all. But, the White House seems singularly uninvolved. “President Obama, who like all Democrats depends on labor unions to mobilize support, was at best lukewarm in his support of the protests” in Wisconsin“ – which can “be the catalyst for a new movement of political activism or it can be the nail in the coffin.”
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Black History Month and The Unspoken Nature of Internal Colonialism
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by editor and columnist Jared A. Ball
Some of the leading lights of Black political thought have concluded that African Americans are an internally colonized people. This analysis allows us to place African America “within an international context, unites us with other colonized nations here and abroad and demands that no solution be excluded.”
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Torturing Detroit’s Kids for Racist Fun and Profit
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
While President Obama expounds on the need to “out-educate” the global competition, Detroit’s public schools have been ordered to pack each classroom with 60 students for the next four years – double the number most educators consider acceptable. “In a modern society, this is the equivalent of declaring Detroit – an overwhelmingly Black metropolis – a failed state.”
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Khadafi On the Outs
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
Mouammar Khadafi was once the bane of the West, but in the past decade he has made an “accommodation” with imperialism. Since 9/11, “Khadafi has appeared more concerned with Islamic fundamentalists…than with American and European machinations.” U.S secret services may or may not have acted against Khadafi, but they will surely take advantage of any opening.
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Black History is American History and It Lives On
by Paul Street
The saga of the United States is incomprehensiible – worse than a lie – without the story of one of the nation’s founding peoples, African Americans. “The unpleasantness of Black History and American History’s intersection is not over,” contrary to many Black History presentations. “The mid-term electoral triumphs of the racist and ever more rightwing Republican Party and its Tea Party front show that ‘white backlash’ is alive and well.”
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Planned Parenthood and the Rape of American Women
by Sikivu Hutchinson
The right-wing lynch mob is out to destroy Planned Parenthood in the same way it smashed ACORN. In addition to the usual white suspects, “these pro-death marauders” are reinforced by “black preachers, and Christian soldiers like MLK’s anti-abortion activist niece Alveda King.” Their “propaganda has cropped up recently in black and Latino Southern California neighborhoods.”
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Home is Where the Hatred Is: A Conversation With Isabel Wilkerson
by Tolu Olorunda
The mass Black relocation from the Old Confederacy to the North was one of “the greatest unreported stories of the Twentieth Century,” said Isabel Wilkerson, author of The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Greatest Migration. Journalist Tolu Olorunda interviews the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer.
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Nurses Launch Protest Web Site and Twitter
“I think there is mass discontent in America,” says Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United. That’s why her union is introducing, a web site and Twitter feed that would be a “clearinghouse for left politics.” DeMoro agrees with Cornel West that President Obama “has domesticated the left.”
Obama Block Grant Cuts “Betray” Constituency
The president’s proposal to halve funding for Community Action Block Grants, a 46 year-old legacy of President Johnson’s Great Society, is “a huge betrayal of his national constituency,” says Rhode Island-based journalist Brett Warnke. “This is something only a liberal Democrat could do, it seems,” says Warnke, whose recent Counterpunch article is titled, “Obama’s Onslaught On Community Action.
Do Employers Discriminate Against Jobless?
Yes, said some experts that testified before an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearing. Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project, noted online advertisement that stipulated: “Only currently employed workers need apply.” Dr. Algernon Austin, of the Economic Policy Institute, also based in Washington, DC, said the practice “is something we should be seriously concerned about, because Blacks are about twice as likely to be unemployed as whites.”
Critical Race Theory
BAR’s Dr. Jared Ball cites Emma Coleman Jordan, the noted Critical Race Theorist, in maintaining that the multiple crises confronting Black America are “a violent result of an ideology which results in economic and social policies predetermined to this effect.”
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Dr Jared A. Ball’s page on BAR, with links to his radio archive

and BAR’s for new and constantly updated page on Mass Incaceration, click here

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