Egypt Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 28 February, 2011

28 February, 2011 —

Egypt imposes travel ban on Mubarak
Prosecutor orders financial assets inside the country frozen for former
president and his family pending investigation. Egypt’s general prosecutor
has imposed a travel ban on former president Hosni Mubarak and his family
pending further investigations. …

Barak: Opportunity exists for peace talks with Syria
Jerusalem Post
COM STAFF Defense minister believes there is opportunity to hold
negotiations with Assad; says Egypt won’t become “Jeffersonian democracy”
but peace treaty with Cairo not in danger; Tantawi has no leadership
aspirations. Defense Minister Ehud Barak …

Muslim party in Egypt in transition
Boston Globe
After decades of fighting for the right to participate openly in politics,
Egypt’s largest opposition movement will soon face competition from
emerging political factions led by tech-savvy young Egyptians as the
country gears up for what could be its …

Centamin Egypt falls on gold export worries
The Guardian
Centamin Egypt, a gold miner in Egypt, is the biggest faller in the FTSE
250 on concerns about a block on exports of its production from the
country. Reports have suggested Egypt has put a block on gold exports for
the next four months, …

Up to 7000 migrants stranded at Egypt-Libya border
Ahram Online
Up to 7000 Asian and African citizens are stranded at Egypt’s border with
Libya as migrant workers flee turmoil in Muammar Gaddafi’s strife-torn
republic. According to figures from the International Organization for
Migration (IOM), more than 50000 …,-migrants-stranded-at-EgyptLibya-border.aspx

Zamalek win as action returns to Egypt
Football returned to Egypt with a whimper rather than a bang at the weekend
as Zamalek had to settle for a 1-0 victory over Kenyan visitors Ulinzi
Stars in the African Champions League. Many who flocked to the Military
Academy Stadium in Cairo believed …

Live Blog – Egypt (blog)
From our headquarters in Doha, we keep you updated on all things in Egypt,
with reporting from Al Jazeera staff in Cairo and Alexandria. It is a good
step in the right direction, we need determination and good intention from
the army. …

Egypt: Amr Moussa to run for president
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the Arab League, announced on
Sunday that he plans to run for President of Egypt in elections expected
later this year. Moussa declared his candidacy a day after proposed
constitutional amendments were announced, …

Egypt invites TV celebrities, artists to Tahrir Square to return tourists
RIA Novosti
MOSCOW, February 28 (RIA Novosti) – Egypt’s newly-appointed minister of
tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, invited several world-famous actors and
TV celebrities to organize shows and entertainment programs on Cairo’s
Tahrir Square, Al-Masry Al-Youm …

DEFENSOFT to Plan Israel-Egypt Border Security for the IDF
PR Newswire (press release)
DEFENSOFT has been selling its products and services to the IDF since 2004
for projects such as the West Bank Security Fence, the Israel-Gaza Border,
Israel’s North Border, and now Israel’s border with Egypt. Ittai
Bar-Joseph, DEFENSOFT’s VP Marketing, …

Egypt’s cultural artifacts are casualties of political unrest
Deutsche Welle
In the wake of political turmoil in Egypt, questions linger about the
damage inflicted upon its archaeological treasures. But how much the
international community can or should do remains unclear. While Nefertiti
sits with her head held high on …,,14874738,00.html

Egypt rejects military intervention in Libya as thousands flee
Bikya Masr
CAIRO: Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said on Sunday that
Egypt rejects any foreign military intervention in Libya or any other Arab
country. Egypt’s official MENA news agency quoted Aboul Gheit as saying in
a press release that “Egypt …

Lessons from Egypt – The strong will of the people must prevail
Jamaica Gleaner
It will live on in the minds of many in Egypt, throughout the Middle East
and in the world, forever. As the events unfolded in and around the aptly
named Liberation Square in Cairo, it became obvious to onlookers everywhere
that the strong will of the …

UAE yet to respond to Egypt asset freeze request
The National
Tamer Mansour, Egypt’s ambassador to the UAE, confirmed that the appeal was
still pending after contacting the government several weeks ago. Amongst
officials currently being investigated by Egypt’s attorney general are
cabinet ministers and senior …

Egypt state TV: Mubarak, family banned from travel
Boston Globe
The move Monday by Egypt’s top prosecutor is the latest measure against the
Mubaraks. The prosecutor on Feb. 20 ordered the assets of the ousted
president, his wife, two sons and their wives to be frozen. Mubarak stepped
down Feb. …

Egypt Mobinil says lost $14-17 mln during protests
CAIRO Feb 28 (Reuters) – Egyptian mobile operator Mobinil (EMOB.CA) said on
Monday it had lost around 80-100 million Egyptian pounds ($14-17 million)
during the protests that led to the toppling of Egyptian President Hosni
Mubarak. …

Egypt – Israel flows to resume this week
Upstream Online
Gas flows between Egypt and Israel are expected to resume this week as
repairs to Gasco’s pipeline system near completion following an explosion
and fire earlier this month. Holding company Ampal-American Israel
Corporation, which holds a 12.5% in East …

Egypt’s Stock Market to Resume Trading on March 1 After One-Month Shutdown
(Source: Bloomberg) Egypt’s stock market will resume trading on March 1
after a suspension of more than a month amid a popular revolt that toppled
President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year regime. Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik
replaced the head of the Egyptian …

Egypt Post-Mubarak: Will It Be The Next Pakistan?
Eurasia Review
The lesson from the launching of popular movements in Egypt and Pakistan is
that in both cases, the military subverted the aspirations of the people by
seizing power and sustaining its rule through political suppression. …

Egypt bans Mubarak travel, freezes assets
Egypt on Monday slapped a ban on ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his
family travelling abroad, and also imposed a freeze on their assets,
judicial officials said. Besides Mubarak, who resigned on February 11
following weeks of protests, the decision …

Vodafone Egypt Foundation launches literacy initiative for 17 million …
AME Info
Under the slogan of ‘Knowledge is Each Person’s Power’, and out of national
and social responsibility commitment, Vodafone Egypt Foundation launched a
national initiative for illiteracy eradication in Egypt. The initiative
aims at eradicating …

Protests in the Middle East
Iowa State Daily
Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Saudi
Arabia and Tunisia are the main countries that have begun protests to win
freedom for their people. In countries like Egypt it was an effort to
overthrow a dictator and in other …

Socar Trading strives to keep oil processing deals with Egypt
Azerbaijan Business Center
Geneva-based Socar Trading SA, a trade house founded by the State Oil
Company of Azerbaijan, continues considering operations with Egypt
attractive despite the recent political events in the latter. Valery
Golovushkin, president and chief executive of …

Libya A Dicey Beat For Reporters
Some reporters in Egypt were detained and even assaulted while reporting on
the uprising there. But few places have been as tough to cover as Libya,
where the country’s authoritarian leader, Moammar Gadhafi, is fiercely
clinging to power. …

Negeri Sembilan To Sponsor Students’ Return To Egypt
SEREMBAN, Feb 28 (Bernama) — The Negeri Sembilan government will bear the
cost of sending Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Council (Mains) students
from the state back to Egypt to continue their studies. Menteri Besar Datuk
Seri Mohamad Hasan said …

As Egypt’s Stock Market Gears Up For Return, Sellers Await Opportunity
By Tim Falconer DUBAI (Zawya Dow Jones)—Trading on Egypt’s stock market is
slated to resume Tuesday after a sometimes violent uprising ousted the Arab
republic’s president and shuttered the exchange’s doors for over a month,
but analysts don’t expect …

USM to host forum on the effect of the revolution in Egypt
The Free Press of the University of Southern Maine
USM will host “Egypt Now,” a symposium on the ongoing revolution in
Egypt and its ripple effects on the region and United States foreign policy
on Tuesday, March 1 at the amphitheater in the Woodbury Campus Center in
Portland from 12 pm to 3 pm USM …

Egypt Bans Export Of Gold “In Any Form” | zero hedge
By Tyler Durden
“Egypt has issued a ministerial decree immediately banning the export of
gold in all its forms, including jewellery and ornaments, until June 30,
the official news agency MENA said on Sunday. “This decision, which comes
in light of the …

For Egypt’s workers the revolution is far from over
By Philip Rizk
If you allow these criminals to determine your future, you have no future
– it is not only in Egypt, it is everywhere. The democratic landscape
recedes exponentially here, and it is a climb to nowhere in the present
paradigm in Egypt. …

First Egypt, Next Venezuela? | Mostly Water
By blackandred
Responding to the idea that Venezuela could be next, Chavez noted on
February 18 that what was occurring in Egypt “started here a while ago.
We have been in rebellion for a while now, in a revolutionary rebellion.”

Israel Matzav: Hamas trying to get Egypt to lower anti-smuggling …
By Carl in Jerusalem
Taking advantage of its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas is attempting
to cozy up to a future Islamist regime in Egypt, hoping that Egypt can be
induced to let weapons flow freely into Gaza by way of the Rafah crossing.

N. Africa, Mideast protests: Egypt to seize Mubarak’s assets …
By dcrisscnn
Across the Middle East and North Africa, CNN’s reporters and iReporters are
covering protests, many of them inspired by revolts in Tunisia and Egypt
that toppled those countries’ longtime rulers.

Egypt: the military’s gambit — War in Context
By News Source
Eleven years in Egypt have taught me to never underestimate the power of
the ERDF — the Egyptian Reality Distortion Field. It is a surprisingly
flexible and adaptable weapon, even in the face of the most stubborn facts.

RubinReports: Egypt’s Future Starts Coming Into Focus: There’s …
By Barry Rubin
Every country is different and most governments other than Egypt and
Tunisia, possibly Bahrain, Yemen, and Libya, will survive. One should not
assume the results will be the blessings of democracy or the sufferings of
an even worse …

Activist Post: Egypt uprising ‘repudiates’ Al-Qaeda: McCain
By Activist
EGYPT – You should outlaw all visit and trips from US, England and Irael
dignitaries. Once again…are you freaking kidding me? And if they show
up…do us all a favor and throw them in a damp, dark prison cell! …

Egypt: Revisiting the Demands “ Aletho News
By aletho
A list of demands from the protesters at Tahrir Square is being circulated
online today, the 17th day of massive demonstrations across Egypt calling
for the overthrow of the Mubarak regime. The first item calls for the
resignation of …

Cairo, Egypt | de quelle planète es-tu?
By marhabameg
This time last year, Caro and I decided to embark for a week in Cairo,
Egypt. Luckily, a friend of a friend shared the city with us- as he showed
us all of the local gigs that I honestly felt I wouldn’t have seen
otherwise. …

Lesson from Egypt: How to Reject A Literary Prize “ P U L S E
The lesson comes from Egypt, naturally. I discovered this by finally
getting to the back of the book of the February issue of Harper’s. It’s
from a retrospective review of two Egyptian writers, Albert Cossery and and
Sonallah Ibrahim. …

Egypt, KRudd, more attacks on Copts, Hitchens & Peanut Khadr …
By sheikyermami
Egypt, KRudd, more attacks on Copts, Hitchens & Peanut Khadr. by
sheikyermami on February 28, 2011. My KRuddness: “Collective Interest at
Stake…” Like Peanut Khadr, Australia’s insufferable Ex PM KRudd seeks
friends in all the wrong …

Facebook’s role in Egypt’s #jan25 uprising – Blog – The Arabist
By Issandr El Amrani
A team, he said, “is monitoring activity from Egypt now on a 24/7
basis.” It’s an interesting story involving coordination by Facebook
executives, Egyptian activists, and Washington-based democracy advocates
who push pressing issues …

Exodus from Libya may hit Egypt economy – Arab News
CAIRO: Egypt’s economy – already beset by strikes, slumping tourism and
political uncertainty – is in the process of being dealt another body blow
as turmoil in Libya sparks a mass exodus of Egyptian guest workers back
home. …

Egypt Tourism Invites Oprah Winfrey For Tahrir Square Show | Easy …
New Tourism Minister of Egypt has invited Oprah Winfrey for a Tahrir Square
Show . By inviting Oprah Winfrey, Egypt Tourism hopes to win the trust of

Egypt’s Autocrats Exploited Internet’s Weaknesses –
A blackout during protests has mesmerized technical experts and raised
concerns about other governments.

South Korea leaflets tell North of Egypt, but change unlikely …
SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s military has been dropping leaflets into
North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt, a legislator said on Friday,

Lara Logan, ’60 Minutes’ correspondent, suffers ‘sustained’ sex …
7, she explained why she was trying so hard to go back to Egypt, despite
the … Fox News Channel’s Greg Palkot, who was badly beaten in Egypt on
Feb. …

YouTube – From Egypt With Love
Share your love to Egypt “From Egypt with
love” A special multi-lingual video carrying out a s…

My vision for the next phase of Egypt’s revolution –
Egypt’s awakening has spread hope across the Arab world. The courage shown
by the Libyan people risking everything for their freedom is only the
latest …

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