Libya Mostly Mainstream Media Newslinks for 28 February, 2011

28 February, 2011 —

US Military Repositions Forces in Preparation for Libya Response
Fox News
The US military is repositioning its forces near North Africa as the United States and its allies impose sanctions on Libya and consider whether to impose a no-fly zone over the country, where a resistance army is building against dictator Muammar …

More skirmishes in Libya as US, Europe ratchet up pressure
Washington Post
A spokesman for the Libyan government accused western nations and Al-Qaeda
of trying to create violence in Libya while the opposition braces for a
battle with Gaddafi’s forces. By Leila Fadel and Anthony Faiola BENGHAZI,
LIBYA – More skirmishes between …

Libya crisis: Britain mulling no-fly zone and arms for rebels, says Cameron
The Guardian
Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya regime must end and Britain is taking the lead on
isolating him, David Cameron told the House of Commons on Monday.
Photograph: PA Britain is working on plans for a military no-fly zone over
Libya and is considering whether to …

U.S. Military Reportedly Positioning Forces Around Libya, While U.K. Working …
Fox News
28, 2011: Libyan boys sitting on the cannon of a destroyed army tank
celebrate the freedom of Benghazi, Libya. GENEVA – The US military is
“repositioning” US forces to be ready should it be called to assist with
the situation in Libya, …

A Quick Summary Of The Latest Events In Libya
The Business Insider
The news comes moments after UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that
he was not ruling out military action in Libya, and may help support the
opposition by arming them. Both countries appear to be working on a no-fly
zone agreement for the …

Libya unrest: pressure mounts at Tunisia border crossing
The thousands of people fleeing unrest in Libya every day risks sparking
violent clashes at the border, according to aid workers stationed at the
main crossing into Tunisia. More than 25000 migrant Egyptian workers have
so far passed through the Ras …

Gadhafi to ABC: My people ‘would die for me’
USA Today
By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi tells Christiane
Amanpour in ABC News Exclusive: “My people love me, they would die for me.”
To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent
Jones. …

US dispatches aircraft carrier to waters near Libya
BENGHAZI, Libya — The United States is moving naval and air forces,
including an aircraft carrier, into the Mediterranean Sea near Libya, US
officials said Monday, as the Obama administration and its allies consider
how to respond to Libyan leader …

US repositions navy, air forces in Libya
Toronto Star
Muammar Gadhafi has appointed the head of Libya’s foreign intelligence
service to speak to the leadership of the eastern region, which is no
longer under the Libyan leader’s control, al Jazeera TV reported. Monday’s
broadcast report, which quoted one …—u-s-repositions-navy-air-forces-in-libya?bn=1

White House considering “all options” in Libya
USA Today
By Richard Wolf, USA TODAY The Obama administration is “actively reaching
out” to opposition groups in Libya and is considering all options, such as
military aid to protesters and imposing a no-fly zone, White House
spokesman Jay Carney said this …

Libya After Gaddafi: Division and Score-Settling – The Daily Beast
By Dirk Vandewalle
How does a country recover from 40 years of destruction by an unchallenged
tyrant? Many groups will demand accountability and representation, in a
situation more reminiscent of the Balkans than Egypt, Dirk Vandewalle
writes in this …

Live Blog – Libya Feb 28 | Al Jazeera Blogs
By Al Jazeera Staff
As the uprising in Libya continues, we update you with the latest
developments from sources, news agencies and citizens across the globe. Al
Jazeera is not responsible for content derived from external sites. …

Hillary Clinton: U.S. Stands Ready To Aid Libya Protesters
By The Huffington Post News Editors
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration stands ready to offer “any
type of assistance” to Libyans seeking to oust Muammar Gaddafi, Secretary
of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday, adding a warning to other African
nations not to let …

Libya Protests: Food Prices Spiral In Tripoli Amid Crackdown
By The Huffington Post News Editors
TRIPOLI, Libya — The West moved to send its first concrete aid to Libya’s
rebellion in the east of the country, hoping to give it the momentum to
oust Moammar Gadhafi. But the Libyan leader’s regime clamped down in its
stronghold in the …

LIBYA: Protests continue; regime may be unable to use chemical …
By Alana Semuels
Residents chanted “Kadafi out” and “Free Libya” on the streets of Zawiya,
30 miles west of Tripoli, as anti-government forces deployed tanks and
anti- aircraft weapons Sunday, according to the Associated Press. The
protests come as …

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens against travel to Libya and
recommends that those U.S. citizens in Libya depart immediately, due to the

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