Franglo-American Attack on Libya Prepared Months in Advance

2 April 2011 —

Mathaba can reveal that documents on the Command Air Defence And Air Operations (France) website show the attack on Libya reached its final stages of planning in early November 2010, which prompted Gaddafi to send his loyal assistant to Paris under pretence of “defection” to feed misinformation to France As we had revealed before, the planning of the attempt to remove Qadhafi from power and remove his strong support within Libya and to bring about a compliant dictatorship there, began long ago, and reached fever pitch last November.

Further confirmation now comes that the attack on Libya had nothing to do with supporting protesters in Benghazi. The armed rebels there, which other documents show are the most extremist “Bin Laden” types, once again supported by British, French, Dutch and American agents that were later captured and sent home. Well-timed sniper shootings had inflamed small demonstrations, initially by Egyptians in Benghazi in support of their compatriots back home, and brought out the supporters of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others, including those from Egypt, and who thus coordinated to quickly escalate into a rebel force.

The British and French, with support from the Pentagon, had a plan to launch a military attack against Libya, which was signed off on November 2nd, 2010. Libyan military intelligence as well as the European Peace movement were not to smell imminent danger, as the movement of British and French Air Force would take place in an announced March 21 “Exercise”. The attack on Libya was launched a day earlier, partly for surprise effect, and partly because with each passing day, Qadhafi’s position was growing stronger.

Another critical issue which also forced the attack to proceed on 20th March, was the acceptance of both the Libyan Government (and Gaddafi) as well as rebel leaders, of an African Union initiative to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the issues of power within Libya. The African Union delegation of heads of state, foreign ministers, and AU Officials from the Peace and Security Council, was due to depart for Libya. On March 20 the AU had made the final arrangement as was due to depart for Libya within days. As we reported elsewhere, the AU mission was actually prevented from entering Libya, by the United Nations Security Council (the NATO belligerents). NATO could not afford any compromise or peaceful outcome to the “short war” they had prepared.

Unfortunately for NATO, that “short war” is not going to turn out as they had hoped, as other information shows Qadhafi got wind of the plots of NATO, and while playing dumb and surprised, had already sent a loyal emissary to France. We would not be surprised if the “defection” of Musa Kusa to London is not another clever move by the Libyan leader, who has not remained the most revered national leader and in power the longest of any leader (outside of Royals), by not being in tune with everything that moves in Libya.

The following text is at the CDAOA website:

Southern Mistral 2011

On November 02 2010, France and Great Britain signed an unprecedented agreement on defence and security.

The Franco-British exercise Southern Mistral falls within the scope of this treaty. It is scheduled to take place from 21 to 25 March 2011 on several French air bases.

On this occasion, the French and British forces will perform Composite Air Operations and a specific air raid (Southern Storm), delivering very long range conventional strike. Over 500 personnel will contribute to this bilateral exercise.

Six Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s, one tanker Vickers VC-10 and one Boeing E3D will be deployed together with French Air force Mirage 2000Ds, 2000Ns and 2000Cs operating with a fleet of around thirty aircraft including helicopters, Boeing tankers and Awacs radar aircraft.

Air Raid Southern Storm will be commanded and controlled by the National Air Operations Centre (CNOA) of Lyon Mont-Verdun air base (BA 942).

An Air Operations Cell deployed at Nancy air base (BA 133) will follow in real time all the air missions and reproduce the air raids.

Simultaneously, Paratrooper Commando Air 20 (CPA20) will receive its British counterpart in Dijon: the RAF Regiment. Together they will train for air base protection missions on operational theatres in compliance with what is achieved today in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, RAF Regiment members will train in Captieux to helicopters’ air policing measures. These specific procedures are implemented on a daily basis by the Quick reaction Alert FAF air defence helicopters to intervene against “slow movers”.

On March 24, commando paratroopers and pilots will meet in Nancy-Ochey to present the product of their cooperation to the French and British Ministers of defence during a one-day display featuring the future alliance.

Further, the Southern Mistral, as documents on the French CDAOA site show, was to be around a scenario as follows, in the words of CDAOA:


An adapted scenario was developed for the exercise.

Based on Western geography, France mostly, an imaginary country was created: SOUTHLAND. An artificial border was drawn inside France to simulate this country.


SOUTHLAND : Dictatorship responsible for an attack against France’s national interests.

FRANCE : Makes the decision to show its determination to SOUTHLAND (under United Nations Security council resolution n°3003).

country as determined in the bilateral agreement. The United Kingdom supports France through the deployment of its air assets.

NAVARRE : Allied country giving clearance to French and British aircraft to overfly its territory.

In this “adapted scenario”, of course Southland is Libya, and Navarre is Italy. It does not matter that the “dictatorship” (Gaddafi) was not carrying out nor planning any attack on France’s national interests. It makes the French public feel better when reading such materials, to think that their Air Force is engaged in defensive, not offensive operations and wars.

The “Mistral” is the name of a hot wind in the south of France which carries much illness with it. France brought the hot wind of illness to the African Nation of Libya in a long-standing plot to eliminate the Libyan Leader Mu’ammar Qadhafi, after failing to get any assassination forces close to him.

His sons frequented the west and for the most part led playboy lifestyles overseas, but were not considered reliable enough to the globalist elite of the so-called New World Order, as the Libyan Government in general was loyal to the revolutionary leader.

Before we continue with the documents from the French Air Force, some further observations, much of which subscribers of Mathaba will already be aware of.

From information we have received, our analysis shows that Qadhafi got wind of the plots of the NWO against him, even though he had improved relations and given them access to Libyan oil. He played dumb, and sent his loyal personal attendant Nouri Elmismari to France, on the pretence he should go for medical treatment. In order to further convince the French, Qadhafi would “get wind” of the defection of Nouri and demand his return, “all is forgiven, you can return home”, in a complex but convincing arrangement that allowed also for communications.

Now back to the French military information site.

The Conflict Summary, also clearly spells out the impending attack upon Libya:

Conflict Summary

Southland is a country with a specifically authoritarian government. The former dictator resigned handing over power to his son. Since that time, the country’s policy has become more aggressive; military operations have been launched against the French territory. Proofs of aggression clearly showed Southland’s responsibility in an attack against French strategic interests.

The French President and the British Prime Minister decide to give an immediate and common response to this attack. The French Air Force Chief of Staff and his British counterpart ask the French Air Defence and Air Operations Commander and the British Air Command Deputy Commander in Chief Ops to plan and control this air raid, which is a very long distance conventional strike aimed at a strategic target in Southland.

In order to show the common determination of the two countries and the strike capability of the combined force anywhere on SOUTHLAND territory, the selected target is positioned to the far South of SOUTHLAND.

It is believed, that Qadhafi knowing of the plot to overthrow him, and believing that nothing could be done to avert it, allowed the developments to unfold and lure in NATO with the full knowledge that this would backfire as the alliance, emboldened by much false information about the loyalties within Libya and the leadership, would become embroiled in a war that would at first be welcomed by Russia, China and Iran who would wish to see NATO bogged down and weakened, but which would in turn backfire badly.

The calculation has proven correct, since NATO has been revealed for what it really is, and now Russia and China too are getting nervous, as well as NATO’s 2nd biggest component, Turkey. Our analysis predicts that this will expand into the 3rd European Imperialist War (otherwise termed “world war” by the Eurocentrics), ultimately splitting much of Europe, and pitting China against the USA, which incidentally is something that Qaddafi has predicted, as shown in documents and speeches he has given that were recently removed from the Internet.

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