THE LAST NSAM STANDING – Deconstructing a Secrecy Blunder: A Study in Dysfunction

21 April, 2011 National Security Archive Update

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Washington, D.C., April 21, 2011 – The last remaining secret national security directive from the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, a National Security Action Memorandum on Laos, has finally been declassified, nearly fifty years after it was first issued, and was posted today on the Web site of the National Security Archive.

Today’s posting is a case study of sorts–a selection of documents which are analyzed not so much for their historical value as for what the materials show about operation of the declassification system. This inquiry has its origins in a quest by Archive senior fellow Jeffrey T. Richelson to obtain the declassification of presidential national security directives issued since President Harry S. Truman. During the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, the highest level directives that flowed from the White House were called National Security Action Memoranda (NSAMs). President John F. Kennedy issued 173 NSAMs during his time in office. Reaching the point where only NSAM-29, on Laos, dated March 9, 1961, remained secret, Richelson finally obtained the declassification of this directive on October 29, 2010, almost fifty years after it was issued.

As the “last NSAM standing,” NSAM 29 received significant attention inside the National Security Archive. But to the present author, the Archive’s project director on Vietnam war records, it immediately seemed familiar. A search for related records produced a number of other items (also posted today) which provide the context for discussion of NSAM-29’s release. More importantly, however, the search disclosed that the document, far from being the last NSAM standing, was already in the public domain, in multiple versions, some more than a decade old. Given present controversies over secrecy in America, the case of the last NSAM illuminates the enormous problems that are endemic in the declassification system.

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Why Does America Go to War? Read "America's 'War on Terrorism'" to learn the truth By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

21 April, 2011 — Global Research

war-on-terror-book.jpgTo understand the complex web of deceit aimed at luring the American people and the rest of the world into accepting a military solution which threatens the future of humanity, get your copy of Michel Chossudovsky’s international bestseller, America’s “War on Terrorism”

In this expanded edition of Michel Chossudovsky’s 2002 best seller, the author blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by “Islamic terrorists”. Through meticulous research, the author uncovers a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration.

The expanded edition, which includes twelve new chapters focuses on the use of 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion and illegal occupation of Iraq, the militarisation of justice and law enforcement and the repeal of democracy.

According to Chossudovsky, the “war on terrorism” is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The “war on terrorism” is a war of conquest. Globalisation is the final march to the “New World Order”, dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

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Libya Newslinks 20-21 April 2011

21 April 2011 20:38 —

21 April 2011

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 20 April, 2011: Hamas forces kill two men suspected of involvement in Arrigoni murder

20 April, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Ten More Families To Be Evicted In Sheikh Jarrah
IMEMC – Wednesday April 20, 2011 – 16:45, The Palestine News Network reports that extremist settlers handed out eviction notices to a further 10 families living in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem on Tuesday.

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Video: Libya Rebels Execute, Behead, Mutilate Gaddafi Army who Surrender! Where is CNN now?

16 April 2011 — URUK Net

Pro Gaddafi Soldiers who surrender have been Executed by Rebels in Cold Blood ! Blindfolded, hog-tied, beat, Executed, Hung, beheaded, put on fire, had their bodies mutiliated, and in one documented case a Soldier had his heart cut out of his chest when he proclaimed that his ‘heart is for Gaddafi’ and the rebel took a bite out of the heart. In Misrata the Rebels burned some soldiers and then waved and danced around with the charred remains of their corpses.

This is incredible but true facts of the kind of people that comprise the bulk of the Benghazi terror gangs, aka ‘Opposition’ forces.

Yes, This is Hillary Clinton, Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama’s proxy neocolonial army at work.. Not very ‘humanitarian’ – the favorite word of the day that the imperialists are employing to bomb and invade Libya.

So where is Anderson Cooper and PBS and Rachel Maddow and all the other phony liberal ‘born – again war-mongers’ ? People are being tortured and killed in all sorts of horrible ways but since it is the opposition rebels who are the perpetrators and the Libya Army and Libya Police officers who are the victims, these stories are completely blacklisted from being broadcast in the Imperialist media.