Stop Nato Updates on Libyan war: 6 April, 2011

6 April 2011 — Stop NATO

NATO’s New Humanitarian Intervention: Words And Pictures

  • Libyan Rebel Commander: Weapons Supplied By “Allied Countries”
  • NATO Shouldn’t Arm Libyan Insurgents: Russian Foreign Minister
  • Deputy Commander: Libyan Rebels Shouldn’t Doubt NATO Support
  • “Historic Time” For AFRICOM: Transferred Libyan War To NATO
  • Africa Union Head Condemns Western Military Intervention In Libya, Ivory Coast
  • White House Authorized CIA Operations Inside Libya
  • Pentagon Chief In Saudi Arabia To Discuss $60 Billion Weapons Deal, Containing Iran, Interceptor
  • Missile Collaboration, “Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary” Changes In Arab World
  • Gates Meets Saudi King, Defense Minister On Good Versus Bad Arab Uprisings

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Libya Newslinks 5-6 April 2011

6 April 2011 18:50:43 —

6 April 2011

And the king of all, Sir Duke By Chris Searle

6 April 2011 — Morning Star

[I’ve snuck an excellent video in to this tribute to Mike Westbrook. WB.]

Mike Westbrook is nothing less than a British jazz genius, an utter original and virtuoso of the big band as well as much smaller groups.

I remember in the early ’70s, when Westbrook was living in east London, he brought his small marching band – very close to a Salvation Army formation – to the E1 Festival on Bigland Green in Stepney, as well as to demonstrations for causes from Troops Out to the imprisoned Shrewsbury building workers.

Metropolis 9

I started to wonder then whose influence drove forward his huge musical brain and imagination. I should have known, and On Duke’s Birthday reveals it completely.

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Jon Hendricks and The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra – Soul for Sale

The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, led by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, play the tune “Soul for Sale”, featuring Jon Hendricks on vocals. The selection is part of Wynton’s Pulitzer-winning jazz epic about slavery, “Blood on the Fields”. Broadcast in the summer of 1997 on a fantastic but short-lived PBS show called “Sessions at West 54th”.