VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 6 April, 2011: Mystery of Goldstone’s April Fool’s Message

6 April, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian police charge former fighter with murder of Israeli peacemaker
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 20:18, The police force of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank arrested a man Tuesday who was identified by eyewitnesses as the masked man who shot well-known Israeli-Palestinian peacemaker, actor and theatre director Juliano Meir-Khamis on Monday.

HRW Report Details PA & Hamas Attacks on Journalists
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 15:59, Human Rights Watch has released a report, on Wednesday, claiming that both the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza carry out repeated attacks on the freedom of journalists.

Israeli Soldiers Abducts Three Residents From Hebron
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 14:37, The Israeli military abducted, on Wednesday morning, three Palestinians from the town of Hebron, while a group of Israeli settlers plowed Palestinian lands in the east of Yatta, south of Hebron.

Obama: “Middle East Peace Initiative Needed”
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 09:09, U.S. President, Barack Obama, stated on Tuesday that “the wind of change is upon the Middle East”, and that the new changes require a much harder work in order to find a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Palestinian Children Demand International Protection
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 06:44, Hundreds of children in the Gaza Strip participated in a Tuesday event organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Sports and Education – The General Administration of Children’s Affairs, demanding the international community to provide them with the needed protection against the ongoing Israeli violations.

Egypt Releases 13 Palestinian Detainees
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 06:07, Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Tuesday evening that 13 Palestinians, who were imprisoned by Egypt, were released while twelve of them managed to cross into Gaza.

Army Bombards Gaza, Four Palestinians Injured
IMEMC – Wednesday April 06, 2011 – 05:51, The Israeli Air Force bombarded on Wednesday at dawn several areas in the Gaza Strip causing damage while at least four Palestinians, including two children sand a pregnant woman, were wounded.

Ma’an News

Medics: 4 wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza
4/6/2011 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — Israeli aircraft attacked two targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, wounding four people, Palestinian medics and witnesses said. They said the targets were a group of militants and a plastics factory, both east of Gaza City. All of the wounded were at the factory, they added. A Ma’an correspondent….

Israeli forces raid north Jordan Valley villages
4/6/2011 – TUBAS (Ma’an) — The Israeli army and police raided villages in the northern Jordan Valley near Tubas on Wednesday morning, seizing tractors from farmers in the area. Israeli forces and armored vehicles entered homes in a number of villages in the Tubas district and captured several tractors from residents, a villager whose tractor was…. Related: Tractors confiscated in Al Jiftlik, Jordan Valley

Prisoners on hunger strike for sick detainee
4/6/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinians detained in Israeli jails announced Wednesday a hunger strike to be held on Thursday in solidarity with imprisoned cancer sufferer Akram Mansour. The one day hunger strike protests the continued detention of Mansour, who suffers from a brain tumor and lacks appropriate treatment, and has two years remaining of his….

IMF: Palestinian institutions ready for state
4/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian financial institutions are ready for statehood, an International Monetary Fund report praising Palestinian fiscal reform said Tuesday.”The PA is now able to conduct the sound economic policies expected of a future well-functioning Palestinian state,” the report said. Acting Prime Minister in Ramallah, Salam Fayyad, has embarked on….

Calls for supporting UNRWA workers
4/6/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Federation of Independent Trade Unions called on Wednesdayfor a campaign of solidarity with the demands of UNRWA workers who have been on hunger strike for eight days. In a statement, the federation said its hunger-strikers would continue the strike until UNRWA respects its commitments to employees and fulfilled the obligations….

PA, Hamas urged to stop harassing journalists
4/6/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian Authority security forces have arbitrarily detained scores of West Bank journalists since 2009, and in some cases tortured them, a new report from Human Rights Watch said Wednesday. Palestinian journalists confront a “virtual wall of impunity” when they try to hold their abusers accountable, which along with abuse has created…. Related: Human Rights Watch: PA ‘systematically’ harasses journalists

Human Rights Watch: PA ‘systematically’ harasses journalists
4/6/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Security forces in the West Bank have detained scores of journalists since 2009, and in some cases tortured them, a new report from Human Rights Watch said Wednesday. The report says PA security agencies “arbitrarily and repeatedly” detained journalists, prevented them from seeing lawyers or family members, confiscated or damaged equipment…. Related: PA, Hamas urged to stop harassing journalists

Palestinian left skeptical on unity prospects
4/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian factions agree that national reconciliation will not be achieved in the near future because Hamas and Fatah are deeply entrenched in partisan interests despite positive statements from both sides. The popular and democratic fronts said Hamas has not offered anything new during a meeting Wednesday in the Gaza Strip and….

Union offices ransacked
4/6/2011 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Unknown assailants broke into the offices of the union of agricultural work committees in Ramallah on Tuesday at dawn, stealing servers and computers and ransacking files. The Palestinian non-governmental network, PNGO, called for a serious and open investigation into the incident. Noting previous raids in which non governmental organizations’ data….

Sole Gaza crossing closed
4/6/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities closed Wednesday the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza, Palestinian officials said. Israeli officials said the crossing will be closed for the day due to “security reasons”, Palestinian crossings liaison official Raed Fattouh noted. Kerem Shalom, in the southern Gaza Strip, is the sole operating crossing point following the….

Report: Settler vineyard bulldozed
4/6/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces bulldozed 80 dunams of grapes planted by settlers on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Susiya in the southern West Bank Wednesday morning. Landowner Jamil Hoshieh told Ma’an a settler from the nearby illegal settlement Suseya, Moyshele Deutsch, took the land four years ago, and planted….

Jenin militant charged over theater director murder
4/6/2011 – JENIN (AFP) — Police in Jenin have charged a former Al-Aqsa Brigades militant with the murder of an Israeli-Palestinian theatre director, security sources said Wednesday. Palestinian police arrested Mujahed Qaniri on Monday, just hours after a masked gunman shot dead Juliano Mer-Khamis, director of The Freedom Theatre in the refugee camp in this northern West Bank….

Sudan accuses Israel of fatal airstrike on car
4/6/2011 – KHARTOUM, Sudan (AFP) — Foreign Minister Ali Ahmad Karti accused Israel on Wednesday of carrying out an airstrike a day earlier on a car on Sudan’s Red Sea coast that killed two people. Karti’s charge came as a number of Israeli newspapers spoke of the same thing, but the Israeli military and….

Murdered theater director laid to rest
4/7/2011 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — The Palestinian director of a West Bank theater who was murdered on Tuesday was buried Wednesday at the kibbutz Ramot Manashe cemetery. Juliano Mer-Khamis was to be buried next to his mother Arna, the Israeli news site Ynet reported. Palestinian youths who study at the Freedom Theater were given….

18 more Palestinians leave Libya
4/7/2011 – CAIRO (Ma’an) — Egyptian Authorities agreed Tuesday to allow 18 Palestinians from Libya to enter the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian embassy reported. Eighty Palestinians still remain on the crossing waiting for Egyptian authorities’ approval on their leaving for their obtaining documents without national numbers. Consulate representatives are waiting with the stranded Palestinians until….

Goldstone: Gaza war report not retracted
4/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Jurist Richard Goldstone said Tuesday he would not seek to retract the UN report he authored into Israel’s Operation Cast Lead offensive on the Gaza Strip. Following Goldstone’s op-ed on Friday, which questioned conclusions in his report about Israel’s intentional killing of civilians, Israeli officials….

EU condemns East Jerusalem settlement expansion
4/7/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said Wednesday that Israel’s expansion of East Jerusalem settlement Gilo would damage prospects for peace.”I am deeply disappointed by the approval of 942 new housing units [in Gilo],” the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs said in a statement. Israel….

Palestinian detainees return from Egypt
4/6/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Thirteen Palestinians released from Egyptian jails returned to Gaza Tuesday afternoon. Among them was notorious smuggler Muhammad Ash-Shaer, known in Gaza as “king of the tunnels” and “Al-Far,” (the mouse), who was detained over a year ago by Egypt, local sources said. The men were deported from the country via….

Former Israel defense chiefs tout new peace plan
4/6/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — A group of prominent Israelis, many of them former defense chiefs, launched a new peace plan on Wednesday calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. The plan, an outline of which was seen by AFP, calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders….

Ma’an annual poll unveils ‘Best of 2010’
4/6/2011 – JERICHO (Ma’an) — Winners of Ma’an Network’s annual poll on Palestine’s leading figures, organizations, and friendly nations were celebrated in a Jericho gala event Tuesday evening. Leading Palestinian political, creative, social and media personalities attended the awards ceremony, sponsored by MADA internet services company, at the InterContinental hotel….

White House rebuffs Gadhafi letter
4/6/2011 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House said Wednesday after receiving a letter from Moammar Gadhafi that the Libyan strongman would be judged not on his words, but his actions in ending violence against civilians….

Palestine Note

Arabs yearn to move on
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Probably the most important clause in the Arab Peace Initiative, first adopted by the Arab League at the Beirut summit in 2002 and reaffirmed on several occasions including in 2007, is its commitment to “establish normal relations with Israel in…

Record number of Palestinians made homeless by demolitions
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – IRIN – The number of Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem demolished by Israeli authorities increased for the third consecutive month in March, according to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Since January, Israeli authorities have…

Egypt turmoil hits Cairo nightlife
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Al-Aribaya – After hours spinning the latest hip-hop and trance hits, DJ Sugar loses enthusiasm, turns off the music and surveys a nightclub dance floor that has been bare for weeks. Egypt’s political turmoil has dealt a blow to nightlife…

Computer programs’ literal translation skews meaning
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Al Arabiya- Computer scientists in the U.S. are gearing up to innovate ways to understand tweets coming up from activists in the revolution-ridden region, MENA. Tweeters who were leaders in organizing and amassing throngs of protesters in the region, have…

Orthodox IDF soldiers accused of abusing Palestinian prisoners
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Hareetz- An Israel Defense Forces soldier from a unit made up exclusively of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men was convicted on Wednesday in the Central Military Court of illegal use of a weapon and disgraceful conduct. The soldier, a member of the…

Goldstone says he won’t seek nullification of Gaza war report
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Hareetz- South African jurist Richard Goldstone said Tuesday that he did not plan to seek nullification of his highly critical UN report on Israel’s 2008-2009 offensive in the Gaza Strip and asserted that claims to the contrary by Interior Minister…

IMF report: Palestinian financial institutions ready for statehood
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Hareetz- An International Monetary Fund report released on Tuesday says the Palestinian Authority’s financial institutions are ready for statehood now that it has carried out a series of economic reforms. The report credited reforms and a prudent fiscal policy with…

Turkey favors reserved stance toward Arab unrest
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Deutsche Welle- Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was one of the first international leaders to publicly withdraw his support for Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak and call for his resignation. “Listen to the very legitimate demands of your people! Fulfill…

Deserts prove fertile ground for renewable energy
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Deutsche Welle- For the time being, Egypt’s future is uncertain. The political landscape is transforming and the nation is witnessing the dawn of a new era.While the proverbial winds of change are blowing in Cairo, on the coasts of the…

Sensible Thinking in Israel
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Paul R. Pillar, National Interest- A peace proposal released this week by a group of prominent Israelis warrants close attention, although not because it breaks any new substantive ground. Condensed into a digestible two pages, it follows the lines that…

Arab and Muslim candidates face uphill challenges in Chicagoland elections
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – I first ran for public office in November 1992, for the Illinois House of Representatives. It was the first time a candidate in Illinois ran openly as an Arab American candidate. It was in a tough Republican District against a…

Officials: Israel PM to push German leader not to support Palestinian state plan
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – Washington Post – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask Germany’s leader to drop her support for a proposal endorsing a Palestinian state in virtually all of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem when he meets with her this…

HRW: Palestinian Gov’ts Abuse Journalists
Palestine Note 6 Apr 2011 – New report details PA, Hamas harassment of local reporters Washington Post – A leading human rights group on Wednesday criticized Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for what it said was an increase in attacks on…

Palestinian Israeli Actor Slain
Palestine Note 5 Apr 2011 – Well known director of Freedom Theater likely the victim of pre-meditated killing by Palestinian militants Al Jazeera – A masked gunman has shot dead a well-known Arab Israeli actor, director and political activist in the West Bank town of Jenin…


US and Saudi Arabia discuss Iran ‘meddling’
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Gulf countries accuse Iran of interference in the affairs of Bahrain and Kuwait in a campaign to destabilise the region.

Libyan rebels regain ground near Brega
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Rebels claim regaining new ground in port town as Gaddafi’s forces cripple oil production in eastern Libya.

Gulf states to usher transition in Yemen
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Talks over exit of President Saleh, welcomed by government and opposition, will convene in Saudi Arabia soon.

Assad overturns ban on face veil
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Embattled Syrian leader reaches out to conservative groups, as protests against his 11-year rule continue to grow.

Portugal asks EU for bailout
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Move marks turnaround after Lisbon resisted asking for aid for months despite sharply deteriorating financial situation.

Inmates killed in Lebanon jail riot
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – One died when a stun grenade detonated in his hand and another of a heart attack during the raid, an official said.

Ransom demanded for kidnapped Estonians
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – A group has demanded a ransom to release the seven Estonians that were kidnapped in Bekaa Valley last month.

Al Jazeera demands release of journalists
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – Three journalists working for this network have been imprisoned illegally by Libyan authorities for weeks.

Prominent Israelis offer ‘peace initiative’
AlJazeera 6 Apr 2011 – The plan, drafted in part by ex-military and intelligence officials, includes land swaps and no right of return.

Palestine News Network

President Abbas in Cairo to Discuss the Peace Process and Palestinian Reconciliation
PNN – Cairo-PNN – On Wednesday Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Cairo at the head of a delegation from Ramallah for a four-day visit to Egypt. Barakat al-Farra, the Palestinian ambassador in Cairo,…

EU Human Right Group Welcomes Egypt Release of Palestinian Prisoners
PNN – Norway – PNN – This week 13 Palestinian political prisoners have been released from Egyptian prisons. The decision came after a campaign carried out by The European Network to support the Rights…

Sudanese Government Accuses Israel Over Strike
PNN – PNN – On Wednesday Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti accused Israel of an airstrike on a car near Port Sudan, resulting in the deaths of two people. The AFP news agency quotes…

Four Injured in Gaza; Three Arrested in the West Bank
PNN – GazaRamallah – PNN – Four Palestinian civilians were injured on Wednesday as Israeli fighter jets bombarded a number of targets northern and eastern parts of the Gaza Strip. Palestinian medics said that…

EU Foreign Policy Chief Condems Gilo Expansion
PNN – Brussels – PNN – On Wednesday European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton released a statement condemning Israel’s expansion of the Gilo settlement beyond the Green Line. Ashton has stated that the…

Goldstone Does Not Seek Nullification of Report
PNN – Tel Aviv – PNN – The retired UN jurist told the Associated Press on Tuesday that he is not seeking to nullify or alter his orginal report from 2009, which garnered both…

Alternative Information Center

Thousands Pay Respects to Slain Activist-Artist Julian Mer Khamis
Alternative Information Center – Over 1,000 people paid their respects in Haifa to slain activist-artist Juliano Mer-Khamis on Wednesay, 6 April.

Palestinian Opposition Groups Reject Goldstone Article
Alternative Information Center – While Israel is celebrating the recent article by retired South African Judge Richard Goldstone, in which he “reconsiders” several conclusions of the report produced by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, a…

High Court Upholds Israeli Policy Limiting Palestinians’ Access to Own Lands
Alternative Information Center – Israel’s High Court upheld Israeli policy requiring Palestinians to receive permits to access their own lands bordering or just beyond the Separation Wall. This discriminatory policy, which allows unlimited access by Israelis while severely limiting that…

Municipality: East Jerusalem Schools to Buy Education Materials from Israel
Alternative Information Center – The Jerusalem Municipality is planning to force all East Jerusalem schools to purchase teaching materials from its Education Department. Palestinians perceive this as blatant intervention in the creation of Palestinian identity and yet more Judaisation of…

Relief Web

European delegation visits Nahr el-Bared camp in northern Lebanon
Relief Web 6 Apr 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Enmity into Amity: How Peace Breaks Out
Relief Web 6 Apr 2011 – Source: Council on Foreign Relations, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Israel-OPT: Record number of Palestinians made homeless by demolitions
Relief Web 6 Apr 2011 – Source: Integrated Regional Information Networks

OPT: No News is Good News – Abuses against Journalists by Palestinian Security Forces
Relief Web 6 Apr 2011 – Source: Human Rights Watch

Palestine Telegraph

Israeli forces confiscate 10 tractors in Jordan valley
6 Apr 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli forces started Wednesday morning massive confiscation operation to farmers’ tractors owned by Palestinians in the lands near Mikhula settlement. All tractors were taken to unknown destinations.

Israeli settlers plow Palestinian fields in Hebron
6 Apr 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces arrested Wednesday three citizens from Hebron, while a group of Jewish settlers plowed Palestinian lands in the east of Yatta in the southern Hebron.

Itammar settlers cut down trees near Nablus
6 Apr 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Dozens of settlers from the illegal settlement of Itammar attack agricultural lands near Akraba town in the south part of Nablus.

Israeli attack on Gaza wounds 4 Palestinians
6 Apr 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- Four Palestinians including a pregnant woman were injured Wednesday morning as Israeli warplanes targeted the east part of Gaza Strip.

The National

US left sitting on the fence over protests in Syria
The National 6 Apr 2011 – The reticence in the White House to stake out a clear position on the Syrian protests has been notable in view of the years of enmity between the two countries.

Baath party reaches 64 facing unprecedented challenge
The National 6 Apr 2011 – Young Syrians regard the Baath party as a dinosaur, while Syrians of all ages complain about the abuse of power, corruption, nepotism and stagnation the party has come to embody.

Prominent Israelis propose Palestinian state in new peace plan
The National 6 Apr 2011 – Organisers including former heads of military, Mossad and Shin Bet say they are trying to reduce Israel’s growing isolation and establish a role for it in determining Middle East¬øs future

Rally against Kuwait PM’s reappointment sees poor turnout
The National 6 Apr 2011 – Demonstration held against appointment of Sheikh Nasser Mohammed al Sabah as prime minister of Kuwait for the seventh consecutive time.

Protesters in Oman want security forces charged over deaths of demonstrators
The National 6 Apr 2011 – Demand for members of the security forces who killed two protesters to be named and charges brought against them.

One protester killed, 30 wounded in Yemen
The National 5 Apr 2011 – One person was killed and 30 wounded when clashes broke out late on Tuesday when anti-regime protesters staged a fresh demonstration against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 32-year rule

Lebanon’s online hit Shankaboot wins Digital Emmy Award
The National 5 Apr 2011 – Web drama’s ‘ugly reality’ set on Beirut’s streets as audience follows Suleiman while he makes deliveries on his moped and confronts issues and controversies is world-beater at Cannes event.


‘Some West Bank settlers would be willing to evacuate for right price’
Ha’aretz – According to secret American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, Chairman of settlements council told U.S. Embassy officials in Israel he ‘understands the Palestinians’.

MESS Report / What is Sudan hiding about the air strike it blamed on Israel?
Ha’aretz – Tuesday’s attack by fighter jets demolished a car and killed its two passengers, which reportedly included an Islamist responsible for supplying weapons to Hamas.

Israel dedicates new road near Hebron, despite Palestinian dissent
Ha’aretz – Road that locals call ‘Freeway to the Tomb of the Patriarchs’ is to cost Israel NIS 25 million, but Palestinians refuse construction of portion that passes through their civilian jurisdiction.

Report: Netanyahu allegedly billed two groups for single trip abroad
Ha’aretz – The Channel 10 report was the second part of an expose which last month revealed thatNetanyahu took several trips abroad that were subsidized by wealthy backers and associates during his stint as finance minister and an MK.

Israel expedites vote on hundreds of new homes beyond Green Line
Ha’aretz – Proposal to construct 942 housing units in Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo was approved Monday by the building and planning committee; according to standard procedure, the district committee would have waited months before bringing the matter to its own agenda.

Gadhafi implores Obama to halt NATO operation aganst Libya
Ha’aretz – In a letter addressing the U.S. President as ‘our son’, the embattled Libyan leader says a democratic society cannot be built through missiles and aircraft.

Peres to ask UN chief to cancel Goldstone report, sources say
Ha’aretz – The council has said it will continue to treat the report as a legitimate working document; Israel itself does not believe the UN will cancel the report, seeing it more likely that the General Assembly will adopt a new resolution concluding that an earlier resolution adopting the report is no longer valid.

Poll: One-third of Palestinians support Itamar massacre
Ha’aretz – According to a poll, 32% of the 1,270 Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem that participated back the attack in which the Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their children were killed.

Israeli mogul planning new network to rival Al-Jazeera
Ha’aretz – Pitching the idea at an annual meeting of Jewish leaders in Washington, Alexander Machkevitch says he wants a network with editorial direction independent of any government or special interest.

Western Wall notes removed to make room for new in annual clean
Ha’aretz – Western Wall workers remove thousands of notes left by visitors in the cracks of the wall using wooden sticks dipped in the mikveh, or ritual bath; they will then be taken for burial.

Israeli train catches fire for third time in just months
Ha’aretz – Train makes emergency stop near Ben Gurion Airport after fire begin spreading in car; passengers transferred to different train.

State comptroller may question foreign witnesses in ‘Bibi-Tours’ investigation
Ha’aretz – Micha Lindenstrauss may ask AG to quiz witnesses abroad who cannot be subpoenaed for questioning in Israel, as part of probe of trips abroad made by PM and his wife.

Court rejects appeal against honoring officers killed in Carmel fire
Ha’aretz – Decision to grant Medal of Distinction to police officers who perished in fire was challenged by families of Prison Service workers, who say honor should be postponed until probe is completed.

Livni on ‘Bibi-tours’ scandal: Israeli public must be able to trust their politicians
Ha’aretz – Livni spoke out for first time on Tuesday on allegations that the prime minister and his wife allegedly accepted private funds for trips abroad while Netanyahu was an MK.

State Comptroller given special authorities to probe of Bibi-Tours claims
Ha’aretz – Knesset’s State Control Committee votes unanimously to grant State Comptroller’s Office investigator such as power of subpoena, document requests.

Haaretz Q&A / Avraham Burg answers readers’ questions on anti-Semitism in the modern world
Ha’aretz – The former Jewish Agency Chairman and Speaker of the 15th Knesset has drawn fire for his comments on the Law of Return, the settlement movement, and definition of Israel as a Jewish state.

Three Hamas militants in West Bank charged with plotting to abduct IDF soldier
Ha’aretz – The three suspects, all allegedly members of a Ramallah-based cell, were arrested two months ago, but the case was put under gag order until indictment served.

Report: Hamas arms trafficker killed in Sudan air strike
Ha’aretz – Sudan calls missile strike on main port city ‘absolutely an Israeli strike’, says it reserves the right to react; Israel declines to comment.

U.S. committed to ending anti-Israel bias on UN council, envoy says
Ha’aretz – U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice defends America’s membership on Human Rights Council, declaring: U.S. retreat would embolden nations that unfairly ostracize Israel.

Orthodox IDF soldiers accused of abusing Palestinian prisoners
Ha’aretz – A military criminal investigation team’s discovery of pictures and videos of Palestinian prisoners tied up and abused by members of the Nahal Haredi Brigade unit leads to the indictment of four soldiers.

IDF to tighten policy of probes into civilian West Bank deaths
Ha’aretz – New policy will apparently make it necessary to bring all instances of civilian Palestinian death for immediate criminal investigation, unless such an incident occurred during ‘operation of clearly combative nature’.

Sudan accuses Israel of carrying out air strike on Port Sudan
Ha’aretz – Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor declines to comment on accusation; Israel was accused in 2009 of carrying out a strike in Sudan to stop the smuggling of weapons most likely from Iran, bound for Gaza.

EU: Approval of East Jerusalem settlement expansion is deeply disappointing
Ha’aretz – The European Union foreign policy chief condemns approval of new construction of 942 housing units in Gilo, which lies beyond the Green Line.

Netanyahu heads to Germany for reconciliation with Merkel
Ha’aretz – The prime minister will meet with the German Chancellor for the first time since a tense phone conversation between the two in February.

Two Israeli tourists killed in car accident in Bolivia
Ha’aretz – Two Israeli females were killed and an additional one was seriously injured after their car flipped over while they were traveling in southern Bolivia.

Palestinians: Two civilians wounded in Israel air strike on Gaza
Ha’aretz – Israel confirmed the air strike, saying they targeted two terror tunnels in the northern part of the strip; Palestinian medics say one of those wounded in strike was a pregnant woman.

Goldstone says he won’t seek nullification of Gaza war report
Ha’aretz – Goldstone makes clear in Associated Press interview that he feels only one correction needs to be made in the war report regarding ‘intentionality on the part of Israel.’

Air strike on car in Port Sudan kills two
Ha’aretz – Unidentified aircraft flying from the Red Sea bombs car in Sudan’s main port city; in 2009, convoy of arms smugglers was hit by unidentified aircraft, which some reports said was carried out by Israel to stop weapons reaching Gaza.

Jerusalem Post

Abbas in Cairo for talks with new leaders
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – On the eve of visit, Palestinian university students demonstrated outside the PLO embassy in Cairo to demand an end to the Hamas-Fatah power struggle.

‘He represented beautiful, terrible things about country’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Hundreds bid farewell to actor and theater director Juliano Mer-Khamis, gunned to death in Jenin.

US rebuffs Gaddafi plea to Obama on air campaign
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Libyan leader asks US president to halt air campaign against his forces; Clinton dismisses appeal, urges Gaddafi to go into exile.

‘Israel assassinates Hamas weapons smuggler in Sudan’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Al-Arabiya reports 2 killed in strike were Sudanese national, the other was from an Arab country; some reports claim man was a senior Hamas operative.

Keeping it in the family
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – This week, Israel’s preeminent flamenco couple is debuting its latest work, ‘Mi Alborado,’ which combines traditional Spanish dance and music with contemporary emotions.

Peres to ask UN to shelve Goldstone report
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – According to officials, president will make request in person when he meets with Ban Ki-moon in NY; US envoy Rice doubts report can be fixed.

Bibi-Tours: ‘PM received double funding for 2006 US trip’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Channel 10 investigative report shows Netanyahu received double the amount of expenses on a trip meant to advance the establishment of a hospital in Ashdod.

Cafe culture blooms in West Bank’s Ramallah
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Latest data says city, Al Bireh have more than 120 coffee shops, some 300 restaurants, with 50 new diners opening in 2010 alone.

Assad cedes ground to Islamists as calls to oust him grow
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Expert says army’s support means Syrian regime is all but untouchable; decision reversed banning teachers from wearing niqab.

Criticism as Spain builds monuments to Jewish past
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Purpose of establishing heritage sites is to attract tourism to areas that otherwise have little to recommend them as holiday destinations.

IDF to open probe after every W. Bank civilian death
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Some officers warn that commanders will have operational freedom restricted as part of policy change regarding innocent Palestinian deaths.

Police chief defends awards to Carmel blaze officers
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – David Cohen hands out bravery awards posthumously to families of 3 that died during fire; families of prison guard victims protest decision.

Families of Carmel fire officers get medals of distinction
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Police chief hands out honors during controversial J’lem ceremony, while families of prison guards that died protest decision.

The devil you know is still the devil
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Politicians and pundits are claiming that the fall of Assad’s regime could damage the Middle East’s stability. Comical oxymorons aside, ending Assad’s tyranny could not possibly make things worse than they already are.

Shin Bet nabs Hamas terror cell planning kidnappings
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Three terrorists captured earlier this year allegedly plotting to kidnap IDF soldiers as leverage to release Palestinian prisoners.

Waltz with Bashar
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – There’s a strong chance that the Bashar al-Assad will survive the upheaval because unlike in other Arab countries, the voices of protest in Syria are not united. But if the unrest continues, Israel may be forced to deal with a scenario in which Iran intervenes on Syria’s behalf.

Hamas: Fatah member connected to Mer-Khamis murder
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Terror group’s spokesman says Mujahed Qaniri is known to residents of Jenin as a member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

‘Hamas military commander killed in Sudan air strike’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Al-Arabiya reports 1 of 2 killed in strike was senior commander of Hamas military wing; Sudan FM says fatal hit “absolutely an Israeli attack.”

CAMERA video fights back against BBC silence
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – C’tee for accurate reporting provides extensive refutation of 2010 program which accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” Palestinians.

Gallery: Kotel undergoes spring clean for Pessah
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – During its bi-annual face-lift, Western Wall employees remove millions of handwritten notes, faxes from between ancient stones.

Poll: One-third of Palestinians support Itamar attack
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Most Gazans seek widespread demonstrations against Hamas; Palestinians don’t think Mideast protests will bring statehood.

IMF gives thumbs up to PA financial policy
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Report says PA is capable of running a national economy, urges Israel to ease checkpoints and restrictions on trade.

Sudan FM: Fatal hit on car ‘absolutely an Israeli attack’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Foreign Ministry declines to comment on accusation; Sudanese FM claims strike was meant to keep Sudan on US list of terrorism sponsors; Israel has been implicated in similar attacks in the past.

Cairo’s plans for parks runs Into Muslim opposition
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Moving central city cemeteries to the outskirts of Egypt’s crowded capital city irks religious scholars.

‘PA, Hamas systematically abuse Palestinian journalists’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Human Rights Watch cites attacks on reporters, Gaza man detained after finding man Hamas claimed was killed by Israelis was alive.

Madonna expos?© brings Kabbalah Centre under fire
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – ‘Newsweek’ article claims organization’s founders live luxuriously, money for Africa charity Raising Malawi went to LA offices.

Romney, Thune to make pitch to Jewish Republicans
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Republican Jewish Coalition retreat bashes Obama, focuses on the economy and Israel, dodging social issues.

As past traits rise to the surface, can Casspi get his way?
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Sinai Says: As dedicated as he is, he is even more impatient, and may he can’t get away in NBA with the same things he managed to in Israel.

‘Academic achievement has not fallen over past decade’
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – New study by Taub Center goes counter to notion that Israel’s students have been on downward spiral in recent years; students still rank low internationally.

Pressure builds as 2nd day of doctors’ warning strike looms
Jeruslalem Post 6 Apr 2011 – Public stays away from outpatient clinics, tension grows in hospital wards


Holder, Obama and the Cowardly Shame of Guant?°namo and the 9/11 Trial
Uruknet April 6, 2011 – This is another poor day for justice, in an administration that has been marked by an absence of good news when it comes to dealing appropriately with national security issues. Eric Holder deserves only faint praise overall, because of the way in which he was evidently involved in sheltering Bush administration lawyers from prosecution for…

Goldstone says he won’t seek Gaza report nullification, denies discussing it with Israeli
Uruknet April 6, 2011 — South African jurist Richard Goldstone said Tuesday that he did not plan to seek nullification of his highly critical U.N. report on Israel’s 2008-2009 offensive in the Gaza Strip and asserted that claims to the contrary by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai were false. The 2009 Goldstone report initially concluded that both Israel and Hamas…

Medics: 4 wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza
Uruknet April 6, 2011 — Israeli aircraft attacked two targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, wounding four people, Palestinian medics and witnesses said. They said the targets were a group of militants and a plastics factory, both east of Gaza City. All of the wounded were at the factory, they added. A Ma’an correspondent said two of those injured…

US, NATO allies join scramble for Libya’s oil
Uruknet April 6, 2011 – A US delegation arrived in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi Tuesday for talks with the Transitional National Council, the political arm of the so-called rebels fighting against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The visit follows the announcement Monday in Rome that the Italian government has recognized the council in Benghazi as the sole…

Obama begins bid for second term: A president of war and social reaction
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – US President Barack Obama announced his candidacy for reelection in 2012 in a video statement posted on the Internet Monday and delivered via e-mail. He became the first candidate to formally declare for the 2012 presidential election, filing papers with the Federal Election Commission, a legal requirement to begin campaign fundraising. Obama has already been…

Murder of a Friend and Non – Violence
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – Humanity mourns. We are shocked. Juliano Mer-Khamis, a friend and fellow peace activist, was murdered in Jenin. The masked killer/s whoever they were were cowards whose madness will not deter those of us who continue to work for justice and peace for all. If they thought they could kill coexistence and love in the holy…

Iraq snapshot – April 5, 2011
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – Chaos and violence continue, US war resister Andre Shepherd is denied refugee status in Germany, Falluja remains an issue in Iraq, Iraq’s Integrity Commission has findings, Republicans (and some Democrats) lodge objections to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and more. We last noted 33-year-old Iraq War veteran Andre Shepherd March 30th. Andre is…

Uruknet April 5, 2011 – I’ve written much about Exile, drawing upon my feelings and of those around me…it’s never an easy subject to tackle, to confront, to ponder, to look at… The thought itself, even though a stark reality, a daily lived one, is somehow always pushed at the back of my mind…I don’t want to acknowledge it, I…

CBS News Washington Bureau Chief Was an FBI Snitch
Uruknet The Center for Public Integrity is reporting that an unnamed former ABC News journalist was an FBI informant during and after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, passing along tips and revealing a source. We know who it is. According to an FBI memo obtained by the Center, a nameless ABC News journalist contacted the FBI on the evening of…

Libyan Rebel General Slams NATO for Not Attacking Enough
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – The constant claims from Obama Administration officials that the war in Libya is not about conquering the country on behalf of the rebels appears not to have reached Benghazi, where a top rebel general is openly condemning the US and NATO for not making the war even bigger than it is now. Gen. Abdul Fatah…

Nine slain in Iraq, six from one family
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – At least nine people have been slain in separate attacks in Iraq, including six members of the family of a university professor who died in an attack last year, security sources said. Gunmen burst into the home of the professor and killed six members of his extended family, security sources said. The professor’s widow and…

Israel Aiming Punitive Measures at Soft Targets
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – As the international community becomes increasingly critical of Israel’s discriminatory treatment of Israeli-Arabs and the brutal occupation in the Palestinian West Bank, the Israeli authorities are venting their anger against soft targets such as Arab-Israeli parliamentarians and Palestinian and Israeli non-violent peace activists. The majority of Knesset (Israeli parliament) members recently voted in favour of…

Goldstone Repents
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – While this may seem like a fairly broad interpretation of the mandate, the UN Mission did not consider the scope of their mandate to include the fundamental legal question: Whether Israel had any right at all to use military force against the Occupied Territories, and more specifically, the Gaza Strip, at the time of the…

Libyan rebels, hoping for one state, prepare for two
Uruknet April 5, 2011 — “One Libya, with Tripoli as its capital” is spray-painted on walls around this rebel city and glides off the tongues of opposition leaders. Moammar Gaddafi will fall in a week, they predict, two at the most, and they’ll build a new country then. But as weeks stretch into months and progress on the battlefield stalls,…

Libya and the CIA Role in Africa
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – Revelations in various corporate media outlets during the last week of March confirmed allegations that the opposition forces fighting against the Libyan government are being supported and coordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency, MI6 and British Special Forces. Articles published in the New York Times and the Washington Post stated that U.S. President Barack Obama…

Goldstone’s rethink: The cleansing of Israel’s war crimes
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – Israeli leaders have barely hidden their jubilation at an opinion article in last Friday’s Washington Post by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone reconsidering the findings of his United Nations-appointed inquiry into Israel’s attack on Gaza in winter 2008. For the past 18 months the Goldstone Report had forced Israel on to the defensive by…

Q&A with Bahrain opposition leader: Revolution aims for ‘reform’, not a regime ouster
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – Bahraini liberal Shia opposition leader and secretary general of the Democratic Progressive Forum Society, Hassan Madan, recently told Al-Masry Al-Youm the opposition in Bahrain is split in their reform aspirations. In an exclusive interview, Madan said he rejects the opposition motto “The People Want to Bring Down the Regime,” saying it neither reflects the demands…

10 Reasons Obama is Just As Bad or Worse Than Bush
Uruknet April 5, 2011 – George W. Bush was clearly a mentally-challenged puppet of the military/banking/oil elite. The policies put it in place at breakneck speed after 9/11 were provably predetermined by think tanks well in advance. Not that other presidents were any less controlled by this hidden agenda, but there was a noticeable in-your-face quickening of corporate-government tyranny under…

Daily Star

An imminent return to Nahr al-Bared
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 NAHR AL-BARED: There are only a few weeks left before the first handful of Palestinian families from the Nahr al-Bared camp will be allowed to return to their newly reconstructed homes. The final touches are being…

Land dispute leads to death of 17-year-old
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: A dispute over a plot of land led to the murder of a 17-year-old youth, the National News Agency said Wednesday. An argument over a piece of property broke out between two Palestinian families in…

Leaked cable proves LF has no weapons, party says
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: The Lebanese Forces have said their leader has not concealed anything from the public, after WikiLeaks reports published by the daily al-Akhbar quoted Samir Geagea telling U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Michelle Sisson that his party…

Refugee camps lack basic facilities, need to expand: study
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: A study into the difficult living conditions in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, including recommendations for areas of improvement, was published Wednesday. The Palestinian Association for Human Rights undertook the 18-month, 170-page study in collaboration…

North Lebanon engineers prepare for elections
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 TRIPOLI: The elections to the Order of Engineers in north Lebanon Sunday are likely to reflect the current political divisions in the country, with engineers affiliated with Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati announcing their backing for the…

International conference highlights drug abuse, dealing in Roumieh
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: An international conference on drug abuse highlighted Wednesday the availability and abuse of drugs at Roumieh prison, which has seen violent protests over the last five days. Speakers at the 22nd International Conference on Harm…

Youth must negotiate tough moral path: lecture
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: The diverging attractions of an eroticized society and familial or religious values are driving the sexual behaviors of today’s Arab youth, participants in a regional sexual theory conference heard Wednesday. Samir Khalaf, director of the…

Riyadi and Mouttahed come away with easy wins
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BEIRUT: Riyadi put themselves within one win of the top seed Wednesday with an impressive 115-65 win over bottom club Antranik Wednesday, while Mouttahed Tripoli booked their place as the third seed in the Final Four…

Gadhafi using human shields, says NATO as U.S. rejects cease-fire plea
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 BENGHAZI: Moammar Gadhafi is using human shields to foil airstrikes on his forces, NATO said Wednesday, as Washington dismissed a letter by the Libyan leader in which he appealed directly to President Barack Obama to halt…

Israel to Germany: Drop plan for Palestinian statehood
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask Germany’s leader in a meeting this week to drop a proposal to endorse a Palestinian state in virtually all of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as…

Sudan accuses Israel of missile strike close to main port city
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 KHARTOUM: Sudan accused Israel of launching a missile strike that killed two people near its main port city, in an attack that raised concerns about Khartoum’s ability to stop arms trafficking across its remote east. Analysts…

Outtara forces pushed back from attack on Gbagbo residence
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 ABIDJAN: Forces loyal to Ivory Coast presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara launched a heavy attack Wednesday on the bunker where Laurent Gbagbo is holed up but appeared to have been repelled, a Western military source said. Fighting…

U.N. must urgently address violent Middle East repression: rights coalition
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 GENEVA: Violent repression in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen must be addressed urgently by the United Nations Human Rights Council, a coalition of global advocacy groups said Wednesday. “The situation is deteriorating fast as the Bahraini, Syrian…

Syrian lawmakers plan to adopt major reforms in May: politician
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 DAMASCUS: Syrian lawmakers plan to adopt major reforms in May, including an end to emergency rule, a politician close to the regime said Wednesday, as Syria lifted a ban on teachers wearing the full face veil…

Saudi Arabia, allies coaxing Saleh to step down, hand over power
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 SANAA/DUBAI: Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are trying to broker a deal to have Yemen’s president step down and hand over power, possibly to an interim council of tribal and political leaders, sources told Reuters…

ICC plans formal probe into Ivory Coast killings
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 ABIDJAN: The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, plans to launch a formal probe into alleged mass killings in Ivory Coast, a statement said Wednesday. The statement headed “Widespread or systematic killings in Cote…

Defected soldiers attempt to impose order on Libyan rebels
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 NEAR BREGA, Libya: Rebel soldiers erected a checkpoint at the gate of the eastern Libyan town of Ajdabiya Wednesday to prevent a convoy of eager but mostly unarmed civilians from reaching the front. The soldiers, defectors…

Top Algerian Islamists call for release of up to 7,000 prisoners
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 ALGIERS: Two prominent Algerian Islamists called on the president Wednesday to release up to 7,000 Islamists from prison, a move they said would draw a line under a conflict that killed an estimated 200,000 people. Most…

Cairo says Arab identity and stability of Gulf a red line
Daily Star 6 Apr 2011 CAIRO: Egypt said Wednesday Gulf states’ Arab identity is a “red line” after they accused Iran of trying to destabilize Bahrain, while praising a Saudi-led force that quelled pro-democracy protests there. In another development, Egyptian authorities…

The Guardian

Letters: Strong legacy of Israeli peace activist
The Guardian 6 Apr 2011 – The murder of Israeli peace activist Juliano Mer Khamis ( Report , 5 April), whoever the perpetrator, is an attack on all who strive for justice in the Middle East. Juliano, the son of an Israeli-Jewish mother and…

Sudan accuses Israel over missile strike
The Guardian 6 Apr 2011 – Israel alleged to have launched attack in bid to scupper Sudan’s chances of getting off US list of state sponsors of terrorism Sudan has accused Israel of launching a missile strike that killed two people near…

Inter Press Service

Oil Giants Need To Think Beyond Profits
IPS The uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have shaken the petroleum industry, triggering oil price hike and forcing it to go on the defensive. But critics say the industry carries some of the blame for the current crisis.

Maliki’s Doubts Threaten Post-2011 Troop Presence Plan
IPS President Barack Obama has given his approval to a Pentagon plan to station U.S. combat troops in Iraq beyond 2011, provided that Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki officially requests it, according to U.S. and Iraqi sources.

MIDEAST: Turkey Relishes Role as Mr. Fixit
IPS In the course of 24 hours earlier this week, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu met a top envoy from Libya, dispatched a senior Turkish official to Tripoli and traveled to Bahrain and Syria, all struggling to survive the pro- democracy Arab spring.

NATO Vows to Protect Misurata Amid Criticism
IPS NATO has vowed to protect Libya’s civilian population and give priority to the besieged city of Misurata, a day after rebel fighters accused the military alliance of acting too slowly.

U.S. Treads Cautious Line on Yemen Protests
IPS United States officials reaffirmed their support for a peaceful transition of power in Yemen, but stopped short of publicly calling for President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s immediate abdication as clashes between protesters and Yemeni security forces, which began in late January, violently escalate.

Stop The Wall

New Stop the Wall report: Brazil’s Military Relations with Israel (Portuguese version)
Stop The Wall – Mar 30, 2011— On the occasion of the 3rd global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Action Day on March 30 (Palestinian Land Day), we release Stop the Wall’s disconcerting and potentially explosive report on growing and strategic military relations between Brazil and Israel. (Portuguese version) [

YNet News

Shin Bet nabs terror cell
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Cleared for publication Wednesday: Three Palestinian terrorists planned to….

Authors of peace initiative invite Bibi to take lead
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Authors of initiative that calls for two-state solution with 1967 borders say….

Report: Bibi wants discount on German submarine
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Netanyahu to travel to Berlin, lobby for a third off price of Israel’s fourth….

Sudan: Israel behind airstrike
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Khartoum’s FM says country has proof Israel carried out mysterious air raid near….

Study: Israeli education improving
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Taub Center survey debunks common belief, claims student performance on rise in….

Prince Felipe of Spain to visit Israel
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Heir to Spanish throne and his wife Letizia will arrive in Israel next week for….

HRW report says PA abuses journalists
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Harsh report from Human Rights Watch exposes abuse, harassment of journalists at….

Plane bombs car near Port Sudan, 2 dead
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Ambiguity still surrounds ‘foreign; aircraft strikes near Port Sudan airport…..

2 Israeli tourists killed in Bolivia
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Two young women dead, one injured as car overturns in Bolivian salt flats…..

Peres: Israel won’t agree to Iranian presence in Golan
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – In interview with CNN, president adds that Israelis who dislike Obama are….

Germany ups Shoah restitution by millions
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Claims Conference strikes new deal raising compensation for Holocaust survivors….

Israel may send Qassam victims abroad
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Goldstone’s regret over Gaza report sparks idea for delegation of injured kids,….

Netanyahu faces double billing accusations
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Is Bibi in trouble? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu billed two organizations for the same flight after he attended a function in the United States in September 2006. a … ….

US doubts Goldstone report can be fixed
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Susan Rice, the US envoy to the United Nations, said on Wednesday she wanted a controversial report on Israel’s 2008-09 Gaza offensive to “disappear” but did not think it … ….

Israeli official: We struck in Sudan
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – A senior Israeli military official told TIME Magazine Wednesday that the Jewish state was behind a mysterious air strike in Sudan Tuesday that killed two people. … ….

Gaddafi to Obama: End air strikes
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appealed directly to President Barack Obama on Wednesday to halt what the Libyan leader called “an unjust war” and wished Obama good luck in … ….

Police honor officers who perished in Carmel fire
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – The Israel Police held its annual commendations ceremony Wednesday, honoring officers for exemplary service and paying special homage to the three senior police officers … ….

Poll: 32% of Palestinians support Itamar attack
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – A team of Israeli and Palestinian pollsters says a third of Palestinians surveyed said they supported an attack last month that saw five members of the Fogel family … ….

Did rabbi sexually assault bride?
YNet News, 6 Apr 2011 – Well-known Jerusalem Rabbi David Tovol was arrested last Sunday on suspicions that he committed indecent acts against a newlywed bride who sought his advice, Ynet has … ….

B’Tselem’s op-ed in the Washington Post
B’tselem 5 Apr 2011 – In an opinion piece, Jessica Montell concludes that “It is vital that we move beyond the slogans and soundbites around Goldstone. Instead, we must honestly discuss how to ensure genuine accountability for past wrongs, full respect for international humanirogram FilesQuickTimeQTSystem

Palestinian Information Center

Egypt invites Mishaal, Shallah to visit Cairo
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Egypt is planning to invite a number of Palestinian factions and independent figures to visit Cairo in the few coming days to discuss reactivating reconciliation efforts.

Bahar asks the Lords to reject law granting immunity to Israeli war criminals
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Deputy Speaker of the PLC Ahmed Bahar has strongly condemned the British House of Commons’ approval of a law limiting the UK’s power to prosecute Israeli war criminals.

Ashton criticizes Israeli settlement in OJ
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Catherine Ashton, the high representative for foreign affairs and security in the European Union, has dubbed the Israeli settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian land as illegal.

US students interrupt as Dichter takes podium
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Dozens of students at the Brandeis University near Boston shouted that former Shin Bet director Avi Dichter is a war criminal in English and Hebrew as the now Knesset member took the podium.

Egypt FM: Gaza a priority in Egypt foreign policy
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Nabil al-Arabi, who was named foreign minister after Egyptian revolution has confirmed that issues concerning Gaza are a priority to Egypt’s foreign policy.

Abu Zuhri: Suspect in murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis affiliated with Fatah
PIC 4 Jun 2011 – Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri affirmed that the suspect in murdering Juliano Mer-Khamis was affiliated with Fatah and had nothing to do with Hamas as claimed by West Bank security apparatuses.

Austrian foreign minister calls for lifting siege on Gaza
PIC 3 Jun 2011 – Austria’s foreign minister Michael Spindelegger has called for lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip that has been in force for the past four years to end the Gaza people’s suffering.

Special committee to expedite settlement plans in east Jerusalem
PIC 3 Jun 2011 – The Israeli committee for planning and building decided to form an ad hoc committee to work on expediting the implementation of settlement plans which the government adopted in occupied Jerusalem.

Sheikh Salah: Israeli racist laws may trigger 3rd intifada in occupied lands
PIC 3 Jun 2011 – Sheikh Ra’ed Salah expressed his belief that a third Palestinian intifada would break out because of Israeli violations and racist laws against the Palestinians in occupied territories.

Tadamun society reveals letter of demands sent by prisoners
PIC 3 Jun 2011 – International Tadamun (solidarity) society for human rights said it received on Tuesday morning a letter leaked from an Israeli jail including humanitarian demands made by Palestinian prisoners.

Ashrawi: Goldstone Backtracked, We Expected Commitment towards International Law

Abu Rudeineh: PA Will not Stop Efforts to Prosecute Israeli War Criminals

Half of Palestinians Live in Apartments, says PCBS

PLO Denounces Goldstone’s Unjustified Retreat from his Report, Covering Israeli Crimes in Gaza

Palestinians Mark Ninth Anniversary of Jenin Refugee Camp Battle

Nael Barghouti Longest Serving Political Prisoner in the World

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian near Nablus

PCBS: Production Index Up in February

Netanyahu Approves West Bank Settlement Plan

Constitution Committee Starts Work on Final Draft

Israel Arrests 11, Summons 8 for Interrogation

Intifada-Palestine: 6 Apr 2011 – Sami Moubayed Sami Moubayed Behind all the media buzz about events in Libya, Yemen and Syria, the Arab-Israeli conflict resurfaced at the weekend in a bizarre manner. Richard Goldstone, the South African judge who was author of a controversial 2009 report… more

Intifada-Palestine: 5 Apr 2011 – Stuart Littlewood Last week a stomach-churning love-in was conducted between the British Government and the racist state of Israel at Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The theme was ‘Sixty Years of British-Israeli Diplomatic Relations’. Britain’s… more

Los Angeles Times

Rebels in Libya insist they’re no fans of Al Qaeda
LA Times 5 Apr 2011 – Moammar Kadafi has accused the terrorist network of working to overthrow him, especially in the eastern city of Derna. Rebels there deny it, although one militia leader describes Osama bin Laden as ‘a good Muslim.’ Col. Moammar Kadafi has depicted this coastal city of squat…

Israel and Palestinians have conflicting visions for village’s future
LA Times 6 Apr 2011 – Lifta is the last intact pre-1948 Palestinian village in Israel. The Israelis want to put apartments there, but Palestinians want the area preserved as an open-air museum. It’s easy to conjure the village that once was, hidden deep in a picturesque valley at the western…

Rebel leader in Libya demands more of NATO
LA Times 5 Apr 2011 – Gen. Abdul Fatah Younis says the alliance ‘did not provide to us what we need.’ He wants airstrikes on Misurata and Port Brega. The top general for Libya’s rebels lashed out at NATO forces for not doing enough against Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi and threatened…

New York Times

Defense Chief Is on Mission To Mend Saudi Relations
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – The meeting is an effort to warm up unusually cold relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Middle East: Oman Offers Some Lessons to a Region Embroiled in Protest
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Oman has a lot of work to do to create jobs for its young people, but when protests began to sweep the Arab world last month, they quickly fizzled out there. Why?

Middle East: Dissidents From Syria Seek Haven in Lebanon
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Young activists and dissidents are trying to disseminate news from outside Syria, but they may not be safer because of the reach of Syria’s secret police.

Middle East: New Shepherd for the Egyptian Stock Exchange
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Mohamed Abdel Salam, the newly appointed executive chairman of the exchange, has modernizing ambitions for the market, which reopened on March 23.

Government Forces Fire On Protesters in Yemen
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Security forces and armed men in civilian clothes clashed with antigovernment protesters in Taiz, opening fire on crowds calling for the president to resign.

Syrian Rights Groups Raise Toll From Unrest
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Human rights groups raised their estimates of the death toll from unrest in Syria, as protest organizers there continued their call for more demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad.

Contrarian Adding Bets in Mideast
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Thomas J. Barrack Jr., the founder of Colony Capital, which controls $36 billion in investments, sees the Arab world as an investing opportunity despite the unrest.

Sudan Says Israel Launched Missile Strike on Car That Killed 2
New York Times 6 Apr 2011 – Sudanese officials said a missile struck a car traveling from the Red Sea city of Port Sudan, obliterating the vehicle and killing two people who were inside.


UN investigator repudiates Gaza war findings under US and Israeli pressure
WSWS – By Jean Shaoul, April 6, 2011, The op-ed piece in Friday’s Washington Post by Judge Richard Goldstone presents an unedifying spectacle.

SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli military demolishes village of Amniyr for second time in five weeks
Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine –

Progress among Jewish progressives: ‘Dissent’ comes out for boycott of settlement products
Mondoweiss – This is an important piece. Dov Waxman and Mairav Zonszein come out for targeted boycott of settlement products in the legendary Dissent Magazine . A year or so back Michael Walzer, the editor of Dissent, said that American Jews must start a campaign against the settlers, and…

Obama enters the land of lies
Mondoweiss – I’m catching up with a lot of good stuff from my week of traveling. Here’s David Bromwich at Huffpo , against the Libya intervention (which yes I supported): It seems then that a long train of earlier commitments in Libya was set in motion as soon as…

Jerusalem planning committee approves 942 new apartments in West Bank settlement
Mondoweiss – Israel expedites vote on hundreds of new homes beyond Green Line Haaretz 6 Apr — Proposal to construct 942 housing units in Gilo was approved Monday by the building and planning committee; according to standard procedure, the district committee would have waited months before bringing the…

‘LRB’ wasn’t cut off by UK Arts Council; it didn’t apply for funds
Mondoweiss – The other day I ran a post in which a rightwing blogger named Ruth King took a scalp, saying that a campaign by pro-Israel forces in England had ended national Arts Council funding for the London Review of Books. LRB spokesperson Nicholas Spice says it ain’t…

Chris Matthews tees up issue of religious money in our politics
Mondoweiss – Chris Matthew talked about Mitt Romney last night, with Jon Alter and Susan Milligan, and said that the Massachusetts Republican was in the Republican race for a long time. Why? “This is about table stakes.” Meaning, he has money. “If you look at the LDS [Church…

PCHR: Israeli assault on Gaza must be investigated by ICC
Palestine Monitor – “All political considerations must be put aside, and the rule of international law upheld.” -PCHR White Phosphorus shells fall on a UN school converted into shelter, Jabalya/Gaza, January 2009 Picture: AP The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) urges the international community and the General Assembly…

Violations continue in Awarta
Palestine Monitor – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has reported that settlers neighboring the northern West Bank village, Awarta, have taken over 20 dunums of the Palestinian village’s land, establishing two tents and three caravans there. The 20 dunums of land were owned by…

Abusisi Confession Blatant Fraud
Tikun Olam – After consulting with Dirar Abusisi’s attorney, his wife and brother and checking the facts regarding the Shabak accusations, I can say with absolute certainty that they are a fraud. They are a fraud in large part because Abusisi, likely under torture or extreme duress gave an…

Misc 2

Judge Goldstone to Associated Press: The Goldstone Report Stands as Written
The Magnes Zionist 6 Apr 2011 – After two days of misrepresentations in the press, and after a conversation between Minister of Interior and Eli Yishai was grossly misunderstood by the latter, Judge Goldstone had to break the silence that he had decreed on himself since the publication of his Washington Post Op-Ed…

Democracy Now! on Julian’s death
The Only Democracy? JVP2 6 Apr 2011 – Democracy Now? asked us to repost their interview withNabeel Raee,director of the Acting School at the Jenin Freedom Theatre andConstancia “Dinky” Romilly. She is the founder and president of the board of the New York-based Friends of Jenin Freedom Theatre. They are speaking of the death…

Hamas claims that charges against Abu Sisi are false and intended to justify kidnapping
Middle East Monitor 6 Apr 2011 – The Islamic Resistance Movement has again denied any relationship with Dirar Abu Sisi, the director of Gaza’s power station who was abducted by Israel’s Mossad in Ukraine before being taken to Israel two months ago to face charges of developing and upgrading missiles and rockets for…

European Network (UFree) welcomes release of Palestinian detainees from Egyptian jails
Middle East Monitor 6 Apr 2011 – The European Network to support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (UFree) has welcomed the release of 13 Palestinians from Egyptian prisons. The network praised the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces and the Egyptian government for the decision which brings to an end to the…

Water treatment plant opens in Gaza
Middle East Monitor 5 Apr 2011 – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS The Palestinian International Red Cross Foundation has funded the establishment of a water treatment plant in the Gaza Strip. Built in Rafah at the southern end of the Strip, the plant provides fresh water for around 17,000 residents in the area; the project has…

Killing activists on Gaza Freedom Flotilla was “inevitable”
Middle East Monitor 5 Apr 2011 – The shooting and killing of peace activists on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla almost a year ago was inevitable claim two Israeli journalists who have revealed the contents of secret documents detailing Israeli plans for attacking the ships. According to Dan Margalit and Ronen Bergman, the head…

Gaza truck drivers strike to protest Karni Closure
Gisha 6 Apr 2011 – Bread prices expected to rise, [2011-03-06]

Gisha response to closing of Karni Crossing: Gaza’s Crossings Squeezed Shut
Gisha 6 Apr 2011 – , [2011-03-03]

Sudan blames Israel for air strike
BBC 6 Apr 2011 – Sudan’s government says Israel carried out an air strike on a car near the city of Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast which killed two people.

Israel approves new settler homes
BBC 5 Apr 2011 – Israel approves the construction of 942 homes in the Jewish settlement of Gilo on the eve of President Shimon Peres’s White House visit.

BBC 5 Apr 2011 – Key facts, figures and dates

Goldstone’s Rethink
Antiwar.com 6 Apr 2011 – Israeli leaders have barely hidden their jubilation at an opinion article in last Friday’s Washington Post by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone reconsidering the findings of his United Nations-appointed inquiry into Israel’s attack on Gaza in winter 2008. For the past 18 months the Goldstone…

Israel Aiming Punitive Measures at Soft Targets
Antiwar.com 6 Apr 2011 – RAMALLAH – As the international community becomes increasingly critical of Israel’s discriminatory treatment of Israeli-Arabs and the brutal occupation in the Palestinian West Bank, the Israeli authorities are venting their anger against soft targets such as Arab-Israeli parliamentarians and Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent peace activists. The…


Freedom Flotilla 2 set to break the siege of Gaza
Dr. Hanan Chehata, Middle East Monitor (MEMO)4/6/2011
The first anniversary of Israel’s horrific assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is fast approaching. As most people will remember, nine peace activists were killed by Israeli commandos when the soldiers boarded the Mavi Marmara in international waters. The ship was carrying hundreds of international humanitarians and peace activists en route to break Israel’s siege of Gaza. The flotilla, of which the Marmara was a part, was nowhere near Israel’s territorial waters and, therefore, had every right to be there. Nevertheless, Israeli troops were ordered to surround the ship with helicopters and navy vessels, board the ship and open fire indiscriminately on the people standing on deck. According to the Head of the Israel Defence Force’s Southern Command, the commandos would have had no option but to open fire on civilians due to the “air-drop” boarding tactic used. Apart from the nine activists who were gunned down in cold blood, more than fifty people were wounded. The survivors were then basically kidnapped, subjected to abuse, taken to Israel against their will and held illegally in Israeli prison cells. This act of unjustifiable brutality was heavily condemned in the United Nations Human Rights Council Report which is so graphic and explosive that it reads like a thriller; the facts are beyond belief.
It’s almost a year later and history looks set to repeat itself if the world does not sit up and take notice. Another flotilla is due to set sail for Gaza in May and it is vital for it to do so. Despite the eyes of the world focusing on Gaza last May, the siege has still not been lifted. After being virtually imprisoned by Israel for over 4 years, 1.5 million Palestinians are still trapped in Gaza (over half of them children) in what British Prime Minister David Cameron – a good friend of Israel referred to as a “prison camp.” It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for Palestinians to leave Gaza, and deaths are reported regularly when patients are not allowed to leave the Strip for treatment elsewhere. Similarly, few people are allowed into Gaza, with politicians, charity workers, journalists, Palestinians and non-Palestinians denied access by Israel, and the border with Egypt only now starting to be open a little more often, but still on an extremely limited basis, following the overthrow of Israel’s buddy Hosni Mubarak. more.. e-mail


Arabs yearn to move on
Hussein Ibish, Palestine Note4/6/2011
Probably the most important clause in the Arab Peace Initiative, first adopted by the Arab League at the Beirut summit in 2002 and reaffirmed on several occasions including in 2007, is its commitment to “establish normal relations with Israel in the context of [a] comprehensive peace.” This represented the culmination of decades of evolution of Arab thinking regarding relations with Israel, and the final repudiation of the Khartoum resolution of 1967, which insisted the Arabs would have “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it”. In other words, rather than being surrounded by an Arab world that generally, if not unanimously, rejected the idea of accepting Israel as a permanent and legitimate presence in the Middle East, for almost a decade now Israel has been facing a united Arab world that has repeatedly made clear its willingness to make a permanent and normalized peace with the Jewish state.
The importance of this clause is that it affirms that at the end of negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel can expect recognition and acceptance in the region, not just from the Palestinians but from the other Arab states as well. Its endorsement by the Organization of the Islamic Conference suggests an even broader reconciliation with the larger Muslim world as well. In effect, this clause in the initiative presents Israel with a simple choice: it can continue the occupation and the illegal colonization of territories occupied in 1967, or it can agree to end the occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state, and acquire the peace and regional acceptance that have supposedly been its primary foreign policy goals since 1948.
For the Palestinians, this clause is an extremely important diplomatic tool in pushing for an end to the occupation, since they can point out to Israelis that the result of successful negotiations will be peace and reconciliation not only with them, but with the Arab world in general. There have been some halfhearted efforts by the PLO to promote the initiative, but limited resources and a marked disinterest on the part of Israelis have attenuated these efforts. more.. e-mail

Turkey: The sultans of swing
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times4/7/2011
At the sixth al-Jazeera forum in Doha in mid-March, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu gave a remarkable speech. He argued that the great 2011 Arab revolt was “necessary in order to restore the natural flow of history”. According to him, “abnormalities” had to be corrected; the carving-up strategy of colonialism (which, for instance, severed historical links between Damascus and Baghdad); and the Cold War (which, for instance, made enemies out of Turkey and Syria). The time had come, he said, when an ordinary Arab can change history.
Davutoglu also stressed that the Middle Eastern masses – “who want respect and dignity” – must be heard. He emphasized the need of transparency, accountability, human rights, the rule of law, and that “the territorial integrity of our countries and the region must be protected” – referring specifically to Libya and Yemen.
Then there was the Leaders of Change summit in Istanbul, also in mid-March. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Turkey as “a democratic social state based on social justice”. He also did not mince words when criticizing the West for not really supporting the great 2011 Arab revolt – or at least procrastinating; and he warned about the temptation of invading Libya as the US invaded Iraq. If there were any regime change in Libya, it should come from within, not via foreign intervention.
Erdogan also had time to destroy the failed concepts of end of history, clash of civilizations and the war on terror, while Davutoglu chastised the West for believing that “Arab societies didn’t deserve democracy, and needed authoritarian regimes to preserve the status quo and prevent Islamic radicalism”. Their conclusion: what’s going on in the Middle East today holds out the promise of showing the way towards a “global, political, economic and cultural new order”. more.. e-mail

Goldstone reconsideration undermines justice for Gaza
Electronic Intifada: 6 Apr 2011 – Israeli leaders have barely hidden their jubilation at an opinion article in last Friday’s Washington Post by the South African jurist Richard Goldstone reconsidering the findings of his United Nations-appointed inquiry into Israel’s attack on Gaza in winter 2008-09. In reality, however, he offered far less consolation to Israel than its supporters claim.more

PCHR: Israeli assault on Gaza must be investigated by ICC
Palestine Monitor: 6 Apr 2011 – “All political considerations must be put aside, and the rule of international law upheld.” -PCHR White Phosphorus shells fall on a UN school converted into shelter, Jabalya/Gaza, January 2009 Picture: AP The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) urges the international community and the General Assembly to push the UN Fact-Finding Mission’s Report on Operation Cast Lead, otherwise known as the Goldstone Report, through to the Security Council so that an effective judicial process can be undertaken by the International Criminal Court. Less than a week after the Human Rights Council recommended to the General Assembly that the allegations of war crimes put forth in the Goldstone Report be investigated by the International Criminal Court, Richard Goldstone—the leader of the UN’s mission, published an editorial in the Washington Post that tempered the reports findings. In Goldstone’s editorial, published in the Washington Post on 1 April, he redresses the report’s accusations…more

Violations continue in Awarta
Palestine Monitor: 6 Apr 2011 – The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has reported that settlers neighboring the northern West Bank village, Awarta, have taken over 20 dunums of the Palestinian village’s land, establishing two tents and three caravans there. The 20 dunums of land were owned by 35 farmers from Awarta. Since the murder of 5 settlers in the outpost, Itamar, Israel has focused its investigation in Awarta. Immediately following the killings, Awarta was designated as a closed military zone, completely cutting the village off from the outside for five days. A week after the closure was lifted, the IOF returned, implementing a strict curfew. IOF continue to enter Awarta, arresting villagers and officials. Maan News reported that Awarta’s deputy may, PA police officers and security force members have all been detained by the IOF. In addition, a radio host from Voice of Palestine Radio has also been detained. There are…more

It Was a Massacre – Interview with Norman Finkelstein
Palestine Chronicle: 6 Apr 2011 – By Emanuel Stoakes As the miracles in Egypt and Tunisia enter the chronicles of recent history, and the uncertain fight for Libya rages on, drawing the media’s eye from struggles against oppression in Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia; Palestine seems insulated from the glow of the Arab spring. With the seemingly hopeless prospect of “peace in our time” before us, Netanyahu appearing on CNN and everywhere else milking the recent, appalling murders of Jewish settler families, and renewed mutual violence between the IDF and Hamas, there is very little to encourage hopes for a Palestinian renaissance. One man who has defended the Palestinian people, perhaps quixotically, for most of his adult life and continues to do so, is the American scholar Norman Finkelstein. The child of a Jewish immigrant family, with the memories of the atrocities of the Shoah deeply embedded in his consciousness from a young age, he…more

Mystery of Goldstone’s April Fool’s Message
Palestine Chronicle: 6 Apr 2011 – By George S. Hishmeh – Washington It was definitely coincidental – but harboring many unclear scenarios – that Richard Goldstone’s infamous volte face came on April Fool’s day as when it appeared on the Web site of The Washington Post. In his wishy-washy column, published in that paper two days later, the esteemed South African judge backtracked on some of his original sharp findings which appeared in an earlier UN Human Rights Council (HRC) report about the 2008-09 Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. Then, around 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 11 Israeli soldiers lost their lives in the three-week invasion. His justification: “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report (named in his honor) would have been a different document.” Goldstone had originally said that his committee had “found evidence of potential war crimes and ‘possibly crimes against humanity'” committed during that war by both…more

Understanding Libya, Dispelling the Myths
Palestine Chronicle: 6 Apr 2011 – By Shafiq Morton There are many things that are misunderstood about the so-called ‘civil war’ raging in the sands of Libya. Even if Gaddafi is stopped tomorrow and there is ceasefire, my fear is that the false impressions will remain. Firstly, the term “civil war” is misleading, because in reality “civil war” means that a nation is at war with itself. And having spent time in Libya in March with the Gift of the Givers Relief Organization, I can vouchsafe that Libya is not at war with itself. Libya is at war with one man, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, a tyrant whose 40-year dictatorial rule has been characterized by terror and the barbarous oppression of any dissident voices. Libya is an oil rich country that should be as well-heeled as any Gulf state. Yet away from Tripoli and Sirte (Gaddafi’s home town) its rudimentary rural hospitals, unpaved roads and lack of…more

How The Palestine Chronicle Started: And What You Can Do To Help
Palestine Chronicle: 5 Apr 2011 – About 11 years, seven months and five days ago, a small group of writers and editors, in some suburb in Washington State met over coffee. It was raining, and they were frustrated. They spoke of mainstream media bias, and decried how even some pro-Palestine groups, often unknowingly, marginalized the Palestinian voice. They decided to take action, and they did. That is how the Palestine Chronicle was born, nearly a month following that meeting. It was and remains a labor of love. Some editors came and went. The Chronicle’s computers and chairs were moved back and forth between houses, basements, tiny offices and, more often than not, had no specific address. But despite all the challenges, the difficulties and hard times, the Chronicle persisted, and succeeded. We wanted to bring Palestine back to the international limelight, after years of marginalization, thanks to Olso and its self-serving champions. We wanted to merge…more

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