Wikileaks Newslinks 2 August 2011

2 August 2011 —

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in Sydney for Dangerous assignment
Cumberland Courier Newspapers
They will join others and the audience in negotiating a range of dangerous ideas including, that: Wikileaks has not gone far enough; Footballers are Barbarians not role models; Psychopaths Make the World Go Around; Ecstasy is No More Dangerous Than …

Cybersecurity: Defense Department
… 2011 The US military’s computer systems are probed by outsiders millions of times a day, while insiders, like a soldier who allegedly extracted heaps of classified files for public consumption on the WikiLeaks website, also pose threats. …

PayPal sent FBI list that led to Anonymous raids
They shared a conference call two days after PayPal was hit with a
distributed denial of service (DDos) attack in retaliation for suspending
donations to WikiLeaks through its PayPal account. PayPal reported several
attacks to the FBI that occurred …

Anonymous extends partnership invitation to Wikileaks, there goes the … (blog)
News that has multimillion corporations, governments and generally anyone
who has anything to ‘keep safe’ or hide on the internet, running scared is
the fact that a well known (read ‘notorious’) group of hackers is looking
to team up with Wikileaks. …,-there-goes-the-neighbourhood-a87874

Danger, danger: Assange beams in
Sydney Morning Herald
If you’re holding a Festival of Dangerous Ideas, who better to invite than
one of the world’s most “dangerous” men – WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange. Assange will open this year’s festival by speaking at the Opera
House Concert Hall on September 30. …

Leaked cables highlight Rio’s difficult dealings in Guinea
The Australian
The Times of London reported yesterday details of the bounced cheque,
citing documents obtained by WikiLeaks. According to the report, a contact
at the International Finance Corporation told a US embassy official in
Guinea: “Someone had paid $US7m to …

TRANSCRIPT: The Future of US- Zimbabwe Relations
The Zimbabwean
Wikileaks, Operation Shumba in the WikiLeaks is telling us that your
government or your team at the White House were coming up with
possibilities that President Mugabe was going to die in Senegal and another
faction of Zanu PF was going to take over, …

Timeline: LulzSec’s day in court
Security experts say Lulz Security (LulzSec) emerged from Anonymous, a
hacker activist group which became well-known for targeting companies and
institutions that opposed WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. Here is
a timeline of hacking group …

All aboard North Korea’s refugee railroad
Asia Times Online
Recently leaked cables from the US Embassy in Phnom Penh, part of a cache
of 777 dispatches released last month by anti-secrecy organization
WikiLeaks, tell a different story. According to one cable (06PHNOMPENH2072)
from the same month, …

Mugabe, Zimbabwe synonymous — Chissano
Chissano’s comments are contained in a latest diplomatic cable released by
WikiLeaks. According to the cable, while not praising President Mugabe,
Chissano told Brazilian government officials in August 2004 that constant
dialogue among all the parties …

Phillips again dismisses cable claims
Go Jamaica
People’s National Party (PNP) campaign director Dr Peter Phillips is again
seeking to dismiss claims made in a Wikileaks cable that he was critical of
the party’s 18-year tenure in Government. Days after the report was
released, Dr Phillips sought to …

High Tide: From Revisiting The Past In S. Africa To New Sanctions On Syria
Wall Street Journal (blog)
(Financial Times) Documents obtained by WikiLeaks and examined by the Times
(of London) show that mining company Rio Tinto lost control of one of the
world’s largest iron ore deposits after a rival paid $7 million to
officials in Guinea. …

Daily and website make finals
Sunshine Coast Daily
“The past year has seen some exceptional journalism, including our flood
and cyclone coverage, our exclusives with the mother of Wikileaks founder
Julian Assange and our pursuit of the Peter Slipper travel expenses
story,” Mr Furler said. …

PayPal Fights Back: Hands FBI 1000 IP Addresses [In Response To A DDoS Attach …
TFTS (blog)
A DDoS attack was launched by hacker group “Anonymous” back in December
in retaliation of PayPal freezing WikiLeaks’ donation account. Apparently,
some of the hackers were lax enough with security, and didn’t mask their IP
addresses, such that PayPal …

Muckmakers: Online-Reputation Firms Struggle With Ethics
It’s easy to see why: From the threat of WikiLeaks to their own ill-timed
and ill-conceived proclamations, more than ever CEOs need help protecting
their reputations and that of their businesses. Maybe that’s why a Google
search for “online-reputation …

PayPal hands over 1000 believed IP address belonging to Anonymous to the FBI
By Tyler Lee – 08/01/2011 05:21 PDT For those who have been following the
tech world, you guys should be familiar with the whole Anonymous vs PayPal
fiasco where Anonymous did not take too kindly with PayPal freezing
Wikileaks’ account and responded by …

Should Twitter Censor Offensive Trends?
Back in 2010, people comlained that Twitter removed #WikiLeaks trends out
of the topic list. Apparently, #WikiLeaks was still seeing a flood of
tweets rolling it but some users noticed that it had mysteriously vanished
from the list of trends. …

Let the cloud do your business’s heavy lifting
Wikileaks used a subterranean bunker designed to thwart bombers. While this
is more than a typical cloud provider will offer, security is in
everybody’s interest – and it shows what can be done. The standard
ISO/IEC 27001:2005 provides a useful …

Lively public debate on dangerous ground
Sydney Morning Herald
Assange, the festival’s star drawcard, is scheduled to appear for an
hour-long discussion headed ”WikiLeaks has not gone far enough” as part
of the two-day exploration of ideas at the Sydney Opera House in October.
The third Festival of Dangerous …

Media seeks answers for document dump challenge
The Knight Foundation awards the AP $475000 to develop tools to help
journalists sort through document dumps, where troves of information are
made public all at once. As WikiLeaks or Sarah Palin’s emails during her
time as Alaskan governor demonstrate, …

Customs Union doubts remain
Asia Times Online
In WikiLeaks, the Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan, Chen Gopin, offered his
view of China’s position on Russia to his US counterpart: “I will have to
cautiously balance between our growing cooperation in the region and
Russian interests. …

The AfPak Channel: Taking drones to court
Foreign Policy
Similarly, US embassy cables released by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks
noted that army commander Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani asked the US to
increase drone strikes during Pakistani military operations in South
Waziristan in 2008. …

Korean journalist predicts collapse of North
Washington Times
In February 2010, according to a WikiLeaks cable, his national security
adviser, Chun Yung-woo, said that North Korea “had already collapsed
economically, and would collapse politically two to three years after the
death of Kim Jong Il.” But the …

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha playing ‘silent jugalbandi’
Economic Times
Even WikiLeaks was inspired to take note of the recent Malayali reign in
India’s bureaucracy – called, with a tint of envy, the “Mallu mafia” by
many. But that spell is all but over. Last week, TKA Nair, the most
influential Malayali officer in Raisina …

The Legislation That Could Kill Internet Privacy for Good
The Atlantic
How clueless do you have to be to mandate the creation of a huge database
that includes that sort of information, especially in the age of Anonymous
and Wikileaks? How naive do you have to be to give government unfettered
access to it? …

Mystery Group Recruits in OC for Global ‘Revolution’
The Anonymous group is linked to the “hacktivist” shutdown of PayPal
and major banking websites after those sites refused to funnel money to
Wikileaks, which had posted classified documents over the winter.

Bluffing their way into crisis
Sydney Morning Herald
Thus after WikiLeaks revealed Kevin Rudd suggesting war with China to
Hilary Clinton and Kim Beazely offering Australian troops in that
eventuality, former PM Malcolm Fraser revealed (in The Age) that back in
the 1950s conservative Australian PM Robert …

Hackers Target Norway Killer’s Twitter Feed, Manifesto
Anonymous previously defended its support for Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks
site, saying it encouraged freedom online. In going after Breivik’s Twitter
feed and manifesto, then, Anonymous continues to carry out its
self-proclaimed mission to expose …

The Gmail Man: Microsoft Parody Video Makes Fun of Gmail Ad System
Gotta Be Mobile
… Microsoft ad ever made” and explains that it is not really an ad but
an internal video meant for the company’s employees and not public
consumption. Microsoft should know that in the Internet age of Wikileaks,
they to know it would eventually get out.

Letters from our readers
World Socialist Web Site
What would we do without WSWS and WikiLeaks to confirm our sometimes vague
suspicions of imperialist malfeasance and deceit? These are precious
instruments, nay, weapons, to fight global injustice, racism and war, the
impoverishment of the masses, …

America, Time to Just Say No!
Pacific Free Press
We thank Wikileaks and Congressman Ron Paul for proving the first Gulf War
was in response to the invasion of Kuwait, an attack approved by the White
House. Read the cable here. We can go further than that. Osama bin Laden
was an innocent man who …

Guardian Media Group reports £25m drop in revenue
He refers specifically to its partnership with Wikileaks and ongoing
investigations into the phone-hacking scandal, as particular highs in its
investigative journalism. In reference to the paywall debate he added that
GNM “continues to have an open …—25m-drop-in-revenue/s2/a545419/

Whistleblowing Laws and Culture Needs to Change to Save Taxpayer Dollars
Project on Government Oversight (blog)
“If we were serious about saving government money we would be adding to
OSC,” said Micah Sifry, the author of WikiLeaks and the Age of
Transparency and a senior technology advisor to The Sunlight Foundation,
which hosted the panel. …

Scott Horton Interviews John Glaser (blog)
… ends up going to government-connected right wing paramilitary death
squads; Plan Colombia’s gift to the military-industrial complex; the State
Department’s heavyhanded, imperialist meddling in Haitian affairs as
revealed by the WikiLeaks cables; …

Was Obama tricked during a meeting in Turkey?
Today’s Zaman
In a WikiLeaks cable dated April 27 and dispatched from the US Embassy in
London, Türk offered quite a surprising picture of the readout from a
private meeting with Obama he had on April 6. He said to the audience
during the April 22 roundtable at …

WikiLeaks Twitter Account Surges Past 1000000 Followers – AllTwitter
By Lauren Dugan
WikiLeaks Twitter Account Surges Past 1000000 Followers.

Lloyd’s List – Ship Operations – Wikileaks reveals Italian …
By Nigel Lowry
No ransom paid for Buccaneer, but $18.5m aid pledged to Transitional
Federal Government in Mogadishu.

WikiLeaks and journalism: Which has changed the other?
By Huong Vu Lan
The leak of classified documents and U.S. diplomatic cables in 2010
initiated a debate over the impact of WikiLeaks on mainstream media. One
year and many leaked documents later, can we say if WikiLeaks has really
changed traditional …

Elder of Ziyon: Wikileaks: Hezbollah recruiting young Saudi Shi’ites
By (Elder of Ziyon)
Wikileaks: Hezbollah recruiting young Saudi Shi’ites. Wikileaks released a
couple of interesting cables about Shi’ites in the Sunni-dominated Saudi
Arabia. The first cable, from 2006, was optimistic. Here’s the summary: …

Video: Assange, ?i?ek and Goodman in conversation | Wikileaks Open …
By Ryan Gallagher
On Saturday 2 July at 4pm GMT (11am EST; 8pm AEST), Frontline Club hosted a
special event featuring WikiLeaks editor-and-chief Julian Assange,
Slovenian philosopher Slavoj ?i?ek and Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman. …

Have your say » Phillips versus the Wikileaks claims : A Jamaica …
By Petagaye Barnes
According to a WikiLeaks cable released on July 8, 2008, Dr Phillips
discussed with certain US Embassy officials that Jamaica was in danger of
becoming a replica of Haiti if Portia Simpson-Miller returned to power. …

Pax Vobiscum : Sine Qua Non
By Jeff Cheney
We think there is no meaningful distinction between WikiLeaks and the news
organizations covering the stories in cooperation with WikiLeaks. We urge
all governments to respect freedom of the press, whether the news
originates online or …

WIKILEAKS MOMENT / NAPSTER MOMENT | Deterritorial Support Group
However, it’s actually an integral part of that thread of confusion and
worldwide destabilisation running from Wikileaks, through the Arab Spring,

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