South Africa Tells Exactly Why It Is Terrified Of A Walmart-Massmart Merger

3 August 2011 — Business Insider

South Africa already regrets granting conditional approval for Wal-Mart to buy 51 percent of local retailer Massmart, according to FT Tilt (via @davidmwessel). Yesterday the government expressed concerns over the merger in a joint statement from the Economic Development Department, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Agriculture Department. In short they are worried that Wal-Mart will increase imports and overwhelm local suppliers: Continue reading

Libya Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Killing of General Vexes Rebels in Libya
New York Times
More Photos » By KAREEM FAHIM BENGHAZI, Libya — In a mourning tent for the Libyan rebels’ top military leader, who was assassinated last week in mysterious circumstances, relatives and members of his tribe warned on Tuesday of dire consequences, …

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Report your local anarchist: Network for Police Monitoring

31 July 2011 — Network for Police Monitoring – Reposted from Random Blowe

anarchism.jpgI doubt many people have heard of Project Griffin. It is a joint initiative between the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police, set up in 2004 and based at the City Police’s HQ, which has spread its network to police forces around the country and seeks to ‘advise and familiarise managers, security officers and employees of large public and private sector organisations across the capital on security, counter-terrorism and crime prevention issues’.

Every week, Chief Inspector Nick Smith and his team at the ‘Westminster Counter Terrorism Focus Desk’, one of the Project Griffin projects, send out a briefing to businesses and this week’s edition includes the extraordinary advice opposite. Leaving aside the rather limited definition of ‘anarchism’, the suggestion that ‘any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local Police’ is another example of the attempted criminalisation of ideas.

For the time being, holding anarchist sympathies is not a crime – although presumably any gossip, however dubious and ill-informed, will be passed on by borough-level SO15 Counter Terrorism Liaison Officers to the feverish data collectors at the National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit. Are the Metropolitan Police simply starting to run low on ‘Islamists’ to keep tabs on or are we seeing a shift towards the creation of a new amorphous, imaginary bogeyman?

World Food Program in Somalia: Angel of Mercy or Angel of Death? By Thomas C. Mountain

3 August 2011 — Black Agenda Report

To hear the corporate media tell it, the Shabab resistance in Somalia is to blame for the drought and famine. But ten million people are threatened in the neighboring Ogaden region of Ethiopia, largely populated by ethnic Somalis, many of whom are at war with the Ethiopian dictatorship. Ethiopia restricts the movements of foreigners in the Odaden, yet the World Food Program continues to operate there, as a partner with the regime.

You could say the WFP helped put the nail in the coffin of Somali agriculture.”

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US-backed forces launch military offensive in Somalia as aid is used as a weapon of war By Susan Garth

30 July 2011 — World Socialist Website

US-backed forces launch military offensive in Somalia as aid is used as a weapon of war

African Union forces have launched a military offensive against the al-Shabab militia in Somalia. The African Union is propping up the Transitional Federal Government that was installed by the US-backed Ethiopian invasion of December 2006.

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Yemen Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Latest word from Yemen’s ill president doesn’t allay tensions
By ADAM BARON SANAA, Yemen — When Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh left for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia on June 5 after suffering severe injuries in a bomb attack on his compound, many in the impoverished Arabian Peninsula nation breathed a …

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Egypt Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Egypt’s Mubarak, in hospital bed, goes on trial as protesters clash
By the CNN Wire Staff Cairo (CNN) — An ailing Hosni Mubarak — once a symbol of autocratic rule in Egypt — was wheeled into a Cairo courtroom cage in a hospital bed Wednesday to face trial for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters calling for …

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The Endgame in Libya: Political Settlement or Boots on the Ground

27 July, 2011 — Libya Conflict

We’re now into the fifth month of NATO’s bombing campaign and Gaddafi has yet to be ousted from power. So far NATO’s act of “selective vigilanteism” has not brought down the government in Tripoli but it has entirely changed the narrative of the conflict in Libya, from an indigenous uprising to an act of self-defense against a foreign aggressor intent on shamelessly cloaking its designs of regime change in humanitarian garb. On July 26, NATO spokeswoman, Carmen Romero reiterated that Gaddafi “cannot wait us out… as long as his forces continue to attack or threaten civilians and as long as they continue and try and cut off humanitarian aid, our operations will continue in Libya [sic].”

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Bombs Disguised as “Humanitarian” Gifts: NATO’s Mission

27 July, 2011 — Libya Conflict

NATO’s “Operation Unified Protector” is purportedly designed to protect Libyan civilians when in fact, this is merely a fig leaf to remove Gaddafi from power. Within 48 hours, the “protests” against Moammar Gaddafi turned violent and Libyan government forces were confronted with armed rebels. Civilians were never targeted by the Libyan regime to begin with. The civilian casualty rate for Misurata, for example, was less than three percent in the first two months of the conflict. This figure pales in comparison to the conflicts in Gaza or Fallujah where to this day civilians continue to suffer from the toxic legacy of depleted uranium from the brutal assault by American force and where the casualty rate exceeds those reported by the survivors of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Ultra-high radiation levels reported at Japan’s Fukushima plant

2 August 2011 — GlobalPost

Radiation levels that could kill humans within seconds reported at Fukushima

The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant detected the highest radiation levels at the facility since the initial earthquake and tsunami five months ago, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 1-3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

3 August 2011
Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks forgotten man
ABC Technology and Games
Former US Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is, in many respects, the forgotten man of the Wikileaks saga. Private First Class Manning has been in prison for 14 months, much of it in solitary confinement, accused but not yet convicted of …

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Wikileaks Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Mexico: American Ambassador Is Confirmed
New York Times
The former ambassador, Carlos Pascual, resigned in March after a public dispute with President Felipe Calderón of Mexico over embassy documents released by WikiLeaks. The documents showed him and other American officials criticizing Mexican authorities …

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Syria: What Is Going On in Hama? By Bassam al-Kadi

2 August 2011 — MRZine

Hama has suffered for the (at least) past three weeks from lawlessness and nearly complete absence of the entire state and its organs, and from control by groups of armed teenagers and criminals who (left without any other choice, in the opinion of the US and French ambassadors) actually erected roadblocks and expropriated the city.  Each criminal among them became the king of his own dunghill, where he could stop anyone to ask to see their ID card, with all the volatile possibilities that such a behavior entails…

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Syria Newslinks 3 August 2011

3 August 2011 —

Death Toll Mounts in Syria as UN Debates Resolution
Voice of America
August 03, 2011 Death Toll Mounts in Syria as UN Debates Resolution VOA News
Syrian security forces have intensified their bloody siege against anti-government protesters, sending the three-day death toll above 130 as President Bashar al-Assad’s …

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Statewatch News Online, 1 August 2011: UK: Report your local anarchist

Home page:
  1. UK: Report your local anarchist
  2. EU: Small steps to big brother: the development of the Visa Information System and SIS II
  3. EU-COSI: Council: Standing Committee on operational cooperation on internal security for the period January 2010 – June 2011
  4. EU: TURKEY: UK Home Affairs Select Committee: Implications for the Justice and Home Affairs area of the accession of Turkey on JHA Continue reading

Libya Newslinks 2 August 2011

2 August 2011 —

Libyan Rebels Wage ‘Mad Max’ War In The Mountains
by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro The sleepy towns in the Western Mountains of Libya come to life right before the country’s rebels engage in a fight with the forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. The mostly deserted roads suddenly fill with pickup …

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BREAKING NEWS: Libyan Transitional Council Rebels in Total Disarray By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

2 August 2011 — Global Research

TRIPOLI, August 1, 2011. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has seen no end to fighting inside Libya. NATO has intensified its bombardment of Tripoli and other major cities. Tens of thousands of fliers have been dropped by NATO from the skies asking the Libyan military to surrender.

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: August 3, 2011

3 August 2011 — Stop NATO

  • NATO, U.S. Troops Block Delivery Of Food, Medicine To Kosovo Serbs
  • Lithuania: U.S. Conducts Three-Month-Long Special Forces Drills In Baltic
  • U.S. Airmen Join Canadian Allies In Arctic Exercise
  • U.S. Drone Strike Kills At Least Four In Northwestern Pakistan
  • Talisman Sabre 2011: 60-Year-Old Australian Woman Casualty Of U.S. War Games
  • Africa Partnership Station: U.S. Guided Missile Warship In Tanzania
  • U.S. Mentors Polish Air Force For Global War Missions
  • Spangdahlem: U.S., German Air Forces Continue NATO Partnership
  • Estonia’s Campaign To Glorify Nazism An Outrage: Russia
  • U.S. Mulls Selling Iraq F-16s
  • Hungary: U.S. Ambassador Hands Over Armored Vehicles, Military Equipment To Army For Afghan, Future Wars
  • Wolfowitz Rallies Australia Against China In Asia-Pacific

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 2 August, 2011: Report: Israel’s new Mossad chief behind assassination of Iran nuclear scientist

2 August , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Awarta Youth Convicted Of Itamar Stabbing Attack
IMEMC – Wednesday August 03, 2011 – 03:39, An Israeli military court convicted on Tuesday a Palestinian youth from Awarta village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, of stabbing to death five family members of the Itamar settlement, nearly five months ago.

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When the revolution comes By Gaither Stewart

2 August, 2011 — Greanville Post

The Historical Gastonia Textile Mill Strikes Are Not Forgotten


Olive Dargan

(Rome) When in the early part of this millennium I was writing a rather surrealistic novel, ASHEVILLE, about the town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina where I started out my life, I ran into the story of the Asheville-based self-professed Communist writer, Olive Tilford Dargan, of whom I had never heard before. Visiting then her gravesite in the little known Green Hills Cemetery in West Asheville and researching her and her activities I fell into a gossamer review of early 19th century labor struggles in the good old U.S. South.

Here I want to share this bit of labor history—its passion, its shortcomings and failures, to shed some light on what might be the future. But first some words by and about Dargan. Back during one of the fervid witch hunts of native Communists, she wrote this in a novel:

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