Information Clearing House Newsletter August 02, 2011: Putin says U.S. is "Parasite"

2 August 2011 — Information Clearing House

How the CIA is Trying to Pave Over Yemen’s Revolution
Evicting Yemen’s Drone Base By James Gundun
Most Yemenis and some observers firmly believe that Saleh and Washington are using each other to create chaos, a vain attempt to justify their illegitimate authority. Coolly rational, yet utterly deranged.

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Lies and Media Manipulations regarding the Protest Movement in Syria By Pierre Piccinin

2 August 2011 — Global

Global Research Editor’s Note

The following article focusses on the Protest movement in Syria in mid-July. it does not cover recent events. It nonetheless suggests that mainstream media sources are systematically manipulating the relevant numbers

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Silenced Evidence in Assassination of Rafik Hariri By Eslam al-Rihani

2 August 2011 — Dissident Voice

“Once the billionaire PM Rafik Hariri moves inside Beirut, everybody takes note of it. His limousine is equipped with a device able to foil any assassination attempt via booby-trapped car. Mobile phones are disrupted in the area near the convoy, … Whenever he leaves his house, his guards carry out car patrols in the streets for camouflage.”

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Wikileaks Newslinks 2 August 2011

2 August 2011 —

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in Sydney for Dangerous assignment
Cumberland Courier Newspapers
They will join others and the audience in negotiating a range of dangerous ideas including, that: Wikileaks has not gone far enough; Footballers are Barbarians not role models; Psychopaths Make the World Go Around; Ecstasy is No More Dangerous Than …

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Media Lens: A ‘Malign Intellectual Subculture’ – George Monbiot Smears Chomsky, Herman, Peterson, Pilger And Media Lens

2 August 2011 — Media Lens

On June 13, George Monbiot devoted his Guardian column to naming and shaming a ‘malign intellectual subculture that seeks to excuse savagery by denying the facts’. ‘The facts’, Monbiot noted, ‘are the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda.’

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The DIY Terminator: Private Robot Armies And The Algorithm-Run Future Of War By Greg Lindsay

1 August, 2011 — Fast Company

In the latest installment of the Butterfly Effect: Predator drones are just the start of unmanned, autonomous warfare technology. But as the tech becomes more democratized and more deadly, what happens when anyone can assemble an army of killing machines? Continue reading

Global Research: The Debt Ceiling Crisis in America Selected Articles

1 August, 2011– Global Research

The debt ceiling crisis can be averted by enforcing the Fourteenth Amendment, which mandates the government to pay its debts already incurred, including pensions.  That means Social Security, which IS an “entitlement,” in the original sense of the word.  We’re entitled to it because we’ve paid for it with taxes.   
-Ellen Brown, Bipartisan “Russian Roulette” and America’s Federal Debt

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 1 August, 2011: PA: ‘Alarming’ rise in Israel’s attacks on Palestinian children

1 August , 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israeli Municipalities Go on Strike as Israel Continues to Face Widespread Housing Protests
IMEMC – Monday August 01, 2011 – 14:10, Most municipal authorities in Israel carried out a one day strike on Monday, as an act of solidarity with the popular protests which have arisen all throughout the country in the past weeks over housing prices.

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Robert Samuelson: We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Old

29 July 2011 — Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

When your column is headlined ‘It’s the Elderly, Stupid,’ I guess readers should know what to expect. Robert Samuelson delivers in today’s Washington Post (a column that will appear elsewhere around the country, unfortunately), in a nasty diatribe about the kind of debt debate he thinks the country should be having–one that blames older people:

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Аnatoly Tsyganok – Four months of war in Libya

2 August 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

NATO’s military operation against Libya, conducted mainly by the armed forces of the US, France and Britain, is speeding up the formation of a new system of international relations. At the same time the war serves as a firing ground for testing the strategy of the United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) in real combat situation as well as the efficiency of new weapons …

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The Left has lost its way over Libya By William Bowles

26 July 2011

In an essentially excellent piece Sarah Flounders ‘Libya: Demonization and Self-determination‘, near the beginning under the sub-head ‘What should be the response to this terror?’ she writes:

“Unfortunately, a minority of groups or individuals who present themselves as opponents of war spend more time cataloguing Gadhafi’s past real or alleged shortcomings than rallying people to respond to this criminal, all-out U.S. attack. Their influence would be small, except that it coincides with the opinions of the U.S. ruling class. Thus it is important to thoroughly answer their arguments.”

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: August 2, 1011

2 August 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Libyan War: U.S. Celebrates Launching of 2,000th Tomahawk Missile
  • British Warplanes Provide Air Support For Libyan Rebel Attacks
  • France Gives $259 Million Of Seized Libyan Government Assets To Rebels
  • Thaci’s Enforcers: NATO Removes Serb Barricades In Kosovo
  • Afghanistan: NATO Implicated In Killing Of BBC Reporter
  • At Least Ten NATO Tankers Destroyed In Western Pakistan
  • U.S. Warship On Baltic Mission Leaves Lithuanian Harbor
  • Estonia: Ethnic Russians Fear Nazi Revival
  • U.S. Warplanes End Air Drills With Poland In Ukraine
  • South Africa: U.S. Marines Lead Assault Drills
  • Russia: Putin Says U.S. ‘Lives Like Parasite Off Global Economy’

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Libya Newslinks 1 August 2011

1 August 2011 —

Libya rebels hunt ‘pro-Gaddafi infiltrators’
Opposition leaders say they arrested dozens of armed men loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in their eastern bastion, but have suffered a blow in Libya’s west, losing a village at the foot of a key mountain range. At least 63 people suspected of having links to …

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Video: Benghazi Rebel Infighting Explained – Leonor

30 July 2011 — Leonor’s blog

After Younis, the Rebel Military Leader was assassinated, his Warfalla tribe rallied around him, and showed support for Gaddafi. They abandoned their frontline positions and went into Benghazi to seek revenge for the Rebel command’s seeming order for him to be assassinated. The rebel command is reported to have abandoned Benghazi, there is much fighting. NATO, Mercenaries, and Qatari troops are committing atrocities.