What is going on in Libya? By William Bowles

29 August 2011

29 August 2011

Some Tweets on ‘African Mercenaries’

J0nblaz @al_Jamahiriya @journalist92 This what we mean by Black Libyans being pursued & executed by NATO rabble terrorists! goo.gl/tkaDP

MikePrysner Rebels are correct; many Black Africans being lynched in #Libya were “hired by #Gaddafi.” They’re called immigrant workers, not mercenaries, about 3 hours ago

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MSM’s Keep Relentlessly Pounding on Gaddafi’s Libya

28 August 2011 — Waterput

NATO’s conquest of Libya has taught me the enormous strength of those who control the main stream media. Once you have established a certain ‘paradigm’ or perspective on a particular situation, it is easy to let people stick to that by fueling them with exactly those kinds of words that will prolong the existence of that belief system (1).

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The British left spreads misinformation about Libya By Cailean Bochanan

28 August 2011 — In these new times

The other day a friend recommended an article by Seumas Milne in the Guardian on the events unfolding in Libya. Of course, it was a good article in many ways, well written and clearly taking an anti-NATO stance as perhaps you would expect from a leading leftist columnist. Nevertheless, I dismissed the article as propaganda on account of a statement which I thought was as unfounded as it was helpful to the NATO cause. This is the offending sentence: Continue reading

Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO News: August 29, 2011

29 August 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Chicago: Conference Plans Mass Demonstrations Against NATO, G8 Summits
  • Meeting With Top Commander: NATO Trains Iraqi Navy
  • NATO Attack On Syria To Result In Quagmire: Iranian Foreign Minister
  • Washington Post: ‘Syrians Demand’ NATO Intervention
  • Canadian Military: Boost U.S.-Led Surveillance Against Russia, China
  • Welcome To Colonialism 2.0
  • U.S.-Based NATO Command Implements New Strategic Concept Measures

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