Wikileaks Newslinks 5 August 2011

5 August 2011 —

In our WikiLeaks, Cyber-Hacking Era, a Time Travel Video Game May Be a New …
One assumes members of the government in the age of hacking and WikiLeaks might want to get their hands on any tools that could help them guard against the problems of leaks. Hazard knows you can’t avoid leaks. He just believes that Achron’s method of …

Good Times, bad Times
Sydney Morning Herald
At the time Rossi was in the building, Wikileaks and its co-founder Julian
Assange were making headlines because of the thousands of leaked military
documents and, in particular, with the release on YouTube of Apache
helicopter gun-camera footage …

Time to Stop Sponsoring Georgia’s Ski Resorts with US Taxpayers’ Money …
Russia Blog (blog)
During the WikiLeaks scandal it became apparent that neither American
intelligence nor the State Department had any idea what they were talking
about. They lost access to any information on the ground and control of
Georgia’s semi-insane President …

Is Our Brand of Capitalism Making Us Stupider?
Huffington Post (blog)
The Wikileaks publication of State Department e-mails demonstrated that
there is tremendous expertise at the ground level in foreign policy. That
didn’t stop us from charging into what has been called the “most feckless”
war in American history. …
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Julian Assange: A moody teenager hunted by groupies
Daily Mail
Vaughan Smith, 48, a former captain in the Grenadier Guards, described how
the WikiLeaks founder ‘eats when he’s hungry, sleeps’ when he’s tired’ and,
unsurprisingly, spends a lot of time in front of the computer. ‘If he see
you washing up, …

Protecting Your Data Is Critically Important in the Era of Being Hacked
CSNews Online
By Danny Miller, Grant Thornton LLP The recent quagmire that the WikiLeaks
drama has caused highlights the importance of rethinking the strategy
behind the security of people and information assets within an
organization. As a result, there’s nothing …

A Turkish Army website as a source of anti-Americanism in Turkey
Today’s Zaman
When WikiLeaks posted US diplomatic cables, people had the chance to find
out what exactly US diplomats had reported about specific countries and
certain issues within these countries. A website belonging to the Turkish
Armed Forces (TSK),, …

Banks Face Ongoing Cyber Threats
By Lisa Valentine, Bank Systems & Technology Love him or hate him, Julian
Assange, the infamous director of WikiLeaks, has heightened awareness of
the dangers of sensitive information leaking out of an organization.
Although financial institutions have …

Russia uses dirty tricks despite US ‘reset’
Washington Times
30, 2009, cable from US Ambassador John Beyrle disclosed by WikiLeaks,
USAID employees received an email with a doctored photo of the NDI official
reclining with an underage girl. The email from someone purporting to be a
Russian citizen accused the …

‘V for Vendetta’ Inspires Anonymous, Creator David Lloyd Responds
In 2010, after Wikileaks began releasing confidential United States
diplomatic cables — and Paypal cut off donations to Wikileaks under
pressure from the US government — an Anonymous initiative called Operation
Payback attacked the websites of Paypal …

Mexicans seeking asylum: A facet of US-Mexican political entanglements
There is also growing uncertainty of where the bilateral relationship is
headed due to the recent revelations of Wikileaks cables. US ambassador to
México Carlos Pascual resigned in March after the cables showed his
statements over the Mexican’s …

Female groupies ‘hunt’ Julian Assange
The Daily Telegraph
WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange is being “hunted” by female groupies
during his house arrest over allegations of sexual assault. Vaughan Smith –
founder of the Frontline Club, London’s private club for journalists – told
The Times keen fans had tried …

Leak reveals Blair’s overseas torture shame
… intelligence officers from MI6 and MI5 were authorised by Tony Blair’s
government to extract information from prisoners being illegally tortured
overseas – echoing earlier allegations made against US authorities by
whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. …

Bulgaria Becomes the Latest Ally to Get the Obama Treatment
A Wikileaks cable concluded that “Bulgaria’s participation in US-led
action in Iraq and Afghanistan has increased its profile as a potential
target for Islamic terrorist groups” and that “Islamic extremism in
Bulgaria is a very real concern. …

India’s “daughter in law” Sonia Gandhi undergoes surgery
Congress fiercely protects her image and public criticism of her is rare,
though a leaked US embassy cable on the Wikileaks website said of her: “Mrs
Gandhi never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” The India she
helps to lead is not the …

An Opinion by Judge on Spy Law Creates a Stir
New York Times
The question also resonates with prosecutors’ exploration of whether it can
prosecute the antisecrecy organization WikiLeaks for disseminating archives
of leaked government documents. Judge Brinkema’s opinion relates to the
coming trial of a former CIA …

Disclosure Issues in Administrative Procedures
JD Supra (press release)
In this age of WikiLeaks, social networking and The Millennium Trilogy,the
issue of disclosure is both front page news and bedside reading. At its
best, disclosure can separate truth from fiction; at its worst, disclosure
can simply bury the truth with …

Hacking Goes Aerial: Here’s A Drone to Action Cyber Attacks
International Business Times
Anonymous gained prominence by carrying DDoS attacks against PayPal, Visa
and MasterCard in retaliation for barring WikiLeaks from transacting.
Hacking drone adds another avenue to a growing list of hacking tools to
breach secure corporate and state …

US military scrambles to catch up with the cloud
… soldiers operating in remote Afghan villages or submariners running
silent beneath the waves — and mentions that the cloud necessarily
involves increased information sharing, something a post-Wikileaks military
will surely find rather unappealing. …

Cops name Amar Singh in cash-for-vote scam
Times of India
After a Wikileaks disclosure pointing to use of bribes in the 2008 trust
vote triggered a furore in Parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had
attempted to blunt the opposition attack by saying a parliamentary
committee had probed it and concluded …

‘Anonymous’ warns of more attacks on govt websites
Free Malaysia Today
It also singled out Malaysia’s censorship of international whistleblower
site,WikiLeaks, and prominnt file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. The
authorities claimed that no personal or financial data were compromised
during the attack.

Obama’s Callous, Ineffective Foreign Policy Blunders Onward
New Republic
There is no embarrassment when this head of state arrives anywhere in the
region, and there is nothing that embarrasses Omar al-Bashir, neither mass
murder nor rapine nor the theft from his people of some $9 billion in cash,
according to WikiLeaks …

Breaking Hicks
Port Lincoln Times
Intended for American eyes only, Wood’s assessment was leaked to Wikileaks
and published in April. . At Guantanamo, Hicks was deemed to be of ”high
intelligence value”. ”The detainee’s truthfulness level is low, and he is
very likely to have …

‘Page One’ takes a look at the frightening times at ‘N.Y. Times’
Tallahassee Democrat (blog)
During Rossi’s days at “The Old Gray Lady,” the staff was dealing with the
recession, sharp drops in advertising revenue, the rise of WikiLeaks and
the onslaught of so-called social media. It was also still trying to
restore its good name after the …

Today In History
2010 – WikiLeaks spokesman Julian Assange says his organization is
preparing to release the rest of the secret Afghan war documents it has on
file. The Pentagon warns that would be more damaging to security and risk
more lives than the organization’s …

No time for a honeymoon – Zara has to flog her £25 polo shirts!
Mail on Sunday
Oh dear me, no, not so, says Captain Vaughan Smith — the former soldier
who took Assange in when the hacker was preparing the WikiLeaks release of
secret US diplomatic cables in November of last year. Smith — who owns
the Frontline Club in London, …—Zara-flog-25-polo-shirts.html

Opposition, NCP slam Govt for being “soft” on terrorism
The Hindu
NIA, Intelligence failure MV Mysura Reddy (TDP) took a dig at National
Investigation Agency (NIA) and said Home Minister P. Chidambaram as quoted
by WikiLeaks had confided in Federal Bureau of Investigation that he was
unaware of its constitutionality. …

Anonymous unsheathes new, potent attack weapon
… a weapon of choice for hacktivists, most notably in the Operation
Payback attacks against financial service organisations that blocked
accounts controlled by Wikileaks last December following the controversial
release of US diplomatic cables. …

Mexican Newspaper Uncovers Systemic Monitoring Plans of Public Online Sources
Upside Down World
The report also contains a list of sites targeted for monitoring, including
numerous blogs and news sites, as well as Wikileaks, Technorati, Global
Voices Online, Facebook and Twitter. As the report was released in January
2011, this monitoring may …

Hackers selling out by working for NSA? I’m not convinced
CSO (blog)
In the future, hackers will be integral to dissent—in a sense, you
already are in light of WikiLeaks, Anonymous and LulzSec. Those of us
without hacking expertise do expect that some of you will work for the
state, whether it’s because you’re …

Yemeni Tribes Unify Under Western Darkness
Palestine Chronicle
One notable example, according to WikiLeaks and Saudi officials, was a 2010
attempt to bomb the now-defected General Ali Mohsen as he engaged the
Houthi insurgency. Saudi pilots aborted their strike when they realized
Saleh’s set-up. …

New pipeline to challenge Obama’s promises
There’s real worry that the fix is in, especially since recently released
WikiLeaks documents show American officials working with the tar sands
companies to develop a strategy to ‘spin’ reporters and win favourable
press coverage. …

Perfesser Dave explains the problems with separatists in the Canadian government (blog)
It was a letter to Ralph Klein, who was the premier of Alberta, signed by
the prime minister, and by Ted Morton, another western separatist, and by
Tom Flanagan, who’s just a nut who thinks the Americans ought to execute
the founder of Wikileaks, …

Swartz v. United States
London Review of Books (subscription) (blog)
WikiLeaks has so far evaded criminal charges for publishing leaked US
diplomatic cables because of a lack of relevant legislation. Julian Assange
is not a US citizen; WikiLeaks and its mirror sites don’t operate from US
servers; and neither WikiLeaks …

Syria Comment » Archives » WikiLeaks: US Embassy Officials’ Views …
By Joshua
… Syrian officials who now are involved in that country’s harsh crackdown
on dissidents, despite the officials’ involvement in crushing internal
opposition previously, according to secret State Department cables obtained
by WikiLeaks. …

Staying secure online in era of ‘hacktivists’ | WikiLeaks News
By WLNews
Sophisticated hackers, with totally different motives, are making life
difficult for their targets, writes KARLIN LILLINGTON.

Polaris » It Happened One Night (II)
By Dhruva
AND loathed wikileaks backed me up!” I replied: “Thanks. If you can
send me links, I’ll gladly post a correction. My overall argument still
stands, though.” Dr. Fair: “My claims re[garding] India in
B[alochi]stan, Iran, A[fghani]stan …

Wikileaks now has over 1M twitter followers, makes way to Google+ …
WikiLeaks, the controversial site that leaks classified media from
anonymous sources, has made its way to Google’s social network site

WikiLeaks: Bush, Obama Passed on Sanctioning Syrian Insiders …
WikiLeaks: Bush, Obama Passed on Sanctioning Syrian Insiders. by Kevin G.
Hall. WASHINGTON — Two U.S. administrations declined in recent years to
place …

What the WikiLeaks cables do not tell us | Newspaper | DAWN.COM
One is that there are still some cables related to Pakistan in the
250000-odd documents originally obtained by WikiLeaks that are not part of
the files …

Download Wikileaks::AfWD 0.1.0 for Linux – Useful utilities for …
Wikileaks::AfWD Useful utilities for searching the Afghanistan War Diary.

Wikileaks – Freedom from Freedom
Wikileaks exists, it would seem, to provide an outlet for those who work in
positions of trust to pass on secret or sensitive information which
Wikileaks …

Anonymous and WikiLeaks Renew Their War Against PayPal – The …
In an attention-catching change, the latest attack from the hacker group
Anonymous doesn’t actually involve hacking at all.

Bolivia: WikiLeaks expose US conspiracy « WIKILEAKS AUSTRALIAN …
The secret US cables released by WikiLeaks show how such a scenario was
already envisaged months before by the US embassy. …

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